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  1. Nobody is buying Kelly saying "some hired of ours" hired a dressmaker. Like it was just an idea she had. (Did anyone else cringe when Kelly said it was "khaki" under the dress?) No one is buying that Tori never went wedding shopping. She has been so hung up on that ring she probably rolls around in lace and satin in secret. No one is buying that this December wedding thing was really a big deal. They discussed it on another show and she said she would probably wait but her family was like riiiiight. No one is buying that the boy's trip is a yearly thing. Why are we just now hearing about it? Is Nat about to say he is courting? And why don't the girls get encouraged to do stuff like this. Not just the getaways but the sports..... And for the love of god, please get an electronic wedding checkoff list/app!!!
  2. Jeremy's office was too cramped with the big deal and all the bookshelves. And once again, he laughs while Jin's fingers are stuck and doesn't ask if she is ok. Jeremy if you are stalking in here, please for the love of god, STFU about your books. I hear you have more passion for them than your wife.
  3. Cindy & Co. are obviously math challenged. 500 invites doesn't equal 500 people. All the shopping was stayed. The ties they picked for the dad's were not used. And in that bag, where were the belts? Surgeon's hair cut was all for show. One big lock and a pass over the eyes. Whoopie. I can't believe Jessa said Ben needed to grow up bc of the video games. I remember when the girls were talking about courtship and love that she mentioned not wanting a guy who played video games all the time. Ben, for all his hurpty-durpty-ness is p*ssy whipped.
  4. She needs to step away from her son's prescription drugs and eat a tater tot casserole.
  5. If you look at Nurie's store, it is actually under her parent's names. I guarantee the money goes to Jill and Chimp. The stuff she makes takes like five minutes. Jill has a personality disorder and is a narcissist.
  6. This is exactly the way the Duggar started losing it. More and more perks and such. It just happened to work out during the eclipse that they could get an appointment with Dr. Vicks. Going to practically a complete strangers house for fun yet showing Zero interaction with them....
  7. I am right there with you. She is so narcissistic. I hope Nurie breaks out and writes a book. The Duggars traveled to Erin's wedding on the show but not to Alyssa or Zach's wedding. Did anyone see Carlin's BF singing? His song was sweet but in a disjointed way. He talks about feeling good with her like he's on the moon and then he talks of stars and such.... then he abruptly changes to proving his love, that he was hiding his heart and now she has it, in a box. Evan doesn't impress me. He seems very entitled.
  8. Or they took it off her warm corpse...perhaps they did and the seats are alive..... Has anyone gotten wind of the Bontrager Family? They had a double wedding and a single all on one weekend.
  9. They find it easy to be modest that way. kendra's engagement pics looks like she got her clothes at the mission barrel.
  10. While we are snarling, does Barandon give off the gay vibe? He seems very disinterested in anything other than friendship with his wife and doesn't seem to want to delve into the infertility issues.
  11. Yes...I thought so too. It must be hard being left behind to a garden and drudgery.
  12. This season of the Bates and The Duggars has been like nails on a chalkboard. So. Very dull.
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