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  1. TwopLurker

    S04.E02: Recipe for Disaster

    I agree. My guess is that they were on again off again, Brooke said screw it and started seeing other people and once that happened Joao decided they were on again and she was the big, bad cheater and problem-not him.
  2. I...don’t think that pose worked out the way they thought it would
  3. TwopLurker

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    Reid is also as tall or taller than kids who are 2-4 years old than he is which gives the perception/expectation that he is older than he actually is. I didn’t like his salad comment a few episodes back but overall he seems like a sweet kid who is trying his hardest and isn’t as camera ready as some of the other kids are. I have no idea why Aaron is still hanging on or why they seem to give him so many talking heads. I think this season is Malia’s to lose. She’s bright, telegenic, and seems to cook well. Back home in New York, we don’t particularly enjoy Christina Tosi and think Milkbar’s food is too sweet but she looks good in the jumpsuits she’s been wearing this season.
  4. TwopLurker

    S11.E11: Bring Back My Queens!

    So clearly no scrubs was a terrible choice for a lip sync. In what world does the person with hair in their face and a wedgie win? I was able to laugh off the sequin tank top nonsense in Allstars 2 but this is too much. On a positive note, Honey looked so damn handsome with the beard🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. If by contacts you mean producers then definitely! The artist was a real life version of Otho from Beetlejuice and I don’t know if I loved him or hated him.
  6. TwopLurker

    The Rap Game

    It’s low of me but I really think Brandi doesn’t want the kids going below the belt because her inability to properly use birth control will become fair game. London can switch from warm and mature to totally nuts, I go from liking her to rolling my eyes every episode. I think the girls will all have successful careers in music production.
  7. To be fair, most of the women who audition are probably hoping for the same things.
  8. TwopLurker

    Say Yes To The Dress

    It was nice to see Joan for a minute with Randy’s Mom, she looks great!
  9. TwopLurker

    S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    So I’m guessing the crew has some level of maritime training? If I understood things correctly, the camera guy got the rope off of the cleat on the main yacht which prevented any tension between the yacht, tender, and Ashton’s ankle? That man complained less about nearly dying than Caroline and her mysterious swollen ankle. I want to like Rhylee and root for her but she really makes it difficult. Captain Lee looked ten years older when he was talking about the accident.
  10. I really enjoyed this series, I think it brought the best out of everyone-even Gleb. I don’t really have anything negative to say! Sky has it in spades, it could be a 5th grade chorus concert or neighborhood soccer game and she would still shine. I really hope the show comes back and continues with a nice mix of performers, athletes, and interesting little kids.
  11. TwopLurker

    S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    Omg, thank you, that makes so much more sense! I can’t believe I never thought about screen time before. I’ve spent every season of BD OG/Med wondering why they were complaining! I’m clearly not going to be signing up for any reality shows any time soon. I don’t know what Caroline and Rocky are hoping to get out of calling Kate an alcoholic. Someone isn’t a bad person (Carthago delenda est!) for drinking too much. In fact, most people who are in a service industry are living a lifestyle that involves overindulgence in one thing or another. Production is probably patting themselves on the back right now for casting Caroline.
  12. TwopLurker

    S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    I will never, ever understand why the 3rd stews complain about doing the bulk of the laundry. I would chose listening to music alone and not dealing with guests or coworkers any day of the week. Are these people so determined to be the victim that they don’t see the gifts they’re being given? Kate definitely enjoys othering one stew but from what we were shown she was much more patient and understanding with Caroline than I would have expected out of her. Chandler is a perfect example of someone who was not made for Realty Television and who lacked the skills to deal with it. He also sucks.
  13. TwopLurker

    S01.E04: Halloween Night

    Can any ballroom experts explain why Val said the jive is unflattering for female dancers? Is it a support garment issue? The That’s so Raven kid has buckets of charisma.
  14. The powers that be really set the TCC up to fail by not prepping them with canned answers to all hot button topics. I think if they were given DCC approved answers about CTE, me too, deflate gate, etc and THEN messed up, then there’s a valid criticism and cause for concern. Didn’t Brenda ask Taylor if she was familiar with me too? Taylor was screwed either way, if she had just said “yes,” and gotten critiqued for not following up with something. If she had said, “yes, and I am so excited to use my potential platform as a DCC to help other young women smash the patriarchy and send most men to an island somewhere to rot.” Kelly and Judy would have had an aneurism. I applaud Taylor for trying to tackle the media training issue with Kelly and Judy, it looked like she had practiced what she wanted to say beforehand even if her nerves got to her in the room.
  15. 4th office visit?? 4th?!