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  1. Just catching up after seeing the first 3 episodes of this season. Jane's "if men had to do it, they'd find a better way than have their balls crushed" (approximate wording) is something anyone who ever had a mammogram thought. This procedure is an assault on biology 😞 It's also sad to me that the print edition ceased to be. I used to be a regular reader of the print editions of magazines that ceased to print, and their online successor never filled the void (not only are the articles shorter and more generic, but now I seldom click on an article that doesn't seem like it'd interest me, whereas in the past I used to read all articles, and learn a lot I had no idea I'd be interested in). But mostly, there's no sense of closeness (for me) in reading online. And I never reread anything, so the impact is not so great. As for Jacqueline's marital woes, they would make sense if she had been unemployed for more than a minute. As it stands, it's weird that a reversal to the status quo of the last how many years causes so much problems. Was her husband who's now having his job opportunities left and right a stay home guy for 20 or so years until now? Jees, I wish it worked that way for stay at home women when they feel they want to go back to whatever they were doing 20 years before.
  2. NutMeg

    Fix The Show

    That was exactly Parvati's thought process, clearly articulated in game to James in FvF. Indeed, but mostly in that this freaking fire making potentially gives an in to people who would have been out at 4 otherwise when losing the final immunity challenge because their social game was not strong enough to keep them in otherwise. And most often than not, it is men who are reliant on winning immunities to get to the end when they don't have strong connections that can take them to the end regardless of the outcome of final tribal. If we go back and imagine how this rule would have played out had it been in place, some of ours (by that I mean favourite of each posters, which is obviously subjective) winners wouldn't have won. Just on the top of my head, YaoMan might have won Fiji, Ozzy wins South Pacific, Malcolm might have won Philippines. In the latter two, a woman won because she better worked the social angle with players still in the game, but was liked less by the jury that the alternative. With fire making at F4, Tina might have won Bvsw, Spencer might have had a shot at Cagayan, Kelley Wentworth in Cambodia, Cidney in Khao Rong, etc. and in each case it would have meant a completely different gameplay that penalised the social game in favour of the more physical one. And this is why this fire making is so detrimental to women's game. Because the women who won the game did so by playing powerful social connections, even when they were also challenge beasts (Kim, for instance). But the fire making challenge allows an outcast with no blood on his or her hand to make it through at what used to be the most difficult point in the game to navigate. Same in the French version. I only watched one season, but I liked that the non leader, non physical threat but highly strategic player managed to win it, though. Yes, indeed. That's a huge flaw because it actually helps with jury management if you are voted out early. If I was a returning player on S40, I would definitely look into exploiting that loophole if voted out early.
  3. I love your whole post (which I only quoted part of here). I do love in the 1991 version how Gaston is a text book catch, because that's exactly the kind of person who feels entitled to anything and anyone. I'm sorry to hear that he's different in the 2017 version, because I remember thinking way back then how great it was that the villain was not your typical moustache twirling one but instead the super popular dude who can appear attractive at first, but who turns out to be looking less for love than for a confirmation of his status as he sees it. It was quite refreshing to see back then, especially in a cartoon movie.
  4. NutMeg

