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  1. I saw that a few months ago. It was good to see a kid who never believed the murdering parent. Even a kid knows you don't bury a body in the basement if it was an "accident" or "self-defense". Collier even wrote to him prison asking why he killed mommy. Judging by his reply it must have enraged the psycho (who is up for parole this year). He really let the mask slip. "I am guilty of no crime against your mother. Your poisonous “communication" is more aptly the product of some nearby cesspool… You are imbued with hate… you unctuous brat! You shameful coward! You are truly evil! We, therefore, no longer consider you a member of our family."
  2. I think she was pretty tough. She was certainly tougher than a lot of the parents on this show. She continually called the cops on him. She didn't want to believe that he had killed her but really what parent does? She is doing what she can to make sure he never gets out of prison. Also, I don't think it was any kind of idea that he was some angel and it couldn't possibly be him. She knew he was trouble, she just didn't want to believe he had gone that far . True, she did seem pretty tough and under no illusions about his mindset. I can't remember if he was a diagnosed psychopath and born that way, or what. Now that I think about it, he probably was, and there's nothing she could have done to change it. I just get cynical because it's natural to paint yourself in the best light on national television. I never hear parents saying "Yeah, I spoiled him rotten and gave in to his tantrums because it was easier. I didn't want him to suffer any consequences and refused to hear any criticism. "
  3. Speaking of "Evil Lives Here", another psychopath raised and let loose on the public in tonight's episode by a mom in denial who "didn't want to think" her son could be guilty of killing that girl. She did turn him into the cops when he was stealing stuff, but I think there's more to the story than she's saying.
  4. "It was unclear where Mitchell, 55, went following her release, but her long-suffering husband, Lyle, has said he wanted “her home where she belongs.” 😲
  5. I think it was "Evil Lives Here" from a couple weeks ago. Single father raises little psychopath. The kid is caught strangling a cat and other disturbing acts, therapists say he'll grow out of it, graduates to murder.
  6. I didn't see the show in question,, so don't know if the couple did that. Didn't sound like it, but I could be wrong. I thought I'd seen everything on Ted Bundy, but Amazon Prime has a new series with a fresh perspective that centers around his girlfriend at the time and her daughter. First time in 40 years she's spoken about their life together complete with kodak moments.
  7. It's a good question though. If my baby was kidnapped I'd help them any way I could. They have to clear immediate family first, and they may not like the questions but when family refuses to cooperate it stalls the investigation. Big red flag.
  8. I haven't seen it, but found a review of the series as whole that answers a lot of questions. http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/does-mtvs-true-life-crime-pass-the-true-crime-test
  9. Yeah, the dad was one of the few people on that show I couldn't find fault with. He was horrified by his son. I'm not sure I could love a psychopathic child or other family member unconditionally. Kenda's last show tonight. Maybe he'll finally reveal what happened to his nose.
  10. Diana should have realized that Charles was basically shopping for a broodmare and she checked all the boxes. Some could have made it work, but I think she demanded more attention than he could provide. And then she became unhinged. Throwing herself down the stairs, crank-calling her boyfriends, binge eating, calling the heart surgeon at the hospital 20 times a day, airing their dirty laundry in public...it all sounds like a Dr. Phil show.
  11. And then there's the killer groupies, who write to these guys in prison and work to get them released. There's even a name for it, hybristophilia. Almost always women.🙉
  12. Speaking of Evil Lives Here, their "new episode" last night was another recycle from several other shows. They need to change the name to Stupid and Evil People live here. If he tries to strangle you in front of your kids and later you find a ski mask hidden in his car, GET OUT, he's bad news. And yes, the Aaron Hernandez promos are starting to feel like torture.
  13. It was infuriating in parts. All about the perp and filmmaker, and not enough focus on the victim, for starters. Was he using his mother-in-law's murder for his career? I wonder..,.
  14. Well, that certainly was a surprise ending! I don't want spoil anything, but if that was the conclusion he came to - I'm speechless. I wanted to scream "It's not about YOU!" Still better than your average true crime doc, imo. eta: DVRing the shows is def the way to go, especially since the Aaron Hernandez previews started. The urge to shoot my TV has subsided.
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