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  1. Gotcha, sorry if I came off harsh, I just get a lot of, "Well are you looking?" from strangers. I'm late to the show so haven't seen all the eps, but they should do an episode about his struggles if they haven't already. It's a bad stereotype to put out that that a black man is happy not working. I know for me: it drives me nuts. Thankfully I have these boards and Donkey Kong.
  2. Ohio for one. I've been part time at a restaurant for years looking for a full time job with my bachelor's degree. No one wants to hire someone part time who obviously won't stick around; I can't get hired at BAM! Books. I believe him being jobless for years.
  3. I love when people take videos at concerts, and I wish it happened at more Broadway shows because I'll never get the chance to see them myself. I love drinking wine and watching concerts on Youtube. Fiona Apple even used audience video as a marketing tool for her 2012 classic "The Idler Wheel".
  4. I believe the Daily Mail, they are always right about The View gossip. The staff loves to talk. I think the song is rapey as fuck, but just turn the station, no need to ban.
  5. I'd rather be a drunk slut than support organized religion.
  6. I don't get this as all. KJ doesn't have broad shoulders, when Veronica said that I thought "We have eyes you know." He's petite. He could wear women's blazers.
  7. Full discretion: I take shots of Meghan's hair and outfits and post them on FB making fun of them and I get a ton of likes. Judgmental: I'm about the same age as Meghan. I think in your 30's, you should have new hobbies instead of drinking. What makes me think she has a problem is she is sooo defensive about it and brags about it like a frat boy. We aren't impressed. I just watched a Nova about addiction, and how over weight people have less dopamine receptors so maybe that's why she over eats or doesn't care about health, I don't know, but what I do know is personally I'm a lot hap
  8. I hope not; Meghan should be suspended for a day for her behavior. If Sherri was suspended for mentioning BW's wealth, Meghan should be for not being able to control her temper and being so rude for two segments. She always brags about how "tough" she is. Truly tough people don't yell and allow their emotions to get the best of them like that. Joy is tough. She yelled at Meghan, laughed, and continued on with a lighthearted show.
  9. There's something about binge watching Riverdale that makes it easier to take. I did that with seasons 1 and 2 and I got into, out of it, into it, but I kept going because I was bored. But now it's weekly and I don't think I can keep going. I hate the juvie storyline because it's like we are just waiting for it to be over because we all know he will get out. When I was in jail, everyone coveted my shoes, but no one tried to steal them. Plus, I think Archie is tiny so who's going to fit in his shoes. Of course everywhere in Riverdale is evil. I'm not sure I can keep going just for the g
  10. They mention in the first episode the victim's brother is too young to drink but the bartender is just giving him a break. The cop just doesn't care too.
  11. I live at home, watch Riverdale, and go to the gym the same time teenagers do, so I may be going through something here, but I think John is cute.
  12. I don't know but when I noticed that I thought there's no way she has the time to handwash all those hard wood floors. so maybe there's something to that specific spot Get a swiffer! Also, personally, I'd be very uncomfortable having a maid dress in a uniform.
  13. I'm so stupid, I thought she was removing fake eyelashes. I was just happy more characters mentioned her drinking because all during the first episode I kept thinking about how bad she must smell.
  14. She could be though since the standards have dropped so drastically! My friend visited DC and posted pics of the White House and I was like, "Who even cares anymore?" Stormy could be running the country in an iHOP for all I care. Hey guys, haven't posted in awhile but I've been watching. Maybe I have blinders on, but I never find Joy as snotty as Meghan can come across. But the real issue I have with Meghan is her hair. I just don't know what to do to fix it. Some highlights and knock it off with the braids? It's just terrible and God knows she can afford a nice weave. The grind o
  15. I was thinking they will connect Mark's death to Roseanne's use of painkillers, or maybe they think it's disrespectful to Glenn Quinn's family to have Mark die of addiction (from personal experience some families' are too ashamed). Becky seemed concerned about Roseanne so I thought it was coming from that point of view. I guess a very special "heroin" episode of Roseanne might be too much but that's what I would do since the drug is hitting the heartland so badly and Roseanne is in a position of poverty and bad insurance that leads to it.
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