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  1. Yes. But it will be an anthology format. Next season will be set at another White Lotus property, with a different staff and different guests.
  2. I tried to check on HBO Max if we can get a good look at the bills inside the envelope, but it is kind of blurry. I can't read the number on the corner, but does anyone recognize the picture on the bill? There seem to be four stacks inside the envelope.
  3. Poor Belinda indeed. I'm so happy that at the very least she'll have that 20 grand to make up for Tanya's bullshit.
  4. It really needs to be said again, but Alexandra Daddario is a seriously good actress. At the start of the episode your could feel her silently freaking out, and your exactly what Rachel was feeling without her having to say a word. That is true, but I wouldn't imagine that things would be cleared up fast enough for Shane to leave in less than a day. Hell, Armond's body was released to be sent back home just as fast. There couldn't possibly be time to even do an autopsy. Only if they were motivated to keep investigating. The police already caught the guy and recovered all the lo
  5. In case anyone is interested, Mike White gave his own explanation as to why Paula didn't call Kai to warn him.
  6. I don't know. It will depend on Kai's behavior if he gets caught, which I won't take a guess at predicting because so far Kai has not been acting in the manner I would've expected given his situation. I mean, for starters, his behavior vis-à-vis the fling with Paula is the exact reverse of what it should be. Ordinarily, you would expect the person working in the hospitality industry in a high end resort to be the one who is more aware of the temporariness of any relationship with a guest, specially a sexual one; but we see that he is the one who immediately starts thinking that she's goi
  7. Selfishness maybe? Olivia was right next to her, if she'd pulled out her phone the second the parents left the boat and he had already taken the bracelets and left, Olivia could've put 2 and 2 together.
  8. Season 2 is a go. It will feature a different location and cast, as it will focus on a different hotel in the White Lotus chain.
  9. Recall that Olivia made a point of mentioning that her mother used Olivia’s birthday as the code to the safe. Family member birthdays are the first thing someone trying to guess your password will try, and this day and age, easy to find out. And those hotel room safes don’t lock themselves after a few mistakes, as far as I recall. There is a reason why hotels don’t take any responsibility for valuables that you leave in them. Another small thing in Paula’s favor is that Quinn blabbed about how much the bracelets were worth in the middle of restaurant, the night before the b
  10. On another note, color me surprised that Shane didn't put the screws on Armond any harder. I would've imagined he would've tortured him every second. And speaking of the "happy" couple, I like that they're clarifying that what is dawning on Rachel is not that Shane is an asshole (there's no way she could've married him without realizing that until the honeymoon) but the fact that she's essentially a trophy wife.
  11. OK, we can add one more to the list of assholes that have a valid grievances, because Nicole was absolutely right that if was a shit move for Mark to tell Quin about the affair. It was unfair to Quin to have the emotional stress of that information dumped on him, and it was unfair to Nicole precisely because of the reasons she mentioned. I came here to write that. Basically Kai's only chance in hell is to fortuitously pick a crooked pawn broker who wouldn't report the bracelets, and someone like that would've only given Kai cents on the dollar. At best.
  12. I wouldn't assume that just because she's a c***, that Olivia is dumb or only capable of getting into college though money/connections. It is a sad reality of the world we live in that a person can be extremely smart and extremely competent in their chosen field, but also be an absolute nightmare of a human being to be around. Case in point, what recently came to light abut how Joss Whedon runs his shows/movies. The man has created may of my favorite pieces of fiction ever, but the way he treats his actors is apparently beyond toxic. Just look up Charisma Carpenter's account if you're in
  13. I would attribute that more to a miscommunication with the wardrobe department, because they seem to be doing everything in their power to obfuscate the fact that Sydney Sweeney's body is just as impressive as Alexandra Daddario's. At first I thought it was because she's supposed to be playing a high school aged character and they were trying not to sexualize her too much, but now I'm pretty sure Olivia and Paula are supposed to be college sophomores, so that's not it.
  14. Having slept on it, I also realized that calling corporate would’ve been useless for what he wanted. There’s no chance in Hell they’re going to give a general manager’s cellphone number to a random customer with a complaint. Shane wouldn’t have made it past a supervisor, guaranteed.
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