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  1. FinnishViewer

    S12.E18: The Laureate Accumulation

    Why have they managed to get quite famous scientists over the years to come on the show, if they are insulting the community?
  2. FinnishViewer

    S12.E18: The Laureate Accumulation

    That would not be just poking fun at the science community but making a mockery of it, and the whole Nobel prize. I don't think the writers would do that.
  3. FinnishViewer


    That's a strange thing to say, or is Jubal Maggie's and OA's boss?
  4. FinnishViewer


    She asked LaCroix to include her for the take down in the beginning, after he rejected her request to come along for the hunt.
  5. FinnishViewer

    S01.E18: Homefront

    Depends on how long the battery on it can last?
  6. FinnishViewer

    S04. E16. The One Where Jane Visits an Old Friend

    Considering this show has never been a ratings juggernaut, I was really surprised they had the budget to film on locations outside the US last year and this year too.
  7. FinnishViewer

    Strike Back

    The team seemed to gel better this season. Loved the 'short stuff' tease of Novi at the end.
  8. FinnishViewer


    When he has friends in high places within the FBI.
  9. FinnishViewer

    S04. E16. The One Where Jane Visits an Old Friend

    I'm also quite confused about what her whole endgame is supposed to be. It seemed to culminate with the episode where they tried to crash that Air Force One, which did not have POTUS on it. So I'm not sure what was the objective for it.
  10. FinnishViewer

    S02.E17: Albert Einstein and the Story of Another Mary

    Mary specifically said she lost the baby. If it was a false positive, I don't think she would have used the word 'lost'.
  11. FinnishViewer

    S16.E14: The Tao of Macau

    I don't think it would be possible in the finale, since there's usually much more diners than in this case, and the chefs have to be in the kitchen to prepare and plate all the food in the courses.
  12. FinnishViewer

    S01.E15: Manhunt

    And risk pulling the trigger when the perp is till holding the rope?
  13. FinnishViewer

    S12.E16: The D & D Vortex

    Speaking of Stuart, he's got a lot of white hair now compared to when he first appeared.
  14. FinnishViewer

    Strike Back

    I think a kinda similar thing happened when Scott told Stonebridge he had a wife.
  15. FinnishViewer

    S01.E14: Plain Clothes Day

    It's always a problem when there are no specific hard quantifiable criteria.