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  1. Maybe she also wanted to make sure Henry wouldn't try to find him like he did with Emma. In this episode she pretty much told Mary Margaret that he was a bad person and that Henry was better off without him in his life. I think Regina was also driven by the resentment she still felt towards them for choosing their father over her and wanted to make them suffer some more for it, She is SO maternal, isn't she?
  2. Eh, I don't know. They already have killed her once before in the Wish World.
  3. If Rumple really wants to be a mortal again all he has to is sharing a True Love kiss with Belle. But I'm sure instead of simply doing that he'll try to find others complicated and convoluted ways to get rid of his curse. I guess that my headcanon that he could have easily used one of the many things that would have let him reach the World Without Magic but he chose not because either he just really likes the most difficult solutions or because he wanted to be completely sure he'd find Bae and to do that he thought it was better to follow precisely the prophecy might actually be true. From the stills it seems that Belle and Rumple will dance to the Beauty and the Beast song again. Really, I get that they don't really have romantic stuff on the show they can use to make a call back but that they keep using Beauty and the Beast things instead of just giving them something that is theirs just feels lazy and manipulative. I agree. Especially considering that it seems Belle will spend the rest of her life with just Rumple and their son while being separated from her beloved father and her friends. Living in a secluded house on the Enchanted Forest with Rumple and Gideon and no one else really doesn't seem like a happy ending for Belle. Poor Belle, I bet we won't even see her interact with other people in the episode. And what's up with Rumple being dressed like a prince and Belle and Gideon instead looking like poor peasants? We're supposed to think that he a good redemption arc offscreen during those years we haven't seen him, I suppose. Actually, I like her from what little we have seen of her. The character is fun and the actress playing her is pretty good.
  4. Surprise surprise surprise surprise surprise. I guess they "forgot" that Snow was both a queen and a mayor too. Can it really be called a day-to-day fight when he isn't even trying to be good? He only cared about Belle and Gideon in the finale and was ready to let everyone die. He was accepted as part of the Charming family far too easily. But you can get rid of the dagger. Emma and Hook would have done it if it wasn't for Rumple.
  5. Snow is both Henry's grandmother and his step-sister and Emma is both his biological mother and his niece.
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