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    Okay it took until episode 6 of 8 to finally get to the text thing teased in episode 1 and now it’s almost over. 6 episodes for something dramatic to happen! These are some dull women who lead rather plain lived. This trip was just incredibly awkward and the place they stayed at seemed so low rent. Now I’m just curious to see how these final two episodes play out and how they wrap things up. Penny’s narraration continues to kill momentum. Replaying the moment when Karla and Mayra ignored each other at the party and explaining what was happening just killed me. How stupid do they think the viewers are? We don’t need something like that replayed and explained. Just SHOW us.
  2. KnotsLanding

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    I had two takeaways from this episode: 1. They *have* to retool next season. Yes ratings are good this season, but without LVP they need to add someone who can bring the wealth and fun she brought at her best. Unlike many, with her restaurants she had businesses that could be shown and brought something different. That is missing and needed on a show about Beverly Hills. 2. It was puppygate all over again! Kyle and Teddi (bc she’s best friends with Kyle) were pissed at Rinna for being an asshole to Kim. That is perfectly reasonable and I agree with them. She was rude at Kyle’s party which was inappropriate and used the Erika Jayne persona to evade responsibility. Much like puppygate, instead of just saying that they kept goading Erika into being upset with Rinna and got irritated when Erika didn’t react how they wanted. This is the same thing that happened with Teddi being upset with Dorit and being upset that LVP wouldn’t attack Dorit the way she wanted. For all the talk of how manipulative LVP is, Kyle, Rinna and now Teddi seem to be more manipulative than her. Especially Rinna who has never been called out for her shit stirring, mainly because her targets are weak and not entirely likable so it’s easy for her to skate by.
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    Who Will Stop Watching?

    I guess I'm unique in that I LOVE Lisa Vanderpump, but I also love Kyle and have enjoyed every other cast member (besides Dorit) at some point. I will miss her, but considering where the ladies are in their relationship, I feel it wouldn't work if she stayed. More than anything, I feel the manipulative one is Lisa Rinna and *she* is who I feel put all this into motion to get rid of LVP. The fact that she threatened to sue Bravo over potentially giving her another spin off told me everything I needed to know. She's been trying to get a spin off for her kids and seeing LVP's success I think annoyed her. With that said, what will make me watch next season is a proper reboot. I hate that Eileen left because she always had real stuff going on in her life as well as interesting relationships with the ladies. When I look at Teddi, Lisa Rinna and Erika, they had NO storyline this season. They need to stop hoarding housewives and let them go once their story is played out. They need a truly rich and light hearted person to replace LVP. I would recommend someone like Kathy Hilton as well and if that happens bring on Kim full time. Then try again with a young housewife. Teddi just isn't interesting enough to justify keeping on. My dream cast would be: Kyle, Dorit, Kim, Kathy, Denise, Rinna (only bc I feel they wont get rid of her), New Wife Camille I feel won't return, but if she's willing have her and Eileen as friends. I know many want Brandi, but I feel you should be able to develop a new schemer. She didn't leave because of LVP as she states now. She left because she was obviously making up storylines (which she later admitted) and came off desperate and inauthentic. They need to get away from that type of cheap drama.
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    Charlie's Angels

