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  1. LADreamr

    Season 5 Chat

    I forgot about that one. That was a good line. And I agree, @Empress1. Just once I want Junior to say, "I know you don't, you asshole."
  2. LADreamr

    Season 5 Chat

    This was such a lazy tribute to him. Why do one at all, if this is the approach? And the laziness was ironic, in that it was in tribute to someone who sweated every detail, making sure things were perfect, even when it wasn't actually his project (if you've ever read the essay about his appearance on New Girl that was published soon after his passing). When I saw how the "performance" sequences were going to go, I stopped watching them. I just closed my eyes and listened to him. It made it a much better episode.
  3. Or when she was passionately defending the virtue of being a squirrel.
  4. Could we please just have an episode of them trying to figure that out?
  5. Yes, a "Roll 212" on her would be very interesting.
  6. So glad this show is back. I always forget how much I love it, until it's back on. My favorite part about the plastic pants scene: "I bought her those pants." I would have so many follow-up questions. Love Issa and Molly together, so much. Even when they're not in a good place with each other, there is so much love there.
  7. Aww, this is still one of my favorites moments of anything, ever. <3
  8. OMG, this is exactly her. With Jordan taking off his earrings as he threatens to cut EVERYONE.
  9. Seriously impressive of Trevor to keep that video quiet here for so long.
  10. I saw this in April at a film festival, and it was fantastic. I'm so excited it's finally coming out wide, so more people can experience it. I want to wait to comment further until more people have seen it, because I don't want to spoil any part of it. I really hope it gets the attention and acclaim it deserves.
  11. Yeah, I'm hoping, if there is a season 3, that we can get out of Georgia and get some diverse locations/people.
  12. LADreamr

    Season One Talk

    My feelings, too. I've loved him forever, and his performance in The Skeleton Twins definitely showed he has dramatic skills, but this was fantastic. So glad for a season two, but so sad season one is almost over.
  13. Aubrey Plaza's acting school sounds like a hotspot Stefon would describe.
  14. Sterling Kathleen can get an Emmy nomination for hosting, can't he?
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