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  1. That tissue square needs to get PAID.
  2. Publicity. She's drumming up business.
  3. "They were cones!" Any "Wedding Singer" fans out there?
  4. Just to defend Candiace a tiny, wee bit: She has already landed a film on BET that filmed last year and aired at Christmas. She did fine in it. I think she also has a couple of other small TV roles.
  5. I just got a surprise. Started watching a film that's part of the DC Shorts 2021 International Film Festival and the first character to pop up is played by Natasia Demetriou! The film is "Aria" and it's from the UK, written and directed by Christopher Poole. It's a horror short (13 minutes) and she has a small but important part in it.
  6. This crafter is going to need to hire more staff! Looks like currently sold out, however... There is a Lazlo doll as well! Wearing the witch's hat that has a big bloody curse on it! The site is well worth visiting!
  7. The perfect Halloween/Nightmare Before Christmas gift for me! My husband would buy it for me/us, too. As they cut to commercial after one scene I said, "They're so STUPID!" and my husband and I almost fell off the couch laughing. The key to everything. (ETA: Nadja is not stupid. She is often wildly ignorant, but she is indeed a smart badass. She also knows that all the male vampires are stupid.) Amazing impressions from Kayvan! Like most, I thought it was dubbed. Wow. And yeah, we want to see how Guillermo got the date!
  8. I agree that he wants to give the appearance of working without actually working. And after 4 years of RHoP publicity he should have put out a cookbook or got a catering company off the ground. He did not own Myron Mixon's BBQ restaurant in Alexandria, the place I believe he was said to have worked and that is still in operation today. Did he own a share in it? Maybe. My feeling is that he was a cook there and maybe did some of the private events and catering gigs. Don't know why he can't spin that experience up into a career. I can't think of any reason he would play down (on the show) wha
  9. Candiace was in a Christmas movie on some channel (might have been BET) and actually held her own. I was watching it and recognized her, then remembered reading that she would be in it. She sang in it, also, with her "sisters" in the story. I doubt she'll make the jump to the A-list, but she can make money and have a level of success. Who knows, she might end up in a series. There are so many networks now trying to get content. A friend here in the DMV has made a small side career of acting in productions for some of the smaller networks -- she's been in a few of those Discovery ID episodes, w
  10. With a little humility, cleverness, and humor Chris could "sell" his classes really well. He's not unappealing and his food looks tasty. There are probably tons of people out there trying to sell affordable cooking classes, but they aren't seen weekly on RHoP. One mention a week and he'd have so much interest from the fans. I was thinking the other day about Wendy and the oversaturated candle market and how she doesn't even have a specific connection to herself (as has been suggested, Nigerian designs or fragrances), or to the show. Yes, I guess people will continue to buy celebrity candl
  11. When the pandemic shutdowns began a local actress put together a series of 8 cooking classes (one a week via Zoom) to help keep her theater company (and herself) afloat. She was not a celebrity chef, but she managed to put it together in just a couple of weeks and my friend who took the class said it was fun, she learned many things, and she'd take another one if offered. I can't imagine it would be that hard for Chris to do a similar series of classes and build his reputation so that he could do private chef gigs and companies might then hire him for this corporate cooking/team-building stuff
  12. I'm thinking that the reason Robyn didn't have enough stock on hand last Christmas was a combination of her not wanting to risk buying too much and also the slowdown in manufacturing and shipping from China due to the pandemic. Maybe she had ordered more and they were just taking a long time to arrive. Another reason maybe she didn't have a lot of workers on site to pack and process may have to do with social distancing requirements at the time, as in how many people could occupy one indoor space. Maryland was pretty strong with pandemic restrictions. I'm too am happy to see her product
  13. Thanks for taking one for the team! At least it was a useful sleep aid.
  14. Is anyone surprised? When I read the birth announcement and later some comment he made about not asking her to sign a prenup because with her he "didn't need one", I was 99.9% certain the marriage would never take place. So three kids and two baby mamas he never married. Thomas has "achieved" so much! (I remember when he was putting down other, much younger, cast members for not having achieved much.) Thomas' success in business is piggybacking on his father's empire, not having built anything for himself. Heck, for "self-made", Craig has Thomas beat.
  15. Anyone bothered to read her book? How is it? I imagine she is aiming for some sort of "lifestyle" influencer career, similar to Gwyneth or Reese. I mean, she's already on the path but likely aspires to much higher visibility.
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