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S07.E08: Baker's Dozen

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I'm so confused about the timeline on this show. Piper references a strange year and half, which makes sense since she got 15 months originally, plus 6 for the riot, but then got early release. But they have referenced some current events from the last two years or so. Totally not sure what year it's supposed to be.

I'm not a Neri fan.

Another early season callback with the chicken.

Throughout the first 6 seasons Suzanne has always been my least favorite character, but I have to say I'm really enjoying her storylines this season. She seems to be coping with prison much better - plus she might be turning Taystee's future around.

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14 hours ago, ExplainItAgain said:

Throughout the first 6 seasons Suzanne has always been my least favorite character, but I have to say I'm really enjoying her storylines this season. She seems to be coping with prison much better - plus she might be turning Taystee's future around.

They have dialed WAY back on her crazy this season.  Definitely easier to relate to her character and appreciate the beautifully strange instead of having the bat-shit loony front & center the whole time.  Nice to see. 

And I LOVE the callback to the magic chicken!  

Amazing how every single Lesbian in Piper's path is super attractive and winds up being super hot for her.  Zelda is probably just the next redhead in line.  

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11 hours ago, leighdear said:

And I LOVE the callback to the magic chicken! 

I thought that was the chicken. I didn't know for sure.

That retreat was definitely some 'white people shit.' It doesn't surprise me that Piper got rolled up into all that.

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On ‎7‎/‎28‎/‎2019 at 11:48 PM, CrystalBlue said:

Not a fan of the outcome of the retreat.

I agree. I had to look away when they cut the sheep open that's just gross, and if I was there I would have walked away.

Piper's been looking for a "release" partner and Alex is the one who finds one. Who'd a thunk!

I think right now the only characters I'm invested in are Red, Suzanne, Blanca and Lorna.

I'm worried about Taystee hiding drugs in that office. That's going to bite someone in the butt.

Wow, Gloria has a lot of phone calls to make.

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18 hours ago, woodscommaelle said:

I know she’s not a great mom or person sometimes (all the time??), but I am loving Aleida this season.

Who is Ilya to Red?

Ilya was a young man the Russian Mob killed when Red said that he was too sensitive to be a killer, that they should make him a lookout or give him a less dangerous job.

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I think Ilya was just a nice, young man Red felt motherly and protective about.  She liked him and didn't want him involved in the nastier side of the business.

I love the return of the magic chicken!

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Even the magical chicken returns in the final season! So funny. 

Can someone refresh my memory about this? I don't recall anything about a chicken in Season 1. And I only started watching this three  years ago.

Why would Blanca blab to the whole detention facility that Gloria could find people for them?

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The return of the magic chicken! Someone let Red know! They really are bringing everyone back to take a final bow before the show ends!

I wonder if Red was inspired to help her girls in the kitchen by her totally botched attempt to help poor over his head Ilya?  Its so sad seeing her getting more scattered, and now being stuck dealing with the mistakes of her past while struggling to exist in the present. 

Poor Freckles. Can we just not with the animal cruelty this season? Can we not, please? I am super over shows using dead pets and other animals as some sort of "dark comedy" or whatever. Its not funny, its just nasty and makes your characters look like assholes. 

I actually like Suzanne and the chicken farm plot more than I expected to. I think that its the first time they have found some balance with Suzanne being tragic and clearly mentally ill, but also fun and basically kind and helpful. For awhile her...Suzanneness became so over the top she just came off as annoying or selfish. I mean, her having a massive freak out over some ridiculous thing (I think? Its been awhile) is what led to Pousey dying, the riot breaking out, and basically every other bad thing that has happened since then. Not that I really blame her for that exactly (thats on the cost cutting soulless company and the sociopath guards) but it did really hit how the show was basically using her as a plot device for wackiness or for her to be out of control and causing problems than her being an actual character.

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