    I noticed the seasons are only $15 on Amazon Prime so I've been buying them and rewatching. I have the entire series on DVD but since I got into streaming I havent even plugged my DVD player in and I've been in my apartment almost two years. I'm almost done with season one and it's holding up very well. I mostly am looking forward to season three and five which I've seen the least. I will say, the show doesn't get enough credit for what it really was, a smart mystery series that tackled some heavy subjects. I remember the ABC reboot was very comedic and only took the more salacious angles of the series to remake. Then the movies went full on comedy. The new movie does look slightly better, but I've LOVE a gritty reboot. In season one they're dealing with such heavy topics like drug addiction, sex trafficking and prostitution, but they get remembered for Jiggle TV. Yes the show is fun and the women are sexy, but I do think it was a fun and well written show. The fact that the women were beautiful is why they were so good at their jobs. The intro even states that they weren't taken seriously as cops because they were beautiful women. I'm enjoying Jill, but I look forward to Kris' arrival. Cheryl Ladd had one of *the* most difficult jobs in TV, but she was pretty damn successful replacing a cultural phenomenon.
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    The season is too short to have a flash forward, especially about a group text that probably won't amount to much. The constant narration not only dumbs the show down, but with the mentions of the group text you can tell they're trying to hype you up to think soemthing interesting is coming. I'm a believer of show not tell. Also, the ratings are horrible. Mexican Dynasties was averaging 500,000 viewers and this is managing around 300,000 per episode. Considering these shows are airing after RHOBH which averages 1.6-1.7 million these results aren't good.
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    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    These non-LVP episodes always seem to lack something. Even with her only doing one or two scenes in recent episodes, it adds a levity and brightness you don't get with the other ladies. Everything seems so calculated and in term is boring. The only solo scene I enjoyed was Kyle and Rinna getting the mammograms. Now onto the group stuff, I found the outrage over Camille giving People positive quotes about LVP to be petty. They seem furious that she wasn't joining in on the pile up. She did say she was disappointed LVP didn't appear, but she's also made it clear they're still friends and she understands why she didn't come. If you look back to the pre-season, the girls were HEAVILY tweeting about LVP not showing up and implying the audience would hate her. I feel some of the upset with Camille came from wanting her to help them put that message across. When it came to the party and Kim vs Rinna, I sided with Kim 100%. I feel Rinna has used Kim for a story for years and I hate the way she makes herself out to be the victim in it. Kim was right not to give the bunny to her granddaughter and she explained that then. I don't understand how so much time has passed and she still would react to Kim that way. Wasn't she just screaming hello to her when they ran into her at the restaurant? I was very disappointed in Denise jumping in when she didn't see what happened. I could understand if Kim had something, but she was literally just saying hi. At this point I'm just done with Lisa Rinna. She hasn't had a storyline in two seasons and if all she has is picking a fight with Kim then I don't see what purpose she serves. Watching this and previous weeks it's clear Rinna and Teddi are the odd women out. They'd be smart to get rid of them to bring on new wives who can hopefully bring some levity and FUN to the show. I need more than fashions and fake compliments.
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    For a show with only eight episodes, this is shockingly dull. We're halfway in and still the only conflict among the ladies is someone being called anal? That isn't even really an insult and that is all we have so far. Overall the group just doesn't seem to mesh. I like some of the ladies, but overall as a group it's just boring. If they got a second season (which I know wouldn't happen) they'd need to recast at least half of the show. I feel there is promise. I like some of the ladies, but their solo scenes are boring and the group scenes aren't much better. They need seem to do anything or go anywhere fabulous.
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    This episode I'm going to try to rewatch, I felt they started to lose me here. The cast overall just isn't that interesting and it seems they're struggling for things to feature to pad out the episode. I still say they should've gone more straight up housewives/Ladies of London in format and cast an overall good show and let it play out naturally. I'm so sick of them explaining every Mexican tradition or saying like they are some sort of unknown alien race we have no knowledge of. I felt Mexican Dynasties did a better job of just allowing the characters to exist and the footage to speak for itself. This just feels very dumbed down and contrived.
  9. KnotsLanding

    S11.E11: Bring Back My Queens!

    It's so obvious they have their stories scripted out to a T. Shuga didn't deserve to even be in the bottom last week, but she'd already provided the story needed so it was time to go. This week you had a bottom three where two were read for having poorly made garments, but they wouldn't put Yvie in the bottom because she'd send Silky home and you need Silky for drama. You can say Nina's look wasn't "fashion," but she's a comedy queen and has an aesthetic. Her looks were perfectly made and I thought she made Shuga look good. THEN she did well in the lipsync and still went home? Silky didn't even know the words! I've seen some baffling choices on this show, but that has to be a first. Silky didn't know the words, her tricks didn't fit the song, she was low energy and sloppy, her wig reveal was horrific and her outfit was falling apart. This completely took me off from the show. If the trend continues then obviously they'll bend over backwards to get rid of Akeria next week because her story is up. I just don't get why they can't let the most talented stay when it's so close to the end. Viewers are already invested.
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    I was curious about this as someone who is born and raised in San Antonio. When they announced it and were filming around town, I felt like it was offering a very narrow (and obviously segregated) view of San Antonio. Now that I've watched it, it's obvious thats what they were going for. I'm not sure why Bravo is like that, but the obvious segregation is annoying. This could've benefited from simply casting a good set of women and not going with this Mexico angle (much like I feel RHONY or RHOBH could benefit from diversity). I feel half of them are interesting, but it felt very forced. I do think it was well produced and the city looked beautiful, but I hated the narration and flash forward. I feel that works only on the established shows where you know everyone. Plus it didn't seem like they were fighting over anything serious. I wish they had just introduced each woman and let the narrative play out on it's own. I felt like it was severely dumbed down in that regard. Just when I was getting into a scene it would be interrupted with them narrating what is happening. They skipped over the birthday party to talk about the birthday party. Let me SEE the birthday party! They were trying to cram too much in. Still, despite my reservations, I'm a housewives and Bravo whore so I will probably give it a go.
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    The Star Wars Saga

