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  1. That's so true about the cookbook. A woman's club I belong to published one many years ago and we are pleasantly surprised that it still sells a respectable number of copies (with almost no promotion) every year. We get a decent royalty check from the publisher. Seems like Wendy, with all of her resources and the show to promote it, would easily do well with a cookbook.
  2. I agree with those who think they're trying to give each of Chris's young children an individual bedroom and have a guest room and maybe even a dedicated MIL room. Plus, as some said they got a deal on a house that had been on the market for quite a while so why not get as big as you want/need? I think it was originally listed for a little over $1 million and they paid close to $800,000. They are very fortunate that they purchased it before the prices started rocketing up last fall; I imagine its value has increased a lot already. As for finances and down payment and qualifying for a loan,
  3. I'm not sure why you're saying the restaurant is no more and was a failure. I haven't watched this episode yet so not sure what Chris and Candiace may have said, but according to the website Myron Mixon's Pitmaster BBQ is still open in Alexandria so it seems to have survived the pandemic closures. I never got clear on whether Chris had an ownership stake or was simply an employee. Maybe he sold back his stake (with Candiace's money) and used that money to open his catering business. But maybe you are thinking of Oz, the restaurant Michael Darby bought for Ashley to manage, and then fired her a
  4. As was shown last season, Charleston is awful in the heat and humidity of summer so since they missed filming in spring of this year, it's possible they'll start in the fall. I feel like they're out of ideas and characters but that rarely stops Bravo. Maybe they're hoping Katherine will do something shocking this summer that they can use for another whole season. You're right, the Madison + A-Rod is old news now, and will be totally outdated next spring.
  5. Yes, knowing Bravo, they could build a whole season around Mad's role in that. I just read an article in which she said she would "tell the truth" if asked and she didn't mind because she's "innocent". I guess she's thrilled to have jumped to minor tabloid-level celebrity and happy to milk it.
  6. RedHawk


    If anyone is still following this in hope, it looks like Season 2 will happen. This is the solid latest news I can find. Pretty good article.
  7. Saw this article online in which Thomas is quoted as tweeting about Patricia "guess I was a little stunned. I’ve not much experience around true racists. There was zero tolerance in my home." Whew, tell us another whopper, T-Rav! We all heard your old racist daddy on the show say he didn't like $5 bills because President Lincoln was on them. Sounded like "true racism" to me and Thomas didn't even blink. I think he even joked about it. We ALL heard it. I guess Bravo has now edited that scene out, along with other questionable ones including the shot of a large portrait of Gen. Robert
  8. I like that he has a sense of humor about himself. He's been quite fortunate, and I think he does try to give back and be charitable.
  9. I think I'm going to surprise myself and end up liking Candiace more than I like any of the other PotoHousewives except maybe Karen.
  10. You'd think she'd learn to edit her legs in the photos as well. They look terrible! Messy fake-tan and bruised.
  11. Too funny about upping the percentage if you get a pillow! I meant with his own firm, not hired by a firm. I imagine he has enough money to rent office space downtown for himself and a legal secretary and/or maybe receptionist to make copies and do basic office work. He seems to need someone who can keep him a bit on track. He’s a well-known figure so if he hangs a shingle and does well in his first cases he’ll get more from word-of-mouth.
  12. I give him credit for realizing that this show is likely coming to an end, even if it may get one more season. His story line is so played out and he's looking more seedy and drunk every season. If he wants to step up a notch and make himself over as an esquire with a downtown firm, then good luck to him. He did work to pass the bar and I'm sure wiser heads are telling him to put that training to use while he's a known figure. He comes across as a guy who will do his best to help people who have legitimate claims.
  13. I want to watch S1 again. Seems so long ago! At that point, Captain Lee had just been hired because the producers had to have a real, licensed captain on board so they had hired Captain Lee. I think the story is that they had another man cast to "play" the captain, and that guy didn't work out, and Captain Lee told them that a boat could not have two captains so they offered him the job/role. He hadn't gained the reputation and respect he has now among even the most inexperienced new crew members, basically now everyone has heard about him and that backtalk will get them a ticket home in a hea
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