    S39.E04: Plan Z

    I'm thinking this convos with Rob and Sandra are not helping anyone. Except Kellee, so far (who was clever to hide the II in her hair and go full on Actor's Studio on her tribemates). That's not to say I don't like seeing Rob and Sandra, even though I think they don't add much - but it kind of make me want for see them in Jeff's role. What would add more is having them discuss strategy with who comes up, hear what the dynamics are, advice based on the strengths and weaknesses they see in the person they meet, and to maximise strengths/minimise weaknesses. But that's not what Survivor is supposed to be, just a wish in case we have to have living Idols and how I want to use them better. What mostly caught my attention were the flashbacks to previous seasons. Poor Erik has to be there again, but those were very good examples on how you play on what someone wants to influence them. Less so were the examples of Parvati. Once again, she's shown as having a strategy of flirting. But really, she too gave everyone what they wanted, and in that respect she's one of the best influencers in the game: she convinced Cirie to join her when Cirie was the swing vote, she made friends with the newbies to help her get to the end (and they voted for her), but she still kept her promise to Cirie and Amanda to go to the end; she even was clear with James that she needed an all female finale. So I know she said she was going to flirt, and TBTB sure run with that to make her seem one note, but really that was just one note of her sonata (I agree she's not a full orchestra, but she's a damn good sonata). Her first season, she had Becky and Sandra wanting to keep her further, which scared Yul - she is very much the female equivalent to Boston Rob, getting more flack because she's using some 'female wiles', when he was doing just the same. Back to the current players, I really like the cast, and enjoying the episodes - and the outcomes surprised me. But it seems they think they HAVE to make big moves/engineer blindsides. What's fun for the viewers isn't necessarily what's best for the players, and based on the gameplay we've seen or the editing, only a few contestants are really playing well without looking to make big moves. Oh, and that hidden idol? looked like a real fake!! How are poor hamsters to know what's fake and what's not?
  5. @ParadoxLost, you have all my sympathy. If at all possible, I'd say try to take a week off, and after three days of rest see what approach feels right for you. It's never easy nor optimal to make decisions while you're bang in the middle of things. I trust you'll find out what's best for you, my best wishes to you for getting some rest, finding peace of mind and keeping or getting the job you really want.
  6. Three episodes in, so far so good, mostly. The casting is good, and we see more of player dynamics than on earlier seasons. BUT we do lose a lot of airtime getting invested in people who will go to Big Head Island (TM @goldil), and as this episode showed it can be all for nought. Spending how many minutes of a 45 min episode on the 3rd person voted out is excessive (only makes sense if all newbie seasons are now casting opps for future returnee seasons). Especially as we didn't even see how Vince and Elizabeth interacted or not about Big Head Island, or why Vince was really voted off, or why it was Elizabeth, the only one who'd been to Big Head Island, seemed to lead the charge against Vince because of his probability of having an idol. Also, the Coming up section before the episode has to go. Because there are no credits or previously on, it's hard to skip without missing the beginning of the episode. In summary: good cast, so so edit, bad gimmick that takes away for more important gameplay.
  7. Agree on season 1 being better, although I did enjoy season 2 too. Lucky people who still haven't watched season 1!
  8. Yes not only did she think the clones looked nothing like her, but because she had conspiracy theories of her own she though theirs were really crap - as in I'm better looking than you, and my script is way better than yours.
  9. I agree that she's very underrated. I put it to her very often featuring on other singers' songs in mostly the same way. The first time I saw an other side of her was in Grand Piano. There are other gems on that album, such as Bed of Lies, featuring Skylar Grey. Those were never singles, so are not very well known, unfortunately. I can't seem to add links after the first so I'll just leave Grand Piano here. Overall, I think her singles are very limitative as to her whole range. I fully agree! The song is blah, the video has too much Ariana and too little Lana. Miley seems to work the best, but soon becomes a bit cliché. I kind of wish, weak as the song is, that we could have three different versions, by each singer, we'd have three very different stories despite the same lyrics. Love it too. She has a very strong history of covers, among my favourites are Blue Velvet and God Knows I Tried, she's also had at least a song covered, Gods and Monsters, amazing version in American Horror Story performed by Jessica Lange. Well, I'd say in good part it could be that singles (that make it on the radio) are far from a good showcase. But I do think she's an acquired taste, and it's taken me a few listen of her albums to really get into them, and end up loving most songs. What I like is that often each song tells a story, like a short novel, or a short movie. She has cited among her influences David Lynch, and it's easy to see why. She also has a very wide vocal range, spanning IIRC three octaves. I give you Off to the Races, for the David Lynch cinematic vibe and High by the Beach, for a very different vibe:
  10. I think the fact that Gaga didn't speak out makes sense. She seems quite introvert to me (yeah, yeah, I know, her public persona, which I'd say is in large part a mask) and probably needed time away from the public to process all new info that may very well have been news to her - not sure what song she did with him and when. I'm less lenient tough towards his producers and all who worked with him in close proximity for years, and did nothing to stop his behaviour.
  11. Well, as this is the unpopular opinion thread, let me say that based of the trailers I'm quite intrigued by the Joker. My interest has nothing to do with him being a part of the Batman universe. (Truth be told, while I really liked two Batman movies, one from Burton, one from Nolan, I'm quite remote from the whole background story, etc.). My interest in Joker is based on what I see as a compelling drama that to me seems interesting and played/directed with interesting insights. I would still root for Batman against the Joker in any instance, but that's not the point, because I don't even see this story as connected to the Batman universe, but more like a Carrie of sort, if you will. Otherwise, I also wanted to answer a post about Nothing Hill (sorry I somehow lost the quote), saying it was neither romantic nor funny. It always felt to me as an attempt to replicate the charm of Four Weddings and a Funeral that unfortunately only kept the more pedestrian parts and neglected all of what made the OG such a delight.
  12. NutMeg


