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  1. MitaJo

    S09.E15: Bow Down

    Does dumbass David not realize that by sabotaging Jenelle's filming, he's eventually going to mess up their money? Does he work? Will he be able to support the entire family without MTV money? If so, then she should just quit, but after numerous threats to do just that, I'm pretty sure that they don't want to get off this money train anytime soon. Jenelle can't hold a regular/normal job to save her life. She better wake the hell up and get out of that abusive marriage while she still can. I can't stand her but I'm really concerned for her being with him. I see the talk about Leah sexualizing her kids but calling a 9 year old a hoochie is totally wrong. Like it was mentioned, she's in cheer. All of those who compete wear a lot of makeup and do those wild hairstyles. I can't believe Chelsea, who has shown her house on tv, would post about being away on social media. Regardless of the fact that other homes were broken into (the thieves probably just capitalized on the opportunities since they were already there), as a public figure, that was a rookie mistake. I don't even do that and I don't have shit in my house worth taking. How could she not have an alarm? Kail's moaning about not having support is tiring. Imagine how much support she would have it she wasn't such a bitch to everyone. If you haven't spoken to your sister in a while, pick up the damn phone and call her. I'm sure that girl has a job and other regular people stuff she's dealing with, on top of being pregnant.
  2. MitaJo

    S09.E13: Home Is Home

    Thank you! Not going to college doesn't make him a loser. Trying to be a rapper is cheesy yes, but after it didn't work, he let it go. Not many come to that realization. He moved his family to another state to be with his son. I too think that Jo is one of the best dads on the show. I wish he was on more so that he could make the kind of money the moms are. He did help to create Isaac. They wouldn't even be here if not for that. If he wants to try to do real estate then good for him. I wish him the best.
  3. MitaJo

    S09.E12: Do the Dangle

    Is Bone the girl she met in the hotel last episode and the one that teased her about no one coming to her launch? Also, didn't they have a falling out?
  4. MitaJo

    S09.E12: Do the Dangle

    I swear Brianna was faking it with Stella when she kept saying "mommy's here" or "you want mommy". She had a smirk on her face whole time. She was loving that shit. We get it, the baby doesn't know her dad. Maybe she should have gone to an actual kiddie park and he could have played with Stella on the swings or something. I guess that didn't fit into the whole story line they started building up last week and needed for Stella to cower away from him. I too was embarrassed for Kail when Chris arrived. But a part of me was amused because she's getting a taste of her own medicine. She used to/still treats Jo and Javi like that. The push and pull, teasing them with possibly getting back together. With them she had control because of the kids. Yes she still has Lux but that doesn't work the same way with Chris. He still gets his time with his son and doesn't have to kiss her ass. Addie is my favorite person on this show. The fact that we didn't have to talk about Adumb and visitation bs this week was a breath of fresh air. It made me wonder if the producers push that narrative all the time to keep Chelsea interesting. Newsflash producers! We were more entertained this week than any other week before BECAUSE we didn't talk about that loser. But yeah, Cole is trying way too hard. No one is that damn perfect.
  5. MitaJo

    S09.E08: Cold War

    I have hated him since this very moment. I don't understand what she ever saw in him or why she continued to give him more chances. I don't get why these girls are always talking about "I want us to be a family!" all the time. He showed everyone who he was and what he was about from the very beginning.
  6. MitaJo

