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S05.E07: Cherchez La Bitch

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Mili-tainment was hilarious.  I'm scared for Turin and happy for Fancy, Pree and Gared.  I also really like Calvert.  Honestly, I liked Calvert when she first showed up and was sad she turned out to be "evil."  Now she's with the rest of Team Awesome Force.  Also, Lucy's back!  And she and Johnny had a baby together.  God, I F-love this show.

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This was a really fun ep.

Yay that Lucy is back and not only had fireworks ready to go with her Johnny reunion but also was quick to tease him about Nucy being their child.

Good convo between Pree & Gared. I also enjoyed the Pree-Zeph-Turin team moments. 

The Team Awesome Force moments with getting out of the restraints was golden too. I do like that the show will also address the change in dynamics for Dutch & D'avin when Johnny goes on sabbatical. They still love each other but it would be a big change for them too even though they already had the talk about committing to each other / their relationship in ep 4x08. 

Asshole Fancy is back!

Adam.Barken was interviewed about this ep. 


I appreciated his comments about Luke Macfarlane's good work as I feel he tends to be dismissed or ignored more often than not. Good interview overall with insight on several characters & story decisions. 

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Damn it, this show is firing on all cylinders now and I will truly miss it when it's over!

So many goodies in this episode. Every single pairing they did was great, and so many quote-worthy lines. I'm glad they got Calvert back, she was too good a character for just one episode. The whole militainment set-up was hilarious.

Zeph and Pree were great. Zeph, Pree and Turin were fantastic. Though I got incredibly worried about Turin from the second he started to go soft (well soft for Turin) on Zeph. Don't die heroically Turin! You're surprisingly good at rough-but-uplifting pep-talks! Pree and Gared cleared the air - no more mole-stuff. Now they just need to rescue Turin and get off Westerley in order to save everybody.

One thing I did not really catch was why Zeph decided to give up her location on Westerley? (Though I did enjoy the random bike in that scene.) I guess it had something to do with her realizing where she's seen the Lady or one of her hatchlings before when she was staring at her pendant? Judging from the preview this will get addressed next week.

And we got Fancy Asshole Lee and Lucy back! (Aww, protocol 'I love Lucy').

Zeph finally got some shampoo in her hair! Clearly the makeup and wardrobe department decided to give Kelly McCormack a treat after all these episodes of running around grubby. She looked great with the wavy hair and in that ruby red tank-top at the end (we rarely get to see bright primary colors on this show so she really stood out).


I had a good run. There was sex and dairy and science.

Can it just be a "this nerd needs a hug from a warlord" thing?

No, wait! If this thing gets out and jumps on my face, - I want you to - Mercy kill you. - Fight for me! - Yes, okay.

You scream a lot for a warlord. It's warlord, not bug lord. 

Tree-humper, stop scissoring nature and focus. 

Can we please not talk about my brother while we're rubbing asses? 

A man gets to a point in his life where it's not about building anymore. It's about protecting what you have. 

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Yay, Lucy is back!  And already teasing John about how Nucy is their "child."  Oh, you two!  Ya'll are just the sweetest human/sentient spaceship computer relationship ever!!

Liked the idea of a place where the military is so unneeded that they've basically been turn into an amusement attraction for tourists and everything.  I also like that D'avin was so pissed about it, because it would make sense that a former military man like him would not be very pleased with the idea.

Glad they brought Calvert and that there seems to be more to her than meets the eye.

Glad that Fancy escaped and even got a nice bro hug with D'avin, since I always got a kick out of their banter and competitive relationship.

I'm happy that Pree and Gared aired everything out and are hopefully moving forward now.  Really hope these two make it.e

While I'm happy that Turin gave Zeph the pep talk she needed, I'm worried that it is going to end up with him getting kidnapped instead.  I know I should be prepared that some of these folks won't be making it out alive, but I'm not ready, dammit!

Dammit, Lady, let poor Khylen mourn in peace!

They were having way too much fun with all of the double entendres and what not with Dutch and John when they were breaking out of the restraints.

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Loved this episode, it had so much going on in the best way possible! The militainment was hilariously ridiculous (and the ridiculously overly complicated solutes!) and it was great to see so many characters back in action this week!

TAF is finally out of jail (kind of) and are back to kicking ass and taking names, with the inevitable slip ups and complications along the way. It makes sense that D'avin would be so pissed at the whole enterprise, having been a soldier who saw real combat, and the follow up from Johnny possibly taking a break was well done. The dynamics will change, and its tough to deal with, especially after so much intensity and emotions lately. It was also great to see Calvertt back, she was a fun character so I am glad she is back, and on the team! Is it weird that I kind of want to see the canonical guy come back again? " It was all kinds of people"  "Thats fair" I was seriously cracking up at D'avin and Dutch bullshitting their way through a tour, I love that the two of them are consistently terrible actors. 

Zeph, Pree and Turin are a really dynamite combination, I loved all of their scenes, so many great lines and so much banter.  Plus, Zeoh finally got some shampoo! Turin is surprisingly good at delivering tough love pep talks, but I hope that this wont mean that he is going to die soon! Please dont go out in some kind of heroic sacrifice Turin! 

"Can this just be a nerd needs a hug from a warlord thing?"

Very glad that Gared and Pree are on the same page now, and have cleared the air and worked out some of their issues. Them laughing together was really sweet, they better be alright after all of this!

Fancy is back, kicking ass and handling shit like the badass asshole we all know and love! Love the hug between Fancy and D'avin, especially D'avin just glomping onto him, while Fancy kind of awkwardly hugged him back. 

Most importantly, LUCY IS BACK! Johnny and his girl are back, and they even have a baby now! I missed you girl!

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16 minutes ago, AnimeMania said:

Was the Killjoy's ship, "Lucy?" on board the ship that "The Lady" is on? Since "Lucy" disappeared, won't "The Lady" know that TAF is still alive?

Yes, Lucy was on board but so was Fancy. They Lady might speculate that Fancy managed to escape on his own or with some help from Khlyen and freed Lucy. 

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This was 'comedy hour', but it was great.  "Tree humper, stop scissoring nature and focus!"  LOL

And that's not fair, Luce.  Johnny can't take his sabbatical now, no matter what.  I mean, how'd he be able to pay child support if he walked out on Lucy and Newcy??

Hopefully Turin survives his sacrificial chase & the whole TAF gang will be back together by the end of the next episode.

...... still wondering why Clara!Ollie & the whole Hackmod storyline was just dropped and totally forgotten after the 2nd episode of the 3rd season.  They'd have made for good allies in this war vs The Lady.

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6 hours ago, iRarelyWatchTV36 said:

...... still wondering why Clara!Ollie & the whole Hackmod storyline was just dropped and totally forgotten after the 2nd episode of the 3rd season.  They'd have made for good allies in this war vs The Lady.

Especially since there could be a technobabble explanation of why the Lady's tricks don't work on them. 

I was disappointed when they dropped the Hackmod story too. 

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