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  1. Accidental Martyr

    Reef Break

    That was pretty silly. The bit was the suitcase was absolutely ridiculous.
  2. Accidental Martyr


    That’s exactly what I was thinking. How did his back heal so quickly and how would Sally not know about it?
  3. Accidental Martyr

    S04.E17: Quinceañera

    Lauren Ash is gorgeous. That is all.
  4. Accidental Martyr

    S06.E21: I Lost on Jeopardy!

    I liked hearing “Solsbury Hill” at the end.
  5. Accidental Martyr


    I thought Ryan had already been killed by the Chechens when Barry showed up to kill him. Barry then had the shootout with the Chechens in the car and the dash cam is where the police got the blurry picture of Barry. Barry did kill his friend from the war because he knew the guy wouldn’t be able to keep quiet about all the stuff that happened at the airstrip, etc.
  6. Accidental Martyr

    S01.E17: The Shake Up

    That’s what I immediately thought when it was revealed that the “hit squad” was supposed to be rescuing him. ”Let’s fire indiscriminately into this house and keep our fingers crossed that we don’t kill the guy we’re being paid to rescue.” I thought Fillion was supposed to be 40. In this episode he said he was 45.
  7. Accidental Martyr

    S03.E15 American Idol

    This was the dialogue on the show: ”No, I will go to college. But for music. Ms. Belt was telling me about all these great music programs. Oh, and there's this one at this school that's named after a honeydew.” ”- Carnegie Mellon? - “ ”Yes, that's it!” [Chuckles] “She's gonna do great in college.” https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=american-housewife-2016&episode=s03e15
  8. Accidental Martyr

    S03.E15 American Idol

    I would think Greg has a pretty good idea what a college education costs. His surprised reaction seemed strange.
  9. Accidental Martyr

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    The whole IA “reversal” stuff sounds like a good way for someone to get killed.
  10. Accidental Martyr

    The Fix (2019)

    I thought he was American until about halfway through then all of a sudden I noticed the British accent.
  11. Accidental Martyr

    S06.E17: Perfect Strangers

    Another movie/TV show parody. *yawn*
  12. Accidental Martyr

    S01.E14: Plain Clothes Day

    What if he had stumbled out into the street and caused an accident that injured or killed someone?
  13. Accidental Martyr

    S01.E14: Plain Clothes Day

    I guess it was lucky that the guy that Nolan handcuffed didn’t injure or kill someone after Bishop let him get away. If this show continues to be renewed are they going to eventually have to change the title?🤔
  14. Accidental Martyr


    How did they know the blood they found was Moore’s?
  15. Accidental Martyr

    S01.E13: Caught Stealing

    Yes, “lie detectors” are a prime example of pseudoscience that many people believe to be accurate. https://www.csicop.org/si/show/the_lie_detector_test_revisited_a_great_example_of_junk_science https://www.csicop.org/si/show/a_consistently_erroneous_technology