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  1. There may have been more if the actual number of steps was indeed above 300 but the number to count was 272.
  2. Someone above asked why people didn't count the stairs going down. My theory is that the markings were not visible going down.
  3. NutMeg

    Fix The Show

    Thanks, for some reason my recording cut off before final tribal council, and to make it even weirder I first clicked on the wrong episode and heard Jeff annonce 'Chris has just won Survivor' before even watching the final episode. This season having been just a dud, it didn't even bother me to be spoiled which is a first, because I always avoid spoilers like the plague 😉 So I watched whatever I had and didn't bother looking online for final tribal council. That being said, I'd say Gavin had a point. I liked it better when idol clues were hidden in napkins at reward challenges (another option to add to my suggestions above :D). I think the no-idol-season has gone, TPTB are too much enamoured with the scenario where one person survives on an Idol diet. Same with the bringing back old contestants, it's not looking like it's in the cards - I even think they only do all-new contestant seasons now so as to find new blood (given how when there are returnees they get a disproportionate amount of screen time, it's the only way we can get really introduced to new players). I do hope though that the 38 format will get sent to the dungeons, never to return, but I'm not as hopeful as I would have been in the past, because the format of next season is proof that introducing new crazy gimmicks is how TPTB see the future. I'm with you though on wanting new challenges, or more specifically a variety of challenges that require different skill sets. If it means bringing back memory game and story time, so be it!
  4. NutMeg

    Fix The Show

    You may have a point here. But I realised after posting that the reason I'd like clues or idols hidden at camp/challenge/tribal is that it could change the dynamic by allowing people who focus more on the social part of the game (spending more time at camp with others) to have the same chance of finding idols without jeopardising their social game by spending hours away from camp. It's no accident that a majority of people who keep looking and finding idols tend to have a weak social game.
  5. NutMeg

    Fix The Show

    The problem as I see it with how idols are rehidden after being played is that they are hidden in similar places, and so there is a sort of learning curve to finding them, and that means we easily find ourselves in a situation where the same player keeps finding them one after the other. It would help to hide them in very different ways and places each time, to avoid the advantage of familiarity with the potential hiding places. Alternate a mix of trees, buried in the sand, hidden in plain sight in challenges, or even at tribal council, spread clues in random places that are part of life at camp, the pot, behind the flint, in the tree mail, the pile of wood for the fire, any random place in the shelter, make some clue only partial information rather than 'dig there' type.
  6. NutMeg

    Small Talk: Back At Camp

    Bumping this in case anyone is interested in the portrayal of a Survivor type show in another show. Lucifer season 4 episode 2 has a story on such a show, I was delighted to see one contestant explaining how he plays the villain on purpose, a cameraman doing his best to portrait someone as a sweet person, some shenanigans/collusion between show people and cast... It's a mix of things that happen, things that we suspect happen and things that someone at some point has alleged happen...
  7. NutMeg

    S04.E02: Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno

    I really enjoyed the Fake Survivor story - people playing specific characters to improve their chances, editing that misled, collusion between cast members and people working on the show... A nice hodgepodge of the facts, rumours and conspiracy theories that are as old as reality tv.
  8. NutMeg

    S04.E01: Everything's Okay

    The "Creep" song version at the beginning was so good, I love the original but Tom Ellis' cover here was perfect, I wish there was a soundtrack available on Spotify or some such.
  9. NutMeg

    S38.E13 Idol or Bust

    I don't usually zone out when watching Survivor, but I did a few times this episode, first during the multiple and repetitive Rick confessionals, later during The Reading of the Letters to Self. The editing is just bad this season.
  10. NutMeg

    Winner Edit vs. Loser Edit: Discuss Amongst Yourselves

    Maybe then it's an attempt to trick us into thinking he wins the season?
  11. NutMeg

    Succession in the Media

    Thank you for the link - I followed the one at the beginning of the slate article to the 3 part NYT article which is a very interesting read.
  12. NutMeg

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    Much hubris this episode... Rick and Warthog plus Ron so sure they are the only players and all the others are goats! Ron happy to "have the power" because he has a choice of two possible ways to votes: dude, each choice comes with opportunities and risks, but having a choice does not necessarily means you're in power, sometimes you are just a tool everyone wants to use. And seriously, Ron, a power player? Wasn't he, like, curled up and on the verge of tears, just a few days before? On the other hand, kudos to the supposed goats. I've become increasingly impressed with Aurora these past few episodes, I always am when faced with such physical strength coupled with nerves of steel, because that's like the opposite of me! Victoria has been quietly effective from the start vote-wise and continues to be so. Lauren takes initiatives and something tells me it's happened before but we are only now seeing it. Julie might very well control Ron after all rather than the other way around, despite what he thinks. And Gavin got a yes! from me for being the one to call out Warthog for talking at people rather than to them. After the vote, I was hoping that finally someone, well, Warthog, would choose right. I applaud the poster upthread who says there needs to be incentives to choose right. Now I want a big roast placed right there, on the path to the right!
  13. NutMeg

    Winner Edit vs. Loser Edit: Discuss Amongst Yourselves

    If anyone is getting some kind of hero edit, sitting on top of rocks and gazing in the distance, it's people on EoE. There were some shots in last week's episode that felt very reminiscent of the kind of on-top-of-a-mountain shots winners used to have during a number of seasons. It may have been either Chris or Eric. (I had just gotten out of hospital after fracturing bones and was in that state where watching was a welcome and fun distraction but when the pain was also distracting from the watching, hope that makes senses.)
  14. NutMeg

    S03.E18: Her

    I loved it because it was giving Randall a taste of his very own medicine. I also thought future Rebecca was blind, if Alzheimer is out. Now, Randall needed to get into a huge speech instead of just saying his name, because that's what he does. That reminds of a very good friend of mine, who never seemed like she wanted kids but was surprisingly super involved in her partner's kids life. One day, as I was wishing her a happy birthday, she sent a reply that seemed off, so we got talking, and it came out that she would have liked to have kids but coudn't. I still beat myself up on being so blind to that, even though she gave no hints, I should not have assumed. (Wasn't there a tread during season 1 where we could talk of things in our life that were triggered by the episode but not about the episode? It may be for another show but I remember it as being super interesting anyway.)
  15. NutMeg


    I haven't personalised my homepage since the site reboot, and as a result I watch much less tv than I used to (shows being bolded on my previous home page meant there were new episodes or at least talk of, so I knew there was more to watch). And while I used to love reading about tv shows, and that was almost an incentive to watch more, I'm finding it nice to have a clean slate now. I'm watching one drama, one comedy, one reality tv, and reading Everything else. I'm sure shows I would have watched have started again, but really, I'm using the time they have freed for me to spend my evening otherwise, I do more of watching movies, reading, going out, talking with friends on the phone, etc., so I ended up being quite grateful that these changes have (so far) freed me from the habit of keeping up with shows via my customised page which is now gone. On the flip side, I've come here less often and I feel even more of a lurker than before. On most threads, I've not been able to move to the last post seen and was sent back to 2016, so I started just going to the last page, and I realize I've missed a lot when I have no idea what people are talking about - first world problem, I know 🙂