    Awwww, looks just like mine when she was a kitten ❤️
  13. @Suzy Rhapsody, if she wants to celebrate her birthday with you on the actual day, I would say take her up on the offer, and do it as you feel like, or as you used to, including family. It doesn't have to be a late affair if you work early, and you could do it at home if easier. Just take it as an opportunity to celebrate her and show her you love her. Try not to let her get you into what you don't like about her actions. Basically, show that you're someone who'll love her, no matter what. And keep in mind that loving her is separate from not giving her all she wants or agreeing with how she lives her life. But somehow, I think it's important you keep showing her you love her, if not her choices. (One of my great aunts was a bit like your daughter. She messed up big time but instead of asking her parents for help she never got in touch with them ever again - we think she was afraid of being judged, or maybe couldn't take "we told you so". Hard to call, as I never knew her parents, but it seems to me that maybe she felt she was only loved with conditions. This personal family history and my thoughts about it colours what I said above.)
  14. There may have been more if the actual number of steps was indeed above 300 but the number to count was 272.
  15. Someone above asked why people didn't count the stairs going down. My theory is that the markings were not visible going down.
  16. NutMeg

    Fix The Show

    Thanks, for some reason my recording cut off before final tribal council, and to make it even weirder I first clicked on the wrong episode and heard Jeff annonce 'Chris has just won Survivor' before even watching the final episode. This season having been just a dud, it didn't even bother me to be spoiled which is a first, because I always avoid spoilers like the plague 😉 So I watched whatever I had and didn't bother looking online for final tribal council. That being said, I'd say Gavin had a point. I liked it better when idol clues were hidden in napkins at reward challenges (another option to add to my suggestions above :D). I think the no-idol-season has gone, TPTB are too much enamoured with the scenario where one person survives on an Idol diet. Same with the bringing back old contestants, it's not looking like it's in the cards - I even think they only do all-new contestant seasons now so as to find new blood (given how when there are returnees they get a disproportionate amount of screen time, it's the only way we can get really introduced to new players). I do hope though that the 38 format will get sent to the dungeons, never to return, but I'm not as hopeful as I would have been in the past, because the format of next season is proof that introducing new crazy gimmicks is how TPTB see the future. I'm with you though on wanting new challenges, or more specifically a variety of challenges that require different skill sets. If it means bringing back memory game and story time, so be it!
  17. NutMeg

    Fix The Show

    You may have a point here. But I realised after posting that the reason I'd like clues or idols hidden at camp/challenge/tribal is that it could change the dynamic by allowing people who focus more on the social part of the game (spending more time at camp with others) to have the same chance of finding idols without jeopardising their social game by spending hours away from camp. It's no accident that a majority of people who keep looking and finding idols tend to have a weak social game.
  18. NutMeg

    Fix The Show

    The problem as I see it with how idols are rehidden after being played is that they are hidden in similar places, and so there is a sort of learning curve to finding them, and that means we easily find ourselves in a situation where the same player keeps finding them one after the other. It would help to hide them in very different ways and places each time, to avoid the advantage of familiarity with the potential hiding places. Alternate a mix of trees, buried in the sand, hidden in plain sight in challenges, or even at tribal council, spread clues in random places that are part of life at camp, the pot, behind the flint, in the tree mail, the pile of wood for the fire, any random place in the shelter, make some clue only partial information rather than 'dig there' type.
  19. Bumping this in case anyone is interested in the portrayal of a Survivor type show in another show. Lucifer season 4 episode 2 has a story on such a show, I was delighted to see one contestant explaining how he plays the villain on purpose, a cameraman doing his best to portrait someone as a sweet person, some shenanigans/collusion between show people and cast... It's a mix of things that happen, things that we suspect happen and things that someone at some point has alleged happen...
  20. I really enjoyed the Fake Survivor story - people playing specific characters to improve their chances, editing that misled, collusion between cast members and people working on the show... A nice hodgepodge of the facts, rumours and conspiracy theories that are as old as reality tv.
  21. The "Creep" song version at the beginning was so good, I love the original but Tom Ellis' cover here was perfect, I wish there was a soundtrack available on Spotify or some such.
  22. I don't usually zone out when watching Survivor, but I did a few times this episode, first during the multiple and repetitive Rick confessionals, later during The Reading of the Letters to Self. The editing is just bad this season.
  23. Maybe then it's an attempt to trick us into thinking he wins the season?
  24. Thank you for the link - I followed the one at the beginning of the slate article to the 3 part NYT article which is a very interesting read.
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