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  1. Thank you. I FF through her segments. Thank you. That makes sense. I could not envision a Kail scenario where it applied.
  2. I admit to really skimming through this episode. Can anyone tell me what the title means to the episode, please?
  3. Even though I’m pretty up to date on the catfish situation, something puzzles me. I can understand what Meri thought she was getting (hot millionaire who was in love with her). What did the catfisher get out of it? Is it a power thing? Since she is still maintaining that persona there must be something.
  4. Another example of how stupid Kody is - renting a goddam Uhaul to take that stuff to the dump when he has a pickup. He could make a few trips and save some money.
  5. Exactly! She’s also the one that said she’d be happy in an RV traveling around seeing her kids. She is delusional.
  6. Yes, he gives Janelle just enough so she can justify staying. She can say "he didn't mean to disrespect me, he told me he loved me and looked me in the eye.". Janelle on moving to Utah: "I'd be sitting in a sub division somewhere". As she sits in a sub division in Flag for 2+ years.
  7. I realize Kodouche and Janelle are not knocking boots constantly but that was very shitty and disrespectful of him to refer to their “raging romance” with such disdain. On camera. Needless to say, what he did to Ysabel and Christine was abusive. Narcissistic fuck.
  8. Christine saying “panties” made me sure I’m heterosexual. 🤢 🤮
  9. Kody: you don’t court me. Meri : <tries to flirt> Kody: 🤮
  10. Is Tyler angling for his own getaway at a rehab where he can get his trauma her therapy? Sorry. I’m a little jaded.
  11. It makes even less sense watching it the second time.
  12. Kody and Robin protesting against Janelle asking Kody to stay away seems a little...suspect. Robin actually started the show saying she was doing that because she and Sol were compromised health wise somehow. My guess is Kody asked Janelle to say it. That is why she was crying and why she said “you owe me”. It also explains why he immediately got on the horn with every one else and suggested they do the same. He wanted Christine and Merri to say it too. It seemed like she was covering when she said “if I do this...which I’m fully deciding to do”. Sure Jan.
  13. Shark-eyed Kody talking about toilet paper is the metaphor for this being the shittiest show on tv we didn’t know we needed.
  14. I'm setting-k here thinking for the gazillionth time...why do I watch these asshats?
  15. This episode seemed like it was three hours long. Incredibly borin-k.
  16. What a thoughtful birthday gift Amber got for her brother. Uh. WTF?
  17. Cate - Tyler yells all the time. I guess you noticed because there was an adult witness (his mother). She was busy pretending it wasn’t happening. But also, you overreacted. They are the worst. All the adults screaming and no one comforting not-Carlie.
  18. Phil should just do catfish stories, honestly. They at least might help future gullible victims.
  19. I fast forward through Cheyenne and Mackenzie segments. I hate watch the rest. The “Rhyne” family is still in deep denial. I forgot how much Rhyne used to look like his dad. Now he looks older than him. Amber is so awful.
  20. Brianna’s story lines are almost incomprehensible to me. From the usual “I had unprotected sex and now he doesn’t support the baby but I’m not going to file for child support but why doesn’t he help” to now “a brother she didn’t know about that Brit is mad she met but they won’t stand in her way but she wants to be a big sister but her sister is part of her life.” I don’t know if I should blame the producers or Brianna. But, I must hand it to Brianna. She seems to not be blowing her money and she does take care of her family the coven.
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