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  1. I believe Phillip was thinking more about poor 5 year old Sadie than blessing Nurie. And it seems all the NotNuries are now known als Nurie's other siblings .
  2. I have the small hope that Jill will turn this wedding into a giant f*ck you Internet moment and Nurie will get a new pretty dress out of it .
  3. Is that a female Rodlet without a skirt over the pink snowsuit? I'm confused .
  4. In the second picture Nurie is doing a good impression of Edvard Munch's The Scream
  5. If there wasn't a chance for him to win this would be some of the best snark material in years .
  6. When he graduates from the Lonely J Club that should be the thread title .
  7. Good thing he's still too young to run for president .
  8. Job Growth sounds like a new Duggar spawn . Job Growth Duggar . I mean who can keep up with all the names .
  9. And in today's health related news . JillRod explains how to treat yeast infection , of which she suffers SEVERELY. Thanks to the FundieSnarker
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