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S10.E02: Archer: 1999 -- Happy Borthday

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Of course Cyril picks Krieger to fight him because Krieger can't harm him. And of course Krieger is like Bishop from Alien and bleeds milk.

Malory as Funbeak and just enjoying zapping Archer in the dick. It's been a long time coming. Is it wrong I wanted to see her as Funbeak for the rest of the season? Speaking of Funbeak, it reminded me so much of Turkatron from ATHF.

Yeah...I said I liked the short hair look on Carol last week...and the gladiator gear on her made it even better.

Oh god, imagine if you can smell Pam's boners. That's terrifying.

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Huh. An actual robot chicken. Or would that be a chicken robot?

That was fun . . . especially the hatred hanging in the air around the table at the final scene. Krieger still halved darn near slayed me. And apparently, Pam is the sort of alien that can dent the fourth wall. "What are you doing?" "[clenched teeth] Freeze frame!"

Nice to see Cheryl Carol in full psycho bloom as a gladiatrix. Of course Cyril gets the easy win with Krieger. And, of course, Archer and Malory team up for a half-assed plan that manages to work, because Archer's luck in his dream worlds are roughly the same as in real life. Excluding electric shocks to the testicles, of course.

It took sixteen minutes before Ray got mentioned as being the only person on the ship. And crap, he looks useless. Anybody else think he deserves better?

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1 hour ago, Lantern7 said:

It took sixteen minutes before Ray got mentioned as being the only person on the ship. And crap, he looks useless. Anybody else think he deserves better?

What do you mean, like some ice cream to go with his cake?

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If they are really going for the firefly courtesan reference, Ray could have rescued them by claiming everyone is his servant, or display his knowledge of bow and arrow and pick off the enemy, or as the ship is overrun, look longingly and conflictedly at some poison. 

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Thats our Pam! 

I hope that Ray gets more to do soon, the poor guy is so completely useless as of now. Of course, everyone is a hot mess as per usual, but at least everyone else gets to do stuff. 

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8 hours ago, Morrigan2575 said:

Better than the first episode but, not really wowing me. I like Ray and I'm really disappointed that we haven't gotten much of him in the last few seasons he's a fun character.

I wonder if maybe Adam Reed wanted to scale back Ray's character? I don't know. I enjoyed this episode much more than last week's. I loved Malory calling Pam a rockslide with tits and Archer's "ugh, did Pam have a boner in here?"

Seeing Cheryl/Carol get all badass and aggressive reminded me of when she was Cherlene and told Juliana the dictator's wife that she was going to go Jerry Lee on her ass.

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On 6/7/2019 at 2:02 PM, Gummo said:

I've never been "meh" about a season of Archer but so far I am about this one.

2 eppys in and I feel like I'm still waiting for it to start.


It seems like this season, like Danger Island would have made a better movie than an 8 episode season. There are a lot of great bits, but the early episodes are kind of slow. Especially since they have to set up all new worlds. Watching it over 8 weeks kind of drags a bit. But if they could cut it down to a 2 hour movie I could watch in 1 sitting it would be a lot better.

As for the episode I found it hilarious that the front piece of Cyril's gladiator skirt was extra long.

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Apparently, Ray's little song number was based off this bit from Arrested Development.

Also, upon first viewing, I missed Pam lifting "Yeah, you better gulp nervously!" from Frisky Dingo. Remember? From when Stan had the Awesome-X armor and was threatening to blow up the X-Tacle's heads one by one? Good times.

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