    I don't mind the two year break before releasing the first one. They'll be coming off wrapping up the big Skywalker series so a break will be nice before they jump back into an entirely new story. I just hate that there will be a gap for the two sequels after that. Especially for Avatar.
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    The Red Line

    I wasn’t planning on watching this due to the subject matter. As a black man I figured it would be too dark and close to home. I was bored working overnight and decided to watch and I’m thankful that I did. It wasn’t as difficult to watch as I thought. The six month Jump definitely helped keep it from being as dark as it could’ve been. The biggest thing I must give them credit god is the overall production. This was HBO level in terms of the directing, lighting, music, casting and writing. This was a remarkable production. I don’t know the majority of the cast, but what an amazing cast they assembled. Not a weak link in the bunch and I loved the diversity. In terms of ethnicity, body type, you had a trans character, gay characters, paraplegic character, etc and it all felt real. I’m used to tv throwing in a diverse character to say they have it, but you always feel like they’re the token. Here I felt like I was just watching people which is a testemant to the writing. Especially for CBS this is pretty groundbreaking. In terms of the story we covered a lot of ground this week. I truly hate this is a limited series because I’d love to see these characters grow over a long period of time. I’m glad they didn’t have the biological mother turn out to be a crackhead or something and despite her reservations about meeting her daughter, it wasn’t because she didn’t love her. They avoided the obvious choice on many things. Another good example was with the cop. He was a “bad” cop but not how you think. He wasn’t a racist, he just let his inherent bias affect how he handled his job. You could tell he didn’t even notice when his new partner mentioned how uncomfortable he felt around black people. Then I liked that they had his partner steal the tape as opposed to having him do it. I was worried it would be too heavily biased towards one side but it was very nuanced. I’m definitely in for the duration.
  13. Regardless of what happens with Dru I hope they recast Lily. She’s far too important to be off screen and since Christel is ready to leave I’d look into a recast. I feel like they have good actors for Charlie and Mattie and Id hate to see all that go to waste. Karla Mosley is just waiting in the wings to be a new Lily IMO.
  14. On the subject of Victoria Rowell and her lawsuit, I do think she could be brought back after what's happened. Now if the writers see a need for Drucilla is another story, but it could definitely happen. She did an interview where she said that even Peter Bergman came up to her and embraced her she she returned to film the tribute and they both put down the sword. Daniel Goddard said in the Michael Fairman podcast that the entire crew came down to applaud her and welcome her back. Between that and fan comments, the people in charge now have first hand knowledge of her value. A troublemaker wouldn't have been welcomed back to the set by a crew. The crew is usually how you can tell who the troublemakers are because they're the main ones being mistreated. Victoria Rowell came before the #MeToo and diversity movements and she took the hit for everyone. I truly believe if not for her Bryton and Kristoff would've been fired and we never would've gotten Sofia, Hilary or Tyra, all brought on by her advocacy. Hell, she shamed them into hiring their first and ONLY black writer in history. I will forever respect her for taking the hit she did. Now that we know more of what's been going on at CBS (and other networks) it validates her. Hell, Yvette Nicole Brown who has appeared on Y&R and is a primetime/movie star said that she, like VR, had to go get her hair done before taping because most sets she's on don't have people who can fix black peoples hair. Nothing VR said was crazy, but people don't like to have honest conversations about race and they get defensive. Also, in terms of her lawsuit, she and CBS reached a confidential settlement which tells me there was merit to it. For one black woman to reach an agreement with CBS speaks volumes. It's just a shame this all had to happen. I wish Brad Bell was allowed to bring her on B&B as was documented in her lawsuit.
