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  1. Season 2 was amazing, and the finale was just balls to the walls awesome. I need season 3, please, Netflix. Hope Patty won't become a true villain, but even she will, that's bound to be entertaining.
  2. Pretty sure it was a jokey reference to Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. She's probably a mythological character herself.
  3. It was Robin who bonded with Bobo over jazz, not Charlie. Doc is clearly possessed by Maeve, and thank God, because otherwise, him killing Charlie would have probably be the point of no return for many of the characters (and the fandom). I did enjoy Maeve possessing Nicole and her and Doc's little investigative duo. Wynonna refusing to sacrifice Waverly felt taken straight from Buffy season 5, with Buffy and Dawn. Hope it wouldn't end the same way (although Waverly is 100x more fun than Dawn ever was). I don't trust Anna Silk's character (wonder what's her real name is), but maybe it's just the actress. She felt a bit too smug at times.
  4. I don't think they'll kill both love interests of Teresa in one season.
  5. I think Neptune still offers a lot as a setting even without the high school stuff. And seeing how some other characters' lives turned out could be fun.
  6. I loved this show. More, please.
  7. Doc/Wynonna is a weird relationship. I do wish they would explain a bit more why the characters are acting the way the are. His actions in this episode really didn't make any sense re: sleeping w/ his wife the last episode. It's as if it never happened (and I'd prefer it didn't, because it didn't make sense in the first place). I don't mind the baby subplot and I like that they didn't drop it. It was a huge thing in both Doc's and Wynonna's lives and I could see it influencing them as people a lot. Although I'd expect Bulshar to push on Doc's feelings on Alice more than on his fear of hell.
  8. I liked the episode a lot, except for the ending. Doc's behavior felt kinda OOC, at least for that moment. Maybe she has some magic powers with her Tarot cards? Or maybe it was supposed to be the aftereffects of grief over Dolls' death, I dunno. Anyway, weird.
  9. It wasn't just Bonnie. All black characters in the first few seasons were Bennet family or other witches, no exception. It certainly raised my eyebrows. And then she was really treated nowhere as good, screentime- and story-wise as Elena or Caroline, even though she had lots of potential. They just shoved her into boring-ass romances instead of focusing on the witch stuff (except for when she was needed for the plot, so she really came out like the Magical Negro trope). You don't need to be written as a couple to have chemistry. And they were THE main couple for the whole first season, they had plenty of chances. I think the biggest problem was James being a bland character from the get-go. Just not enough characterization. Great actors can overcome such problems, but I wasn't impressed with Brooks.
  10. Just my two cents, but James Olsen and Kara had zero chemistry (except for the pilot) and the whole relationship barely had any fans by itself and honestly was a failure, writing- and casting-wise. Nothing to do with race. I watched the show live back then and I remember fandom reactions. It's only after they broke up people started to take up arms because of the race stuff. And race stuff wasn't the case - it just didn't work (and I DO notice when race stuff comes into work on US shows. I mean, with The Vampire Diaries and Bonnie, hoo boy, it was so noticeable!). Also, I'm pretty sure he's in a relationship with another white female on the show right now, so I don't see a problem. As for Dolls - I don't think the shift to Doc was caused by any kind of racism. I don't actually know what caused it, because most of online fandom is taken up by WayHaught which I find boring, so no idea about their fans (or WynDolls). Maybe it was a combination of factors we don't know about. I do think WynDoc is just more fun, dynamic-wise, and bring more to the show, but I was annoyed they never expanded on Dolls' backstory or gave him a fitting send-off. In fact, I wasn't sure we was dead-dead before reading the forums...
  11. I didn't expect Dolls dying, but I don't have a problem with it. He kinda stopped being important to the show somewhere in s2, so I see it as dropping unnecessary baggage, from the storytelling point. And I always preferred Doc/Wynonna anyway (I guess I'll be labeled a racist now?)
  12. Actually, the subreddit for, say, The 100, is quite cool and positive, compared to this site. Yes, I'm Russian and I have Instagram. I have like 30 bots following me (or maybe they unfollowed already, idk). Maybe they aren't even bots, it's just a way to promote your business.
  13. One of the best finales I've ever seen. Come on, our team isn't guilty for our sucky government ;( They tried their best (even if I'm not a football fan, I can't help but feel for ppl who are - the whole country is living football right now).
  14. Wow. An awesome finale. One of the best I've ever seen. I was crying a lot, but I loved everything. It just felt right, and isn't this the most important thing about the finale? So few shows manage to achieve it. I did have some problems with the show in seasons 2 and 3, but the last season redeemed it for me. Great work, writers and the cast. Hope to see everybody in other stuff! Loved that scene as well!
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