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  1. Katmai

    Temptation Island (2019)

    I don't subscribe to the old adage of don't move in with someone if what you really want is to marry them. I remember that was a common train of thought a few decades ago, but not so much now. My son has lived with his now-fiancee for about 3 years and are planning to marry in Nov. She is a few years older than him and had made it known she's not getting any younger and she wants to have children, but with her husband, not outside of marriage. My son was non-committal on the child topic with her, with me, with everyone...so I bluntly told him if he really didn't want children, he needs to cut her loose so she can find someone else. He finally proposed last summer and now wishes he'd done it a lot sooner. IMHO, Evan is not attractive at all, physically nor personality-wise. I know he can't help it, but the dark circles around his eyes are very distracting. He is very immature and whomever is with him will continue to deal with his issues. John can do so much better than Kady. She loves to emasculate him every chance she gets. It appears she prefers what I refer to as "dick swingers" - guys who are overtly macho, need to feel superior to all other guys by having the biggest, bestest whatever is being discussed. John is an Everyman to me. He seems like a big teddy bear who is sensitive and considerate. His looks are average, but then I wouldn't want my guy to be drop-dead gorgeous - looks change, but ugly runs deep - and I'm in no way gorgeous, so there's that, too. He has a lot of the same qualities as my hubby, come to think of it. Jason, the architect, is the best-looking guy there, sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders and is well-spoken. The girls would benefit listening to what he has to say and take heed.
  2. Katmai

    The World's Best

    The only reason I caught some of the show was Manami Ito. She played beautifully, with emotion. I've been around orchestras for two decades now, son is a string bassist, and it was truly awe-inspiring hearing what she went through, then to see & hear the result of her perseverance. The right arm does the lion-share of the work for a string musician. On top of all of that, it was wonderful to see her smile and that she's married and has a little girl. Her disability doesn't hold her back nor slow her down.
  3. Katmai

    Favorite Commercials

    Oh dear God, I have lived that and had the same look on my face, too! It takes me way back to my senior year in high school and our senior football players were trying to teach a bunch of us senior girls for our Power Puff football game. It was total mayhem, but when one of my "coaches" blew his snot rocket (his term, not mine) where we were practicing, I wasn't the only one that about barfed and us being girls, we avoided the area where the "rocket" landed. Yuck!
  4. I've heard this commercial over a dozen times today and to say it makes me stabby is such an understatement. The singer (I wouldn't call her that, more like a screecher) absolutely works my last nerve. I can't mute it fast enough... https://www.ispot.tv/ad/wp49/blue-nile-loved-song-by-kirby
  5. Katmai

    S36 Sebastian Noel

    Awwww, poor Cam Neely! lol Looks like he enjoys being in the Farrelly Brothers films. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0624202/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm
  6. Katmai

    Survivor In The Media

    Considering Jeff's penchant for Alpha Males, I'm surprised there has never been an all-male season, but then he probably couldn't handle his excitement over it. ;)
  7. I usually come here to read about the shows before watching them, too. Being a fan of Will, I was looking forward to this one, but I was disappointed and didn't find any skit funny. And I thought it looked like he was reading his cue cards very obviously, which was a distraction due to his experience.
  8. Katmai

    S43.E09: Kevin Hart / Foo Fighters

    I'd LOVE to see Dave & Taylor Hawkins, the drummer, host SNL. The Foos music videos are very creative ("Learn to Fly" is a fav), Dave & Taylor play off each other very well in interviews, Dave has said he thinks of Taylor as a younger brother and helped him get off heroin...sigh...
  9. Katmai

    Shark Tank in the Media

    Dancing Shark Baby on the way http://people.com/babies/kym-johnson-pregnant-expecting-first-child-robert-herjavec/
  10. Katmai

    S35: Ben Driebergen

    I find it kinda odd this big 'ol Marine has a tramp stamp. I always look at guys with them with a side-eye.
  11. Katmai

    Me, Myself & I

    I've sent my feedback. I hope it helps keep MMI on the schedule.
  12. Katmai

    S35.E05: The Past Will Eat You Alive

    Throwing my thoughts in here: I agree with ProfCrash's dissection of Roark and Chrissy. At TC, Roark acted very arrogant and condescending. Mainly when the votes were being read, and there were two votes for Chrissy and one for Roark, the smirk/smile on her face said it all, then I loved seeing the smirk fade as her name was called again, then she got the boot. Karma's a bitch when you gloat at others.
  13. Katmai

    The Mayor

    I liked the first ep enough to watch this one. I enjoyed seeing the relationships of Courtney/his mom, Courtney/his buddies, and then throwing some Spade in for good measure. I had hopes I'd stick with it, but after last night, I can't stomach Lea Michele. I never watched Glee, or anything she's been in, just know of her via media stories but damn, she's very very annoying! So much so, she sucked all the life out of it for me. She babbles incessantly - too much and too fast. If she weren't in it, I'd be here every week to see how it develops. IF she gets canned and everyone else stays, I'll be back.
  14. Katmai

    S09.E01: Episode 1 / S09.E02: Episode 2

    Thanks, cork dork, I'll check out the parent company; I appreciate your info. Jesse, I just installed the Calm app, but haven't had time to give it a try yet.
  15. Katmai

    S09.E01: Episode 1 / S09.E02: Episode 2

    I just searched for Mediation Studio and now it costs $3.99. :( Are there any other free apps for mediation you would recommend, Cork Dork?