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  1. RedHawk

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    I thought it was a brilliantly satirical take on the entire show! If you’re serious that you just started watching I’m still amazed and amused that you “got” it in this way. Most of us who have watched this rather ridiculous saga unfold “in real time” probably can relate to your comments and slight confusion over who the heck these characters are and what on earth they are doing. Most of all, why do we care? Welcome to our world! Please continue commenting. We’ll answer questions.
  2. RedHawk

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    Perpetually pretty, priviledged Cameran has never cut Kathryn much slack. Yes, Kathryn has made huge mistakes and behaved with the usual selfishness of an immature person with mental health and addiction issues. She appears to have listened to her doctors/therapists and is trying to set herself straight. Cameran has everything to make her life easy while Kathryn, 10 years younger, faced and continues to face huge struggles. Cameran could be a bit more compassionate.
  3. RedHawk

    What We Do In The Shadows

    That's kind of like when Jenna asked what happens to her clothes when she turns into a bat. ;-) ETA: Maybe Lazslo does it for her?
  4. RedHawk

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    Yes, Kathryn said it was her week to have the children and the trip appeared to be one night only. I again watched Cameron‘s interaction with Palmer and (while I agree that “P.P.” is a cute but sorta inappropriate nickname), I’m going to step away from judging her also. I wish I hadn’t written my previous post but I will leave it. It just surprised me that she didn’t interact with Palmer more. She's an adorable, sweet baby! Maybe Cam just doesn’t feel comfortable being all “coochie coo” with Palmer on camera. Or maybe she was told to act up the uncomfortable mother role. She may be uncomfortable with a baby but a wonderful mother for a toddler or a tween or a teen. Palmer has a doting grandmother and a loving father so she’ll be OK.
  5. RedHawk

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    Yup, she seems like a teenager, stuck at that point of maturity. Isn’t that how teens often act? “Why were you worried about me, just because I wouldn’t answer my phone? I knew where I was. You don’t have to worry about me. Leave me alone!” I believe she honestly does want to improve herself and that it’s quite overwhelming, with the additional stress of having two young children and ALL the shit involving Thomas.
  6. RedHawk

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    I don’t get cell service at my mom’s house in the mountains of Virginia. Until last year she also didn’t have an Internet connection. I always found it relaxing to be forced to disconnect. Tourists are now paying top dollar to stay at “quiet” mountain resorts with no cell phone service and no WiFi in the rooms.
  7. RedHawk

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    I didn't mind Eliza not being at the tree house event. I enjoyed seeing her family home and her outing with her brother and father. It was a bit of realness, showing them mending their broken relationship.
  8. RedHawk

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    On re-watch I recall how Kathryn, when she is not being angry and defensive, seems to me so immature and socially uncertain, as well as uneducated and unsophisticated. Yet I also see why Shep used to talk about her being a sweet girl underneath. It was nice when she commented about the beautiful natural area around the tree houses and that she felt like she never took enough time to just look at the sky. When she defended herself at the dinner table and said how hard she was working to organize herself and her life, I sympathized. She seems like a person who has had to learn what most of us consider basic life skills. Maybe it's because of how deeply into drugs she got, and/or maybe she has ADD that was not diagnosed until recently. I think in Thomas she saw a father/protector figure who would help her manage her life, and not having any time to actually get to know her, he expected way too much. The other gals seem to like her well enough now that they are more aware of how Thomas jerked her around and they've seen her fight to stay sober, etc.
  9. RedHawk

    What We Do In The Shadows

    I adore how Nadja treats both Nandor and her husband Laszlo as if they are “big stupid turkeys” as she once described them! Her eye rolls and significant looks toward the camera crew make me LOL. Another favorite scene is when Gregor-Jesk wanted her to have sex with him and she said “It is forbidden” then she had the “angel-devil” debate with herself and said, “But I have been married so long!” Yet she clearly loves Laszlo and is loyal to him. She’s awesome.
  10. RedHawk

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    Joining the Fans of Whitney table. I wish he had a larger role because his scenes in the past couple of seasons have been most entertaining. And we’re not getting much entertainment this season. Also agree that it’s borderline ok for the gals to grimace the first time they heard about Kathryn and Whitney hooking up. The shrieks of disgust at the winery dinner were a bit much, even if I did laugh at home when Kathryn revealed that he kept his glasses on. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that if one needs them!) I’m glad that Kathryn is sober and seems to be stable but the dilemma is that she became a central figure on this show because of her messy life. It’s as if her life has to stay messy for her to be of interest on the show and thus keep the big Bravo income. Not a healthy situation. Without Thomas (or the kids) to film with, the producers seem to have cast her as part Kathryn and part Jenna from Season 1. I thought Cam was just being honest about the tribulations of mothering an infant, and then I was shocked at her seeming lack of bond with Palmer. Her body language to me read cold and distant. Something seems so off. What’s worse is that Cam’s mom said Palmer is a “perfect” baby — not one that needs a great deal of extra care. I think behind the scenes she may be worried about Cam. She clearly was worried about Cam drinking every day. I think those scenes were the most “real” the show has been all season. Please Cam and Jason, hire a nanny! They don’t have to hire the teenaged babysitter down the street. They can afford a professionally trained/educated nanny so Cameran can get past her anxiety that no one else can do things “right” with Palmer. Clearly she trusts her mom and Jason. Her overprotectiveness may come from guilt that she is not feeling deep attachment to her child. Maybe she’s afraid that Palmer would bond more with the nanny than with her or that Jason would be angry that she’s not going to become the mother figure he may have expected her to be. Cameron’s life has changed forever and she doesn’t seem at all happy about it. I don’t think she’s amping it up for her “character” and I hope she is getting therapy.
  11. RedHawk

    What We Do In The Shadows

    I watched it via Sling and they still have all the episodes available. I’m really enjoying watching them all again!
  12. In one episode (in season 3?) he went to L.A. with Whitney and came off as a 4 at best. The women showed NO interest in him. You could see his ego deflate.
  13. RedHawk

    S06.E02: Kat's Out of the Bag

    Are we sure she’s actually paying $6,600 per month, and that she has a 1-year lease? As much as she says she’s “putting down roots”, I wonder if it’s a house rented only for filming the show and she got a discounted rent. Maybe a house that for some reason wasn’t selling. She wanted to be shown finally getting her house South of Broad. Doesn’t matter that it’s totally not kid-friendly, it’s short term. Perhaps she also has privacy concerns and doesn’t want her actual home location known.
  14. RedHawk

    S06.E01: RSVPeeved

    Yes, it’s not that the characters are so different — we still have some of the original or early-seasons crew — but the situations are less Southern “high society” charming, even if a lot of that was fake and only done for the show, like “Carolina Day”. As some have said, this is becoming more like Vanderpump Rules, a crap-fest I sampled once and ruled out forever, so I don’t like SC going in that direction.
  15. RedHawk

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    The “rent vs buy” thing is an old and continuing argument. I agree with you and have been a long-time renter because I simply don’t want the hassles and limitations of owning and I can rent a beautiful place in a location that I truly love. As you say, many people rent in large cities. Sure, the property ladder is often a good way to build wealth but I have other investments so owning a condo or house for investment or tax purposes isn’t part of my plan. Yet I’m totally fine with people owning their home for all the reasons they want to own their home. There’s no right way and it annoys me that some of these women make it a big issue and act like anyone who rents is wasting their money or “too poor” to buy. Just shows that they’re dumb and don’t understand that other people may have different financial strategies.