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  1. Nothing closes my vag faster than Kody’s beady-eyed, dramatic talking head close ups. How in the world has he convinced multiple women to procreate with him? Tonight’s were exceptionally dramatic and beady-eyed. Years ago someone said he looked like a shark and that is still spot on.
  2. Even Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are like what the hell?
  3. Kody revealing he screams into a pillow is...a bit much. This is the best show on TV. I hate them with such a passion and they are all so stupid. It makes me feel wonderful.
  4. Please do! This was fascinating. I need more! For real! You are very astute.
  5. I agree. Don't forget they end with "I was never in love with you".
  6. When Janelle was trying to find out if the new baby would be a girl or a boy I think she said she "did her time with Axel" then quickly walked it back. Nice, grandma. Nice.
  7. I must need better glasses as I was thinking she looked great. She is very beautiful. I'm usually not a fan of that blonde color but for some reason it looked good to me.
  8. Gaslighting 101 should have been the name of his book. Not "Open Mike" or whatever the hell.
  9. @Callaphera - will you marry me? 😉
  10. You are doing God's work, @luckycat
  11. Thank you @VedaPierce. I will check it out.
  12. From GG's instagram So many of my fellow warriors and followers have been asking about my status with rheumatoid arthritis while being pregnant... My situation took a bit of a turn for the worst. It took me a long time to get my body healthy so I can get pregnant and last year, I was in superb shape, so I went thru with IVF and got pregnant. Summer of last year I was finally pregnant but I was faced dead on with a series of unfortunate events. I'll keep it short because it will all be on this coming season of Shahs of Sunset, but let's just say that the pregnancy was lost and I ended up in the ER undergoing emergency surgery to remove both of my fallopian tubes. After the healing process was complete I went thru IVF again and got pregnant again!🙏🏼 But it seems as though the loss and surgery put my body in shock and my RA came back 10 times worse than ever. I am now back on IV infusions and steroids injections (all which have been cleared as safe while being pregnant). Y'all will see it all happen this new season of Shahs, but one thing I wanna say to all of you, is to stay strong thru the hard times. We are all so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for, so take a moment and appreciate yourselves. I'm so grateful to now be 6.5 months pregnant and believe me, as soon as this baby is out I'm rolling a fat joint and going back to healing myself with cannabis! Love y'all!🙏🏼🧿❤
  13. I decided to give up on this. I will read this forum to find out how it ends. I intend to read the book(s).
  14. I enjoy this show. Spade is silly and funny and I generally get a kick out of it. Does anyone know what kind of device he throws to the audience before the monologue? It is like a GoPro but a different shape. It has been driving me nuts.
  15. Bravissima! I think at this point Emily is in love with Shane's family, not him., Why? I'm not sure. I think they give her help with the kids and some emotional support.
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