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  1. Here in Finland Netflix just added Top Chef's first two seasons to their library. I tried watching them, but I think the first seasons were just too much drama.
  2. Did anyone else got a giggle out of Kevin not needing a hairnet, because he doesn't have hair, when they were walking around in the ham making place?
  3. The podcast Pack Your Knives has an episode with all three finalist from this All-Star season.
  4. I'm surprised French is not in that list.
  5. Has there been a detailed description about what the cheftestants need to buy from the store to prepare their dishes and what they can take from the pantry?
  6. The dishes the cheftestants needed to pick to be inspired were created by various chefs who had worked at Michaels. So I think it also depends on if the chefs they could get for the episode had 'signature' dishes from the past, that was vegetarian.
  7. They already did the vegetarian challenge in one of the earlier episodes.
  8. I think Kevin picked Malarkey because he was sure he was going to beat Malarkey. He picked Bryan because he wanted to go head to head with him and this might have been the last chance to do that. Gregory volunteered to be the third opponent. Kevin also described Jenn Carroll as the queen of seafood and picked her to be in his team in the first episode.So, no, I don't see him being some chauvinist pig.
  9. Wouldn't it be easier to buy the DVDs?
  10. Thanks for bringing my attention to this podcast. I've been listening to all of them this past week.
  11. Saw this article on AVClub regarding dining at Top Chef Restaurant Wars.
  12. I think you mixed Melissa with Nini? Nini made Bánh Xèo.
  13. I wonder if they'll reboot this with a new team in a couple of years again.
  14. Wouldn't she have been on the chopping block even if Kevin was not in the group?
  15. She's Nilou Motamed. She's appeared in the last few seasons as a judge.
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