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  1. This is the Craig family blog /grifting page https://www.heritagehillmusic.com/family.html
  2. I like the dress from the waist down . What kills it for me are the long thick sleeves and the high neckline . And even that could have worked with thinner material and a different cut , maybe lacey 7/8 sleeves . Everythink to make it look less like my grandmother's nightgown .
  3. Bit more about the Maxhell wedding . Obviously not from the Maxhells but from the bride's family . Steve must be pleased , more inlaws with independent social media he can't control .
  4. or he has managed to clone himself because two Lawsons are better than one .
  5. Or trying to figure out how to frame what really happened . And give Sarah privacy ? We all know privacy leads to thinking and other sinfull activities .
  6. I wonder how long it'll take for Timbits to understand what a piss poor excuse of an education he received from dear Mama A missionary pilot has to hit a certain amount of savaged natives with bibles while landing .
  7. There is NO mother out there, who mother like you do Mama ! Yes and that's not a good thing .
  8. It's not about the sweater or shirt with long arms or whatever . It's to show how extremely modest they are . The shirt alone would fit within their standards for modesty but everyone else wearing the same item would too . And Jill can't have that , she has to show off. So modesty shirts and sweaters under all those SEVERELY slutty clothes.
  9. I'm not sure this SEVERELY pure virgin is going to last 2 minutes .
  10. Do you have any idea how scared such a tiny broken tree branch can be . All alone , away from its mamatree .
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