    S09.E08: Cold War

    Kail gets on my damn nerves. She's allowed to treat her sons' fathers anyway that she wants and as soon as they give her what she's given to them over the years, she acts like she's a victim. I feel so sorry for those boys. She is as toxic of a mother as her own mom was for her, just in a different way. She won't talk to Jo, Issac notices that. She won't talk to Javi or even be nice to his girlfriend (who is going to give birth to her son's sister), I'm sure Lincoln notices or will eventually. She's too damn immature to be anyone's mother. And yes you DID know that Jo was right there. You knew his ass was at the gym and that Issac was going home with him. Ugh, I can't stand her. Chelsea's constant badgering of Aubree is also annoying. Just stop it already! Aubree will let you know what she wants you to know and when. Every time you ask her a question, it lets her know that it's an issue. You aren't even subtle about it. She's at the age where she can pick up on things. And quit trying to force Cole into being her "daddy". He's in her home, her name was changed to include his, Cole is very involved in her life. He's her daddy in all the ways that matter. Why can't that be enough? Adam is a piece of s*&t scumbag, but you slept with that fleabag. You have to deal with him for however long he chooses to string you and Aubree along. I feel that with his parent so involved in her life, he's never going to sign over his rights. I don't blame Leah for asking Jeremy if he wanted to have Addie every weekend. His ass needs to do his part. That baby wants to be with him, every weekend isn't that much of a hardship for him. I'm pretty sure if you count the actual hours he will have her, it won't even equal to a full 48. He didn't pick her up because he was "sick" and she just needs to get over it. Well, who the hell keeps the girls when Leah is sick? I can't stand these deadbeat ass dads who think they get to enjoy life and silence when their child's mother just has to suck it up and deal with it. Briana is another annoying POS. I don't blame her for filing child support on Luis. He convinced her (lied) to keep Stella, talking about how much he was going to do and he just ghosted on her. What happened to "truck driving"? What school is he about to graduate from? And just like Kail, Briana can't go too long without a dick in the picture. She just up and goes on trips all the damn time, leaving her mom to watch her two kids. No wonder she's so stressed out and bitter. And when the hell are they going to get out of that small ass apartment? They can't rent a house somewhere? New York guy better make sure he's stocked up on condoms because I fear he's the next baby daddy, messing with Briana's hot ass. Jenelle is the classic battered woman. After watching her on TV for all these years, she needs to realize that we can recognize when she's lying. She also needs to quit talking about quitting this show because we all know that she won't. What else is she going to do for money? Whatever products she's endorsing can't possibly bring in any money. Kail and this hair line business. Girl! Why would I buy any hair product that you're involved with when you look like crap 90% of the time? Chelsea has great hair, although I'm sure most of it is extensions, but she could sell a hair line. Hell, JENELLE should look into a hair line. I wouldn't buy any of it, but she could pull it off better thank Kail.
  7. MitaJo

    S07 E21 Sheila & Rich Dollaz

    This episode made me so mad. At Sheila, at Nick, Rich Dollaz with his bum ass and his sicko nephew. Sheila was delusional. I mean, I get that she had every reason to believe it was him since it was his verified account, but she gave up the goods way too easily for someone she never spoke to or saw in person. Why is this the norm these days? And the fact that she got into another "relationship" with someone online she still hasn't met proves she didn't learn shit. Rich better watch his social media a little better because that stupid, perverted nephew of his could get him caught up in some scandalous stuff. Thankfully the nephew isn't on his accounts anymore, unless that was a lie. Nick annoyed me at first because he just came off as goofy and corny. But he started spitting some good responses to pervo about the stuff he was doing to Sheila and other women.
  8. Make it 6. I can't stand L6 either. None of them are likeable. The ones I did like are so dumb that I can't even enjoy this season like I want to. I didn't even watch the eviction episode until yesterday. I forgot it was even on my DVR, that's how not into this season I am. Yet another season of people voting out folks who have no game whatsoever and I've found more interesting things to watch (like every episode of The Office). L6, whenever they're in the HOH position, never puts anyone on their side up (unless I've forgotten someone) and yet the others can't see that they're possibly working together. That should have been the first sign. JC irks me the most! How anyone else in that house can even stand him is beyond me. None of that food even looked appetizing and if I were in that house, I would have been making my own damn meals. Slop looks like it would be a better option than that shit. And for ONCE I wish the women on this show would stick together. Always attaching themselves to some man, thinking that he's their best chance at making it to the end. They win HOH and start putting their personal feelings in front of the finish line, getting rid of other women just because she may or may not like you or she's "coming after" you. Newsflash, everyone in the house is coming after you! Especially if they came to play/win. Then you have Sam who is the worst of them all, for the way she acted during her HOH. Does she not realize that she's exactly what she accused Hay and Kaitlin of? Her blind devotion to Tyler is sickening. Why did they even come on this show? Clearly it wasn't to win because as soon as they stepped in the door they were latching on to a guy. Tyler isn't going to cut anyone, if he can help it. He'll keep letting everyone believe that he's on their side so that they do the choosing and he gets taken to the end. Unless he decides in Final-3 that he has to win to guarantee he makes it to the end. I'm still not sure where he stands on that.
  9. MitaJo