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    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I really enjoyed this. I found it covered so much ground, especially with time travel which allowed them to pay service to so many characters. On the subject of Thor, which I understand will be controversial, I loved it. People grieve in different ways and it is likely someone would give up the way he did and gain weight. I loved that a superhero movie actually took that beyond the joke. He wasn’t instantly cured of his alcoholism and he didn’t suddenly get a six pack. His new reality was his new reality and he had to overcome it to succeed and he did! There’s room for heroes who aren’t perfectly ripped studs and I liked what he brought. It made him feel very human and relatable. Overall I was stunned with how well they handled the overall trauma of what everyone had gone to. Even though the movie was long, it didn’t feel long because they included so many different characters. It felt like time well spent. I liked the potential of Thor in an upcoming Gaurdians film as well as the potential for Valkyrie in Thor-land. The Captain America switch makes me excited for the new Falcon tv show which I’m hoping isn’t a prequel and is actually taking off from that big story element. I’m just happy that in addition to tying everything up that they gave them a pretty blank slate for future films. Eliminating Iron Man, Black Widow and moving a new Captain America to the tv series opens them up to allow the newer heroes to take center stage for the next Avengers film.
  16. Bethenny did give great insight and she was right to do that. Before the season premiered despite all this leak talk, LVP was damn near silent. The other women were gleeful about how they were taking her down and knew the audience would be on their side. Week after week as that hasn’t been the case they’ve gotten more and more outrageous on social media trying to build a cast. More than anyone I feel Lisa Rinna is in trouble because she has no clear storyline beyond pushing this. She also doesn’t have a close friendship where her exit would be glaring. The biggest problem for her is that she publicly threatened to sue Bravo if LVP is given a Vanderpump Dogs spin-off. You can’t tell me they’ll take lightly to a HW threatened that in public. With that said, Camille really disappointed me after a string of fabulous seasons. Had it been a regular season that could be passed as a funny joke, but considering the entire cast is piling up on LVP it just felt low. I really appreciated that Denise used her own judgement and didn’t join in on the pile up. What I will say felt false were all the well wishes Teddi and Rinna kept giving when you know they were happy to run her off. Now that she’s gone they want the appearance they’re sad and hope she has time to heal? Girl bye! I will say I’m happy from the promos it appears she truly is staying on, just not filming with the majority of the cast. I know for sure she has scenes with Dorit coming up because it was in the trailer and it wouldn’t be crazy to expect more scenes with Denise or Camille. I also wonder if the Vegas opening was filmed for this season or if they’ll throw that on Vanderpump Rules next year.
  17. As we get ready for the big transition episode, here is an article where Lisa Vanderpump makes it clear that she continues filming, simply not the group events. Link: https://www.etonline.com/why-lisa-vanderpump-says-reconciliation-with-kyle-richards-and-rhobh-cast-is-unlikely-exclusive
  18. We still have to wait and see. I’ve heard that she does continue to film just not with the group. Denise’s wedding was her last group scene, then she has her falling out with Kyle and the trailer showed a clip of Dorit going to confront her at one of her restaurants. In addition, I heard she still films solo and witch Denise and Camille. We will see if that’s true or not.
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    Dynasty (2017)

