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  1. The biography I read of JFK recently stated that he was angry with how she out-shined him in Paris, though he openly joked about it. FYI, the book also said that he met Princess Elizabeth back when his father was ambassador. So this was not their first meeting.
  2. There was also a call-out to Sarah Marshall when Jason took off after the milkman. A guy on the street yelled out "Jason Segal! Show us your dick!" Segal appeared full-frontal naked in Sarah Marshall. I'm glad I came her to read comments on this last episode. It really grated on us last night, seeming unnecessary. But justmehere's comments put it all into perspective for me.
  3. Good contracts cover all of the what-ifs. But, the below website says that birth mothers in Massachusetts must wait four days before consenting to adoption, and that "In all states (except Massachusetts and Utah), a birth parent may revoke his or her consent to adoption in very limited circumstances." (The website does not explain what MA's rule is.) https://family.findlaw.com/adoption/consent-to-adoption-what-biological-parents-need-to-know.html So, knowing the law (ha!) Rome and Regina should not have been jumping the gun with the naming the baby and everything.
  4. Last year I found a neighbor's purse under trees in my yard; it had been stolen five years before. It was disintegrating, and despite being zipped closed, had dirt and debris inside. No way has Eddie's backpack sat under that house for 20 years and be in the condition we saw. Was Delilah's boyfriend working? If not, why was he dressed in his EMT clothes? And he doesn't own that ambulance, right? He can't use it to drive around town, drop off his date. Normally, when people have only had 2 dates, and one of them has some big event with other friends, the date bows out, saying "I'll let you deal with this with your friends." I'd probably shoe away any only-two-dates-person as being in the way. But not in MLT's land. Loved Gary's reaction to Maggie at the soda machine. His racing to see her at the airport, though, had to have been originally written prior to September 2001, because his chances of catching her between a cab and security were next to nil. (Prior to 9/11, he at least could run through the airport to find her waiting at a gate, if there was only flight to London that night, and she wasn't instead at an airport bar drowning her sorrows, or in the Admiral's Club that Gary doesn't have a membership to.) So did Rome and Regina only have the father sign away parental rights, not Eve? And no other contracts? Because all the legal documents should have been signed prior to the birth, since, as many have pointed out, R&R paid for all of Eve's doctor's appointments, etc., in exchange for getting the baby (plus likely some money to Eve). When Regina ran out, I thought she was going to find Katherine to enforce the contract. If Eve has now breached that contract, good luck collecting damages from her on her waitress salary. (would think that in this type of adoption situation, the birth mother would not get to see the baby; it would be handed over to the adoptive parents. That is what happened when my cousin gave up a baby for adoption.) Wouldn't Eddie have tapped Theo as his best man well prior to the morning of the ceremony? I didn't understand why Gary and Rome would have thought that either of them would be chosen over Theo. Couples waiting for their baby to be born do not care about missing your vow renewal ceremony. Why couldn't Eddie's sister tell Katherine where Eddie was? "Katherine, Eddie's suddenly become obsessed with this thing from 20 years ago. I told him to let it go, but he drove to the lake house today." Katherine: "Hmm. Maybe I need to re-think renewing my vows to this dumbass." Okay, I guess that was why.... Just as Eddie was leaving the bar, my husband said "And now he'll get hit by a car." So we actually thought it hilarious when he was right. The Rules of Soap Operas mandate amnesia, but I think others are right that there will be a painkiller crisis.
  5. Issues: How did Mike get into the police station mail room? He's not a New Mexico cop? Mesa Verde could easily prevent Jimmy's commercial from airing. It's called a TRO (temporary restraining order). All they needed to do was take the CD to court to prevent it being aired. I was surprised the writers had the lawyers all in a tizzy about that when they clearly understand TROs since they had Jimmy mention one in connection with the cowboy/horse logo. Googled "spousal privilege" in New Mexico, since in some states, only one spouse can claim it (i.e., witness spouse can decline to testify based on it, but defendant spouse can't prevent witness spouse from testifying if s/he wants to). New Mexico allowed either spouse to claim it. But interestingly, in a 2019 court decision, NM got rid of spousal privilege entirely as an outdated notion.
  6. This was in the very first episode of TIU, so viewers were not privy to the hiring of the PI. Was William just hanging around the hospital to see if anyone had adopted the baby he'd left at the fire house? Because if Rebecca saw him there and followed him, wouldn't it have had to be after she'd recovered from giving birth to triplets? Someone refresh my memoy.
  7. Can someone remind me of how exactly Randall brought up Rebecca's secret in the phone call at the end? I only remember him using his "I was a good son" as leverage. Also, you lost two fathers, you're not going to lose your mother too? First, Randall, everybody dies, to STFU. And second, you know you have a third father in Miguel, right? Except nobody acknowledges him at all. So STFU again.
  8. So I predict that Katherine will start her own firm with her paralegal with that client she just wooed as her first client.
