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S01:E09: The Deaf Sage of Pompeii

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When an unlikely source confides in Decourcy, the Massachusetts State Police hatch a plan that promises arrests without the help of the FBI.

Ward had that smooth apology ready for Siobhan but she wasn't buying it.  Fortunately he got a chance to defend her at the public hearing.

Wow Jenny's family.  No wonder she ended up with Jackie.  And her horrible mother keeps those fucking model airplanes around, to remind Jenny of the father who raped her.

I don't understand why Jimmy would give up his brother and the whole family.  They will probably wish he did take his own life, though it would be horrible for his daughters.

So he got himself out of prison for trying to steal that car.  But with Frankie in jail and his household ruined, who's going to cover his ass?  His betrayal of his brother seems too easy, especially since he doesn't seem to have any hate for him.

Frankie is another crazy one though.  He was ready to go out blazing but Jimmy convinced him not to.  Really he was going to leave his wife and kids?  Of course it was reckless to try another heist, as desperate as their situation became.

But he gave Jackie that death stare while cuffed.  He has some impulse control but seems unlikely that he'd be under the radar of the cops.

Meanwhile, what a fuckup with Ward's boss, telling Jackie where they were staked out for the armored robbery.  He's trying to screw over Ward but probably got Hank killed.  Still, all the cops were covered behind their cars -- Jackie hit the ground -- but Hank and Rachel are out in the open while the 4 heavily-armed robbers have clear shots of them.

If they had any inkling that any of the robbers would try to shoot his way out, they have to know they're vulnerable, even with the bulletproof vests.

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Will no one ever turn a goddamn light on? I can barely see through the murk in every damn scene. And the characters have to announce that its daytime so we'll know. 

Other than that I got nothing. This episode was supposed to keep me on the edge of my seat but it dragged. Jimmy's near suicide was the only compelling scene.  

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Among other things, I did like the shout-out to Toni Morrison in this episode (when DeCourcey was reading Jazz in bed). I do like this show, even if DeCourcey and Rachel are the only characters I don't actively wish death upon.

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That was one of the more ill conceived police ambushes I've seen. I'll have to rewatch the scene, but it sure seemed like they had them "surrounded on all sides" but they'd also risk hitting one another if they all fired at once. And why Rachel and Hank had to come out and expose themselves - I too was sure she'd be the one to take the bullet  .

Showing Jackie on TV, I'd have thought that his "real" name was Jack, yet the TV crawl underneath said Jackie. 

Poor Jenny Rohr - is there any more misery that they can heap on her ?

Frankie's daughter's reply to Jackie in the final scene was priceless of course. 

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this episode was SO good. Jenny's whole arc is crushing but perfect... and jill hennessy give Bacon a run for his money wish best performance. LOL at the comments that people thought Rachel was gunna die...I did, too, or maybe I hoped it sensing a death was coming and I love Hank so much! Jimmy is a self-centered ingrate who obviously sold out his brother in effort to be able to be there for HIS daughters. 

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12 minutes ago, PlasticTurtle said:

Jimmy is a self-centered ingrate who obviously sold out his brother in effort to be able to be there for HIS daughters. 

Jimmy is a plain and simple LOSER. His character defines it to the utmost.

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I suspected that something like that happened to Jenny, but God dang, what a fucked up family, no wonder she ended up with a guy like Jackie. And that mother, what a piece of garbage, both back then and even now, blaming her for what happened to Benny. Jenny isn't always the nicest person, but I feel awful for her. 

Frankie and Jimmy are all kinds of fucked, and I am glad that we are making progress, but that police shoot out seemed super poorly thought out by the cops. They had a shit ton of cops and that guy still managed to kill poor Hank? Did no one get him as soon as he came out of the van?! Now I wonder if Frankie's wife will go to jail too, she was laundering money for her husband after all. 

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I don’t think the police set up for the truck heist was poorly thought out but undermined by Jackie and the FBI. They seemed to have everything covered but when the FBI cane screeching in it threw everyone off balance. That being said Rachel and Hank were clearly not following any type of guidelines by standing out in the open. 

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On 8/13/2019 at 9:16 AM, preeya said:

A great analogy of a way, way, back character.

Cathy will have her hands full, now that Frankie is in jail.

That Child is about to go off the rails.

Kick is literally dead behind the eyes, like her Soul got snatched.

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I'm really enjoying this show.  I knew Jenny had been raped by her father, Jill Hennessy crushed it in that scene. And her mother driving her to get an abortion because HER FATHER GOT HER PREGNANT!! Jesus Mary & Joseph.  The only good thing Jackie might have ever done was put a bullet in that fucker's head.  If that's what happened. 

I can't wait for DeCourcy & Rachel to take Jackie down. 

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40 minutes ago, teddysmom said:

I can't wait for DeCourcy & Rachel to take Jackie down. 

That would probably be at the end of the series, which given that it's on Showtime probably means at least 5 seasons.

Unless Bacon wants to leave for something else.

BTW, how about Jackie taunting Kick when they were tossing their home?

And the kid said "Fuck You" to him with her dead eyes.

I didn't think child actors were allowed to swear like that.  I thought they had to be protected on set from graphic language and obviously nude scenes.

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4 minutes ago, scrb said:

I didn't think child actors were allowed to swear like that.  I thought they had to be protected on set from graphic language and obviously nude scenes.

I think that's on network.  

I really like Rachel.  And the actor who plays DeCourcy.   

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