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Cody Califiore: BB's Danny Zuko, Looking For His Sandy

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   Wow, Cody looks cute as hell in his nerd glasses. Great look on him.


    Other than that, he's still pretty damn low-key. I'm also kinda with the people who are wondering about whether or not he might want himself a Kenickie instead of a Sandy. LOL.

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I think Cody is really good looking too, but then I remember seeing he is like 5'8, and that's just too short for me personally.  I'm sure he'd be crushed to hear that!

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He's usually wearing them on the BBAD broadcasts.

And they're fake. It's just a pair of frames (Cody was holding them through the holes where the lenses should be the other night) - and the boys pass them around. I've seen them on Hayden, Derrick and Zach. That said, Cody can certainly rock the Clark Kent look better than the rest of them. 

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Cody is my pick for the "Dark Horse" of the season thus far.

He seems to be shockingly level-headed and not sucked into any of the drama yet....  And (based on what I've seen of the show and BBAD ), he hasn't really ruffled any feathers yer.


And (cuz I gotta be at least a little shallow) he's the prettiest of the houseguests.

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Cody is Drew Daniels 2.0.


If by Drew Daniels 2.0 you mean a pretty, but bland closet case who cuddles women to further his game........BINGO! I just hope he doesn't win too.



Does this mean Cody will get arrested for beating up his boyfriend in a few years?

Well he got in a good start this week by beating himself up in his sleep. 

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It took me almost a half a season to decide who I think Cody looks like. I can see the John Travolta resemblance, but to me he looks like Bloom brother in their younger days. I'm totally dating myself with that one, I know. I also kept thinking he looked like someone in a boy band, but I couldn't decide who or which one. He's totally adorable though.

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