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S03.E01: The Law of Vacant Places

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On 4/30/2017 at 9:50 PM, J-Man said:

Doesn't "third runner-up" mean they came in FOURTH? In which case, no bronze medal, right?

Also, I used to play bridge many decades ago, but I don't understand exactly what they were doing in that scene. It seemed like there was a bunch of preliminary stuff before they actually started to play. I seem to remember that in competitive contract bridge, there are pre-dealt hands and you are scored against how well you played them. But there seemed to be some other unfamiliar equipment and things going on. Any more knowledgeable bridge players here?

I don't know anything about it, but, if it's so complicated, how would Ray know how to play?  He seems to be very slow in a lot of areas. 

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I assume there were other valuable stamps sold to create his initial wealth. But why is he keeping a valuable one (and merely in a frame rather than a safe)? You'd think if he wanted a memento of the collection, he'd keep the least valuable one.

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Since I'm a firm believer that more things are caused by cock up than conspiracy, I love Fargo's philosophy of having "random people accidentally blundering into criminality" as its default plotline. Clearly, Maurice was a terrible choice for the theft, but its probably true that most people resort to criminality not because they're criminal masterminds but because they can't hold a steady job. There may well be competent "criminals for hire" but you have to a) know who they are and b) they probably charge a hefty price. Mind you, I'm not so sure that Nikki doesn't have a rather darker past than we've been led to believe - within a minute of learning her boyfriend had commissioned the guy to rob somebody, she had already a) decided murder was the "best" way out and b) how to do so to make it look like an accident. That suggests a air degree of sociopathy, to my mind.

I was so scared for the Sheriff investigating the house. Once she got the shotgun out I then started worrying that the murderer would escape but shoot her son in stealing the car, so I'm glad they both survived. And not having seen the next episode or any previews, I could see the murdered old guy had been bound to the chair and had his mouth taped shut (so he presumably suffocated).

On ‎01‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 2:50 AM, J-Man said:

I used to play bridge many decades ago, but I don't understand exactly what they were doing in that scene. It seemed like there was a bunch of preliminary stuff before they actually started to play.

I've never played Bridge competitively, but as I understand it, in formal tournaments you must keep silent during the bidding process to minimise collusion - bidding is done by pointing to the relevant card. Of course, I'm pretty sure they also ban mobile (cell) phones too for the same reason!

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I realize I'm almost two years late to the party, but I wanted to point out that the theme of people coincidentally living in the same apartment at different times (and that turning out to be significant) was touched on, of course, in the East German intro. It was also, then, echoed in the anniversary speech with the wife having lived in the apartment before and still having the key.

Lastly, of course, the related concept of living in similarly named towns and having the same last name as the main plot driver.

I've only watched the first episode so far, but I think that sets up a pretty strong theme of mistaken identity for uncommon reasons. Mistaken identity is usually based on looks. Here we have two (twin?) brothers that look almost nothing alike. I think that's telling us that appearances aren't what's going to drive the story. Rather, we have instances of location (same apartment twice, similar town names once), and coincidental same/similar names (Helga, Stussy, Enis/Emmit).

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Yeah, talk about late to the party...

I just started watching the show. Binged season one and two. Super hooked.

Anyway, came here to see if anyone mentioned the sci-fi movie image on Ennis's TV before the break-in/murder. I'm pretty sure there was a picture from "The Castle" episode in season 2 of the light from the UFO shining on Lou and Bear in their death struggle.

Hope I'm not too late.

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On 4/20/2017 at 11:02 AM, Lorimac said:

I must have missed something in the scene in the house. It was so dark and that damn soundtrack was completely distracting in that scene. Is it really that hard to turn on the lights? (Maurice did not look like the kind of guy who would have cut the power, and besides the fridge seemed to be running so why not flip on a light?) Anyway, OK, so Gloria is walking around in the dark and finds the dead guy. Then she hears a noise upstairs and runs out to the car to get her gun and secure her son. She goes back to the house and there is no one in it. So who stepped on the loose board upstairs while she was downstairs in the kitchen if we didn't see anyone leave?

Keep in mind this is an older looking house and it is winter in a place that probably gets pretty cold. The house probably makes all kind of weird noises in the night, I know my house does. If you are already on edge like the Chief was you are probably going to notice every one of those little sounds.

On 4/20/2017 at 10:13 PM, AuntiePam said:

The AC on Scooter reminded me of the ATM that Patty the Daytime Hooker tipped over on that douche in Breaking Bad.  A Fargo-My Name Is Earl-Breaking Bad crossover wouldn't be totally inappropriate.

It reminded me of how Chidi died on The Good Place. 

On 4/24/2017 at 9:54 AM, rur said:

I did however get a better look at the stamp in question while I was rewinding and fast forwarding. It appears to be Sisyphus pushing the rock uphill. 

It appeared to be Sisyphus with the "2" on the stamp written backwards. Curious if the backwards 2 has any significance.


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