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  1. She's adorable. I can't focus on Helen as Helen, because I can only see her as Michelle Lasso.
  2. It seems like they used to have to work harder to get to the real identity. Now, it's a quick phone number search, that looks pretty accessible to anyone. It's a little more work than that, but it's nothing they couldn't have tried, themselves. For all the time the victims spend obsessing over these situations, couldn't they do that much? Every now and then, they have someone who has put some energy into trying to uncover the truth, but for the most part, they don't do the simplest things to find anything out.
  3. I love the subtle reference to You've Got Mail, with the way Sam and Rebecca are communicating with each other (while it's still anonymous). No photos, no personal info, and Sam's screen name is LDN152, as Tom Hanks's was NY152, and for both of them, it was the number in their addresses.
  4. I'm so surprised this isn't already in here: Roy (about Jamie): He's a muppet. I hope he dies of the incurable condition of being a little bitch. ETA: Roy confronts Jamie about his love confession to Keeley at the funeral: Jamie: Can I say something first? Roy: Yeah, that's a good idea, because when I'm done with you, you won't have any teeth, and you'll need them for the talking bit. Roy doesn't have all my favorite lines, his are just the ones that most make me LOL. I've been on a repeat binge watch this month (several repeats, actually), an
  5. Nate's presence in the Christmas short = grrrrr [/Roy]. But I guess every Christmas story has to have a Grinch.
  6. This is the first thing I've seen Paul Rudd in, that ever made me hate him. And Will Ferrell a little bit, too. I keep wanting to yell at him, "Get a clue and a spine about SOMETHING!!"
  7. I have a weird kind of envy of Chad. I would love to be able to just go, "OK (shrug)" about everything (or at least more things). Love Keenan and Chris Redd (separately and together). Chris's timing for the heist thief who couldn't drive a stick killed me.
  8. Another strong episode. They're just killing it this season. Loved Republican or Not? And Doghead Man. He's deactivating the bomb! Cecily: He's just licking it. But I continue to be lost on what is supposed to make Pete Davidson so appealing. To each his own, I know, but I'm definitely missing something.
  9. I don't care about Bradley, but at least she was some brief respite from the never-ending Alex self-pity. Jesus. I went through Covid early, with no support system and had just lost my father to it and had to go through a furlough from my job while I was still trying to recover, and I didn't go anywhere near her levels of self-centeredness. At the beginning of the season, I was wishing the show could just be a little bit better. But at this point, it needs a complete overhaul.
  10. Exactly. They didn't care anything about the women, as evidenced by the way they treated them in the quest to get something to hang Clinton with. Operation Prom Night? No, you can't call your lawyer? Humiliating Monica over and over again to get exact details and then publishing them to the world? They treated the women as a means to their own gratification, as much as Clinton did.
  11. I don't know who *should* be playing Lucy, but it shouldn't be Nicole. I don't know what's happened to her acting in the past few years, but it's become hard to watch. I was looking forward to this, so that's disappointing.
  12. Sweet! I didn't know that. Thanks!!
  13. Is it sad that I still miss it?
  14. I don't believe she does, actually. If I remember right, she was very gracious towards her, when she died. Monica has had the worst outcome from this whole thing, and from the beginning, she's been the classiest person involved.
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