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S36: Sebastian Noel

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Sebastian Noel (Naviti Tribe)

Age: 22
Hometown: Melbourne, Florida
Current residence: Satellite Beach, Florida
Occupation: Fishing Guide

Three words to describe you: Outgoing, adventurous, and free spirited.

Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?
I am perfect for this game. I spend most of my life outside in the elements, a lot of which is involved with something physical. I'm great with people and can make friends very easily. I enjoy being challenged in such ways that may be life risking. I can figure out little kinks to situations that others may not even think about.

Sebastian Noel’s Full Bio

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Josh Wigler interview



Bradley Kleihege (Law Student, Naviti Tribe): "Good god. He was sniffing a Sharpie at the airport. That's all I need to say."

Josh Wigler, (Reporter, THR): "That told you a lot?"

Bradley Kleihege (Law Student, Naviti Tribe): "It told me everything I needed to know."


Me too.


Gordon Holmes interview


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13 minutes ago, CletusMusashi said:

The nickname doesn't really seem to have taken, but I personally do agree that he needs to be called "Sea Bass."

Too bad he's not on a season with Lydia. We could make so many fish jokes...

No way; to me, anyway, the nickname “Sea Bass” was forever spoiled by the redneck asshole trucker in “Dumb and Dumber”.


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12 hours ago, LadyChatts said:

I forget this is the guy who Chris says he saw sniffing sharpies at the airport.  Makes a lot of sense now.

Interesting.  I think he looks stoned out of his mind most of the time, which is weird because they've been out there for so many days.  But maybe he has a sharpie hidden in his bag?  

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We're rooting for Sebastian because he lives in our area and he works at the port near our house. I probably saw him around before he was on this show.  His fishing/surfing/stoner persona is a dime a dozen around here.  

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So Seabass and Jenna are moving from IG to vlogging on Youtube now.  For anyone who cares, their first video involves how they first met and their Survivor experience.  It was mostly Q&As from fans.  Apparently they have tattoos of the seat numbers on their flight to Fiji where they first felt their connection.  They sat together and talked the whole way over, which is funny since right before saying that they mentioned they weren't allowed to talk to each other (and I believe that's always been the rule).  They seemed disappointed their relationship wasn't shown more on the show.  

Seabass and Jenna started their couples IG last summer, were posting on each other's IG in a way that made it obvious they were a couple, were in each others IG videos when they were together, and showed up at charity events-all before their cast was even officially revealed.  I'm going to guess that could explain a lack of edit and why TPTB are coming down hard on the S37 castaways that posted on SM right after getting home.

No surprise but they are totally down for doing another reality show as a couple.  Maybe not as surprising either, but Seabass is helping Jenna move cross country to Florida and managed to back her car twice into poles.

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