  9. The writers think Theo is just adorbs.
  10. Eve lying to Derek to get him to sign away his parental rights could be considered fraudulent inducement. Everything about that story is terrible. Would you want to adopt a child that has an angry father? (1) He might try to take the baby, stalk Regina and Rome, and (2) what if the baby inherits whatever anger gene? The writers should have had Eddie and Dakota practice in the living room so that the cocaine could be lost there so that Eddie could find it when making up the living room couch for his sister. Because nobody should be doing ANYTHING in that garage with exposed insulation. Also, as soon as Eddie and Katherine explained that Eddie was going to make sure his sister wasn't lying about being sober, I guessed that entire plot. Shouldn't Eddie and Katherine know better about Dakota, that they can't help her, she has to help herself? Oh, also called it early that the bar guy was checking out Delilah, not Maggie. The writers just weren't very imaginative this episode. Sign me up for the Theo is Just Annoying club. I know parents think their child is the cutest ever, but Theo's little stand-up show was just awful for Lindsay to have to sit through. Why did she have to leave just because it was Theo's bedtime? Wouldn't the adults stay up later to talk?
  11. Except for the racing over to the guy's apartment part. That was just delusional. I enjoyed Eddie's facts of business talk with Dakota. Well written. Usually we get all of the artist characters complaining that they can't do their art. Rome's storyline with his dad was nice EXCEPT for him running out on the movie star. Just because you realize your dad is hurting, does not mean you have to remedy that RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Rome went from being upset that his father was interrupting his business meeting to dumping the meeting to talk with his father for all of 5 minutes. I too was confused, thinking that abusive boyfriend was Maggie's date. At least the show finally acknowledged that Rome and Regina would need him to renounce his parental rights for them to adopt. If they do get the baby, I don't think it being bi-racial will upset Regina too much -- some of her angst was due to her mother not understanding the issue. The baby won't experience that.
  12. That was not his job! He's the child, Rebecca was the parent. Randall self-appointed himself as her helper when it should have been the other way around. And he's brought this "duty" into adulthood, ignoring not just his other siblings, but his mother's husband!! I find Randall very narcissistic in his "only I can save everybody."
  13. Delilah was NOT Best Mom Ever in this episode. She initially tried to trick Danny into sleeping in the living room so that she could watch him (what, all night??) rather than have a discussion with him about having his boyfriend sleep over. She doesn't check that Elliott's parents are okay with it -- yes, last season Elliott didn't want to be Danny's boyfriend because he was afraid of his parents disapproving of him being gay. Fine for Delilah to disagree with his parents on that, but not to go around them to do what you want. I'm not as bothered in general about Gary sleeping in the living room, as Delilah knows he is heterosexual and I think it's a bit extreme to suspect every male of being a pedophile without no evidence. That said, she still should have advised Elliott's parents. I said this on the last episode's forum, but I got there late b/c we were backed up on watching this show: Rome and Regina cannot adopt a baby without terminating the FATHER'S parental rights. Is baby-mama (can't remember her name) going to lie to the court about who the father is? Even if she said "I slept with 15 men the week Baby was conceived," the court would make her get all 15 to consent to terminating parental rights. She will have to let Abusive Boyfriend know about the baby. But that's IRL. On AMLT, I expect this all will be hand-waved away (or they'll kill Abusive Boyfriend). I was a bit on Team Theo this episode for calling out Eddie, who was definitely flirting with Dakota. (And why were they practicing in the garage? It's not set up as a studio, and Katherine was not home, so they wouldn't bother her in the house.) Eddie's "I broke my vows" speech did not convince me at all. Both parents should have said "Yes, Dad has to earn our trust back. This will take time, but Mom is committed to doing it, are you?" And Eddie, a hint: flirting with your protege is not a way to earn trust. I thought Gary would find a condom (unused) rather than weed. Big whoop on the weed. Danny, you can't write a non-family member's height on the wall. Barbecue sauce on popcorn is just a terrible idea. Classic popcorn all the way!!
  14. I think he also was in a photo in the background. Also, people can contract for whatever they want in a contract. So Danny watched Charlie all day. Wasn't it a school day? Something did not make sense to me about the father's apartment. When we first saw him there, it seemed that he was either in independent living or assisted living (Delilah says here there's always someone to call for help). But if so, then the facility would not know/care that he went out on his own. If he was in Memory Care, which is where Alzheimer's patients would be, there usually the patients are locked in. That a patient got out (escaped) would be a much bigger crisis, such that rather than wait for Delilah to arrive and then stand around and yak about the problem, they'd be out searching, police contacted, etc. Instead, when all but Sophie left to search, they still were not searching!! because Sophie was able to take her mother's car. Gary lost his job, remember? My question was why did Katherine miss work (where she apparently isn't getting assigned the good projects) to take Theo to the therapist instead of Eddie, who had time to sit around and shoot the breeze with Gary and Rome? And I agree that the *child* psychologist would not sit there and diagnose Katherine. She'd lead Katherine back to the waiting room and say "don't worry, I'm trained for handling kids who don't want to talk." Also, Katherine's issues at work are not comparable to Theo's in that Katherine must be very careful about complaining to her bosses [the best advice might even be to stuff her stress and just work harder/better], while the point of taking Theo to the doctor was to get him to be open with his parents about his problems. In order for Rome and Regina to adopt, they would have to have the parents of the baby relinquish all parental rights. So whether the BF is in the baby-mother's life or not, they could not adopt without him agreeing. So he can't come back 5 years down the line and get the baby back. So stupid. Also stupid was how Regina brought the issue up. "Soooo, is the baby's father a Harvard grad?" No. You ask whether the father is in the picture or will they have to search him out to complete an adoption. The questions about genetics can be directed at the father, or not.
  15. Yep. A snooze. Glad to find someone else who felt this way. Everyone I knew who did it went to school at night. Am I the only one on this forum in their 50s? Definitely have friends completely grey (I've lucked out with only a few white strands, but I'm definitely the exception.)
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