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  1. My understanding is that once the release was moving to streaming, she wanted to renegotiate the initial contract. And I think Disney is the bad guy here. From this article: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/jul/29/scarlett-johansson-suing-disney-black-widow-streaming-wars Another articles (https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/jul/29/scarlett-johansson-suing-disney-black-widow-streaming-release) explains that Clearly, the renegotiation went to nought. Now, I am aware that actors get paid amounts that only CEOs maybe don't find excessive, but the thing is that a deal i
  2. This show is brilliant, this season more than ever. Despite unlikely hijinks, like Diane representing the firm at that panel, it still manages to be both crazy and relatable. The brilliant posters who posted before me already made excellent points, so I'll just add what was not said yet: - it's been in all episodes so far and I wasn't a fan at first, but the idea of this parallel, disrupting court is growing on me. I like the idea of a forum where an arbitration is available for free at a time when hiring a lawyer or suing with cause is too expensive for people who might need it the most.
  3. How heart-wrenching were the scenes in the pit. Uncanny timing too. Still really liking the addition of the Carmen character.
  4. Reminds me of a time a girl friend of mine and I were waiting for our respective planes at an airport in Barcelona. There was a very good looking woman with a bun and glasses in what looked like a work meeting at another table in the bar, and my friend says, figure it, now she removes the glasses and shakes her hair... We collapsed laughing. Well, on the flip side, on a weekly zoom class I take, I have the camera off, and the sound is mute most of the time. I could theoretically be able to zip and strangle someone and be back in time to make it like I never missed the class. If I coul
  5. Nothing surprising in Britney Spears behaving like a teenager or ever pre teen - that's the age she was when she last had agency in the best case scenario. I don't know how you can go suddenly from a teenage state of mind to that of an adult, I think it's a process that would take time and involve many errs. It would have been smoother if the adults in her life had helped along the way, but that was not the case, and she might have to just leap across 15-20 or how many years of life (sometimes toughly earned) experience in one go, if she is allowed to - poor kid, and I call her kid and no
  6. I love the new Carmen character, the actress is playing it beautifully and this opens up a lot of potential new avenues. I like your way of thinking - it's definitely very intriguing. Again, so happy to see this show back, and rather thrilled with the new cast additions / new story lines. Eagerly waiting for the next episode!
  7. So happy that the show is back, and on good form too, based on this first episode. I really liked the flashback to events we all lived through and were affected by and seeing how they affected our protagonists. Also, how happy I was to hear the theme song, I absolutely love it and enjoy the various visual iterations we had with it. On to the second episode!
  8. Just catching up after seeing the first 3 episodes of this season. Jane's "if men had to do it, they'd find a better way than have their balls crushed" (approximate wording) is something anyone who ever had a mammogram thought. This procedure is an assault on biology 😞 It's also sad to me that the print edition ceased to be. I used to be a regular reader of the print editions of magazines that ceased to print, and their online successor never filled the void (not only are the articles shorter and more generic, but now I seldom click on an article that doesn't seem like it'd interest
  9. NutMeg

    Fix The Show

    That was exactly Parvati's thought process, clearly articulated in game to James in FvF. Indeed, but mostly in that this freaking fire making potentially gives an in to people who would have been out at 4 otherwise when losing the final immunity challenge because their social game was not strong enough to keep them in otherwise. And most often than not, it is men who are reliant on winning immunities to get to the end when they don't have strong connections that can take them to the end regardless of the outcome of final tribal. If we go back and imagine how this rule would
  10. I love your whole post (which I only quoted part of here). I do love in the 1991 version how Gaston is a text book catch, because that's exactly the kind of person who feels entitled to anything and anyone. I'm sorry to hear that he's different in the 2017 version, because I remember thinking way back then how great it was that the villain was not your typical moustache twirling one but instead the super popular dude who can appear attractive at first, but who turns out to be looking less for love than for a confirmation of his status as he sees it. It was quite refreshing to see back then, es
  11. NutMeg

    S39.E04: Plan Z

    I'm thinking this convos with Rob and Sandra are not helping anyone. Except Kellee, so far (who was clever to hide the II in her hair and go full on Actor's Studio on her tribemates). That's not to say I don't like seeing Rob and Sandra, even though I think they don't add much - but it kind of make me want for see them in Jeff's role. What would add more is having them discuss strategy with who comes up, hear what the dynamics are, advice based on the strengths and weaknesses they see in the person they meet, and to maximise strengths/minimise weaknesses. But that's not what Survivor is s
  12. @ParadoxLost, you have all my sympathy. If at all possible, I'd say try to take a week off, and after three days of rest see what approach feels right for you. It's never easy nor optimal to make decisions while you're bang in the middle of things. I trust you'll find out what's best for you, my best wishes to you for getting some rest, finding peace of mind and keeping or getting the job you really want.
  13. Three episodes in, so far so good, mostly. The casting is good, and we see more of player dynamics than on earlier seasons. BUT we do lose a lot of airtime getting invested in people who will go to Big Head Island (TM @goldil), and as this episode showed it can be all for nought. Spending how many minutes of a 45 min episode on the 3rd person voted out is excessive (only makes sense if all newbie seasons are now casting opps for future returnee seasons). Especially as we didn't even see how Vince and Elizabeth interacted or not about Big Head Island, or why Vince was really voted off
  14. Agree on season 1 being better, although I did enjoy season 2 too. Lucky people who still haven't watched season 1!
  15. Yes not only did she think the clones looked nothing like her, but because she had conspiracy theories of her own she though theirs were really crap - as in I'm better looking than you, and my script is way better than yours.
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