    I found season two to be very dull but these past three episodes completely turned things around for me! I felt like it was almost becoming a self contained sitcom with the focus being on quips, a conflict that is mostly resolved by the end of an episode and a cutesy bonding moment at the end. None of the stories really were going anywhere. Then with these past few episodes they’ve added depth to Fallon with the breakup with Liam and bonding with her family, Cristal’s intriguing backstory and of course Adam and Steven. I love the dark turn. I imagine it won’t remain that way, but Adam needed to be brought on as a villain u can take seriously. The only thing I’m really sad about is losing Nicollette as Alexis. I feel she did a good job with what she was given and now that everything gets juicy she’s gone! Still, I look forward to seeing where they take it.
  20. KnotsLanding

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    The way I feel is that Lisa has a right to be upset so I don’t really care if she was involved or if her staff spoke out—they should. The fact that Dorit messed up with two dogs is a red flag. I don’t believe there was a nameless friend she gave the dog to and if you’re trying to build a cast against someone how are you going to use notorious grifter and liar Dorit? It just doesn’t make sense. With Teddi regardless of what the full texts say, she claimed total ignorance so the new excuse of “Okay I kinda messed up but LVP made me do it” doesn’t wash. Every episode these women keep saying it’s the one that’ll make everything make sense and we will see their side. So far I’m not seeing it. Many of them simply don’t like her and I feel they planned to take her down and this was the opening. You could see on Kyle and Dorit’s face that they had no interest in whatever LVP had to say, their storyline was already in place. After a few very real seasons they’ve worked overtime to control their narrative and what they present on screen so it all feels very calculated to me. For good or bad the other franchises seem to let everything hang out. There are so many news stories out about various housewives and unless it’s aboit LVP we don’t hear about it. Why? Hell, they brought up the lawsuit against LVP last year and I don’t see her doing the same to Erika, Dorit or Kyle. If she was such a mastermind wouldn’t she be putting all that out there? I just wish they’d own they don’t like her and move on. This silly dog story is literally the only remotely interesting thing in the show. For next season they have to mix the cast up or do something because this just isn’t working.
  21. The thing is, LVP stopped filming with the group, but she continued filming. I know she filmed with Camille and Denise as well. Plus, how is Lisa Rinna arguing LVP didn’t do her job when all she wants to talk about in interviews is LVP? For someone who needs to be fired, it sure is ironic that she’s providing the main storyline. What is she bringing to the table to earn her own paycheck is my question. If you’re trying to ice someone out it makes no sense for them to keep going on and on about her. Do like the DC housewives and don’t mention the housewife you hate and focus on building anticipation for your OWN story, if you have one.
  22. KnotsLanding

    Basketball Wives LA

    I read on Twitter that this show will be announced March or April. There was an article on Deadline a few months back saying that Shed Media had been tired and they were looking for a new production team to take the show in a new direction. As a result I’ve been curious about the new season, but not much has leaked in terms of what to expect. From what I’ve seen on Twitter it looks like the cast is mostly the same, including CeCe, Kristen and OG returning. There are rumors of Jen filming (which I can’t imagine the purpose of) and also Tami has filmed but of course we don’t know the extent. I will say I’m happy if all three newbies return, hopefully in full time roles. Last season was the first in years where they had a solid cast and storylines the entire season. Usually they start with a random cast, dump the newbies mid season and start fresh which is tiresome. Consistency in the cast makes it easier to be invested. Also having the newbies connected to Malaysia in a real way gives it a more housewives feel which I like.
  23. When I think of Y&R (and I’m sure the general public feels the same), the faces have always been Victor & Nikki, Katherine and Neil & Dru. They were able to captivate me from childhood and my fandom only grew. It doesn’t surprise me to see negative comments about Victoria Rowell, but that woman gave up her career to advocate for others. Am I the only one who remembers the show suspending Kristoff and Bryton for speaking out about their “Winters Wednesday” treatment? Had Victoria not taken one for the team I highly doubt any of them would have a job (not to mention Susan Dansby, Mischael Morgan and others). People always give her hell, but the things she did were never going to get her rehired, but they did keep the show on its toes and ensure they don’t completely dump on their black characters as they’ve done the past year. She did an interview which fleshes put her thoughts better and speaks to his legacy: https://thegrio.com/2019/02/05/victoria-rowell-on-passing-of-young-and-the-restless-co-star-kristoff-st-john-blasts-soap-execs-for-racism/ I think it’s important to remember what an amazing man Kristoff was and just how talented he was. He was still so young and such a vibrant person which hid all of the pain he had inside. The outpouring of love and support is a testament to who he was as a person and the legacy he leaves. I think it’s a shame he didn’t get the recognition he deserved while alive. I truly believe had he been white his character would’ve been treated with the same importance a Billy or Nick or Jack received. I’m thankful for what we have but I’ll always wonder what could’ve been in a better world. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with the cast, crew and all his friends and family. As a fan I can’t recall an actors death affecting me this much. This still feels so surreal and unbelievable.
  24. It’s all about how you frame it when passing the info on. By getting Tamar stirred up and fighting with Kato, that means if by chance he wins HOH there’s a better chance of Kato going up instead of NEM, Lolo or Ricky. They’re playing her like a fiddle.
  25. I’m wondering the same things. I’ve been watching the feeds and trying to play catch up but I’m not seeing that. I think it’s possible he did say it but either way it’s a ploy to cause Tamar to blow up which helps take the target off Lolo and NEM. At this point I feel they deserve to win because they’ve done a great job of getting everyone to do exactly what they want lol.