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  1. It's simply unbelievable to me that anyone who grew up in New York City and not on an Amish farm with no radio or TV wouldn't know the song, "irregardless" of religion. According to Wiki: "White Christmas" is the most-recorded Christmas song; there have been more than 500 recorded versions of the song, in several different languages.[50] Crosby's "White Christmas" single has been credited with selling 50 million copies, the most by any release and therefore it is the biggest-selling single worldwide of all time. The Guinness Book of World Records 2009 Edition lists the song as a 100-million seller, encompassing all versions of the song, including albums.[4][5] Crosby's holiday collection Merry Christmas was first released as an LP in 1949, and has never been out of print since."
  2. Oh dear. I'm afraid it's the dreaded third season burn-out. Cast gets bigger and plots get sillier, more contrived. What used to charm now grates. Snappy repartee falls flatter than Midge on her worst gig.
  3. This is my worry as well. I was hoping since the time-line is so.. flexible that Northern Ireland would be covered next season, but with Wilson already out of office that doesn't seem likely. Maybe Bloody Sunday will get a mention in passing. I see a pattern of deference with British writers who apparently want a "Sir" or "Dame" honor to their name. Daisy Goodwin pens the fairy tale "Victoria" and Peter Morgan seems intent on showing how "normal" the royal family is. Meanwhile a rich field remains unplowed. For laughs he uses the unsophisticated hillbilly cousins across the pond, which can be funny, but only if there's a kernel of truth to it. To me LBJ was funny, but the astronauts? A swing and a miss. Same with the Kennedys. They'd be funnier to someone who already held those views which have been around since George III was in diapers, so I think it's clear who the real audience is that he caters to. He did receive a "CBE" but from what I understand that's a Commander, not a Knighthood, and doesn't get the "Sir". Not yet anyway.
  4. Still "seeing" each other? Anne and Andrew Parker Bowles in 2016.
  5. I think she did retire, and they just play back old footage of her questions because they're always the same. She's so robotic. "What went through your mind when you heard your daughter was so brutally murdered?"
  6. Charles' Uncle Nazi David also got in trouble for saying too much at his investiture. Fun fact: The globe on this crown is actually a gold leaf covered ping-pong ball. It was just going to be a quick repair, but worked so well it's remained ever since.
  7. This entire "imbroglio" was much ado about nothing. I don't believe Charles was ready to marry anyone at that point and doubt he was even in love (whatever that means). I'm sure he enjoyed her company more than most girls as she "got" him in a way that others didn't, but pretty sure this heartbroken look never happened: or this: A lot of retconning going on.
  8. Overall, this third season was somewhat of a let-down after the thoroughly enjoyable first two. I hope Peter Morgan isn't getting bored, as often happens with creative types. After two good seasons the grind of production starts wearing on them, especially if something new captures their attention. The third year slump - a lot like relationships.
  9. I loved the scene where Charles recites all the tongue-twisters as his tutor sits there biting his own. Josh O'Connor is amazing. His Charles is sympathetic yet he captures that quality of being not quite right that makes people uneasy, including his parents.
  10. That's hilarious. After hearing about his nuts and bunghole issue, we can only imagine the tapes he erased.
  11. I hope Welsh is faring a bit better than Irish as far as preservation goes. My grandparents spoke Irish as a first language, but I read recently that despite massive efforts and years of compulsory classes, most Irish students just aren't proficient and it continues to be threatened with extinction. It's very sad. The Queen Mum's hat -
  12. Razzberry

    S03.E05: Coup

    It looked like a last-minute purchase from a supermarket bakery dept.
  13. Phillip has a mid-life crisis, recklessly commandeers a plane, fancies himself as having the right stuff, and gasses on endlessly in a pity-party of epic proportions.
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