    S32.E04: The Affair

    Same! The stuff he did in Paris, when he was a raging lunatic, all of it. I always liked him and wanted him to win. I guess I knew deep down, he wasn't that bad of a guy.
  10. MitaJo

    S08.E32: Reunion: Behind the Screams

    Seriously! Why are they so cramped in that place, all on top of each other. Stella, Nova and Briana all sharing a bedroom? Something doesn't sound right. Maybe that's what Adam was making since he was on since 16 and Pregnant. It probably took him six seasons to get that kind of money. However, I do think that between the three of them (I'd bet the kids get paid something too), and their regular jobs, they should have enough to get a bigger apartment or rent a house somewhere. Briana is spending money on surgeries and shit. Even with a discount for advertising, that's still money she could have used to get them a bigger spot. We all know she won't move on her own because (1) she's not mature enough to (2) she has built-in babysitters.
  11. MitaJo

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Guys! I just saw that Jenelle was saying David can't be racist because he's black and I near about peed myself laughing. Before I even saw the whole series of tweets, I wondered if she was basing that off of Ancestry.com profile or something and it WAS. LMAO! That has to be the funniest thing I've seen all year. I'm late, I know but this just made me laugh so hard.
  12. MitaJo

    S20.E13: Power of Veto #4

    That was hilarious!!! I need this power app explained. So the evicted person isn't automatically kept in the house? They just have a "chance"? Does that mean they have to do a competition? I'm so confused. Yeah, Sam is no longer cool with me. There is no man in that house that needs to "stand up for himself". Every year, these men string the women along and the women play up their sexuality to stay in the house for as long as they can. For once, I'd like for the women to really stick with their guns and play WITH each other. Team Bailey (or however she spells it). Swaggy left so I hope she makes a run for it.
  13. MitaJo

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    As much as I really don't care if I ever see Jenelle on the show again, I'd hate that Barb and Jace won't be filmed because of her. This is Barbara's income as well. I think she said she retired from Walmart, so without this show, she's now unemployed. She didn't ask for this but here she is and if the show allows her to to pay for her lawyers, that help her keep Jace out of Jenelle's home, then she should be filmed. Jenelle isn't even his primary guardian so how does she get to say he won't be filmed? And even if she doesn't want to talk about her cases, no one else can? Nathan can't discuss how his custody case with her is going? Barbara can't speak about any she has? We really don't even need Jenelle on this show.
  14. MitaJo

    S08.E30: Road Rage 2018.07.23

    I do think Jenelle is pretty, but her personality, her spirit, her overall being is very unattractive. Regarding Devoin (what is with that spelling? I've always wondered about it) sleeping in Briana's bed. That apartment they ALL live in is so cramped and packed, and Brittany is often lounging on the couch, it makes sense to me that he's in her bed. He was going to be there a while, so why not give him his own space? And doesn't Nova also sleep in there? I was going to say something about them upgrading with their Teen Mom 2 money but do they even have any, with Bri getting plastic surgery AGAIN?
  15. MitaJo

    S08.E30: Road Rage 2018.07.23

    Is Jenelle even allowed to have a gun? That smile on her face after she grabbed that gun was creepy. She really is a psycho and I hope she loses all of her children. I can't stand that bitch. Running over that man's mailbox talking about "oops ,my bad". What did she expect that man to do? Acting like a victim when she put herself in that situation. White woman tears, indeed. I hate that Jace is even allowed to spend time with her.