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  1. smartymarty

    S05.E14: Chapter Ninety-Five

    I knew as soon as they showed Petra in the car with it raining that she would get in an accident. Having Magda return is really tired, even for a show that makes fun of soap opera tropes. This trope is DONE. Jane's response to the Unitarian minister should have been "I can see how you might think that, but it's okay, I'm confident of his commitment." (BTW, about the money -- I grew up in the Methodist Church. Ministers were not paid extra at all for weddings. The bridal couple had to pay some church fees -- for electricity, cleaning, etc. -- and it was customary to give the minister an honorarium (in my sister's case, that was $50) but not required.) I don't understand why Petra's assistant didn't/couldn't keep some shares for herself as a reward for helping Petra. Owning shares does not mean that she has to help run the hotel -- it's just like owning shares in any corporation. (Here the majority shareholders also run the hotel, but they could instead hire people to do that.)
  2. smartymarty

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    Never ceases to amaze me how many people are not familiar with rowboat (and canoe) basics. Seems it should be obvious which end of the boat goes first. Victor and Nicole needed to switch places. (I mention canoe because on this and Survivor I see people attempted to row canoes when what they need to do is paddle [more of a vertical push into the water than the horizontal that is done with rowboat oars].)
  3. smartymarty

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    I didn't think so. Can you imagine how long that would take??!! I think they were to use the metal detector to find the coins, then use the scoop to get the coin off the bottom. I believe this because the coins were not always visible--likely sand and grit in the water washed over them over time and/or by the contestants disturbing the bottom--such that it would be difficult to pick them up off the bottom without further disturbing the bottom and not seeing where the coin went. What we didn't see was the contestants employing any kind of organized search like a grid. I would have started in the shallow area and swum parallel to the beach, gradually going out further and further. Chris and Bret should have been the most successful since they got there first, before others picked up coins (unless TPTB threw more coins in after each team finished, but I doubt that). It also seemed like nobody used the snorkels, which, with the flippers, would have made searching much easier. Just glide along with the metal detector. But what do I expect from a group that seemed to not have even ONE person who knew how to row a boat. (I include Victor since though he knew how to row, he rowed the stern towards his destination rather than the bow).
  4. smartymarty

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    Oh, we don't know that was his first try. The number of attempts was suspiciously missing then.
  5. smartymarty

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    If I were on Team Bromance, who said they didn't really know the Reillys and therefore were voting for them, after the Reillys then threatened me for that, I would have replied "Aand now I have no interest in getting to know you." Vindictive b**tches.
  6. smartymarty


    I knew of Gwen Verdon from doing Damn Yankees in high school in 1982. Had never heard of Fosse until the show "Fosse" on Broadway. Since I never saw the show, I always considered Verdon the bigger name, with Fosse "just" a choreographer.
  7. smartymarty

    S05.E10: Chapter Ninety-One

    I agree that Jane should have hated a few days to let Raf calm down. A learning disability is not life-threatening such that one must rush to get medical treatment. And though I understand that parents don't want their kids to have ANY problems, I didn't understand in the end why ADHD was so devastating to them. Lots of kids live with this, there is therapy and medication, even food choice (I think) that can help. The whole plot line seemed to have more angst than necessary. Unlike the "Raf and Jane are endgame" believers, possibly the new custody contract supports Jane being independent in the end. I'd like that ending best. When was it suggested in the series that Mateo was the narrator? Or is that just a fan idea? The narrator is much more literate and funny than I imagine adult Mateo to be. (I really don't like him.)
  8. smartymarty

    S05.E09: Chapter Ninety

    Love the emphasis on family loving each other. Jane understanding that Ro did what he did out of love (though doing that too much would be a problem, despite good intentions), and Xo not being upset with Alba changing the wedding plans after Xo had put in so much work. Other shows would have had Xo steaming about that. But JTV teaches that making people you love happy is most important.
  9. smartymarty

    S05.E08: Chapter Eighty-Nine

    Help with homework? Foreign idea to me. Parents should make sure kids do homework, but not help. The idea of homework is for the kid to practice what was taught that day. Plus, he's quite young to have homework yet. I realize that it starts much earlier than it did with me (none until 7th grade), but still. Yes, I would preferred that to having my heart broken watching Jane leave Michael. This episode was what I expected, a whole "Michael who?" But didn't we have a glimpse of Michael way back? He talked with Rafael behind the hotel. Of course, that doesn't fit with this season's plot that he was in Montana the whole time. But I thought many of us predicted he hadn't died based on that scene. I miss Michael and never needed the triangle -- Michael and Jane forever!
  10. smartymarty

    S5.E7: Chapter Eighty-Eight

    Yes, I would have been satisfied with that. People change. They (and I) would be sad for what they had, but understand what happened. But Michael still loves her but she loves Rafael? Nope. Doesn't work for me.
  11. smartymarty

    S5.E7: Chapter Eighty-Eight

    Heresy! (Michael-shipper) (jk).
  12. smartymarty

    S5.E7: Chapter Eighty-Eight

    Thank you. I liked when Jane and Michael finally kissed. But then the rest of the episode took that away from me. I liked the horses and Bo.
  13. smartymarty

    S5.E7: Chapter Eighty-Eight

    I've "loved" enough of what others have said (anger at her not choosing Michael, odd way of writing the episode), so I'll just add that thought at the end of the episode is that they're going to a "Kelly Martin I choose me" ending (or do we now refer to that as a CXG ending?). I would prefer that to her being with Raf. Yes, I'm a Jane-Michael shipper. And I reluctantly allowed for Jane to be with Raf after they developed a friendship after Michael's Not Death. But he always seemed a second choice, a comfortable, convenient choice, for Jane. Not the love of a lifetime that Michael was. On a much smaller note, though they probably did it for the optics of leaving Jane alone, WTF at the end with Michael dumping her out on some crossroads to wait for the bus by herself??? They should instead have had him wistfully watch her leave on the bus without him.
  14. smartymarty

    Killing Eve

    Really tiring of this season. Villanelle's kills in Season 1 were inspired. But her killing the guy in Amsterdam was wildly improbably if you look at it from a planning point of view. He had to be in the street when she was there, had to follow her, and everybody in the street had to assume this was performance art faking a killing, no cops strolling by to stop her. Bad writing. Similarly the apple on Niko's desk making Eve think V was in the building. V couldn't count on Eve going to Niko's classroom. And why did they have to close the storage container any time Eve or V went in? The suspect was already shackled and they were out in the middle of the woods. Wouldn't it have been more advisable to leave the doors open so the guys with the guns could stop anything bad that might happen? Else why have the guys with the guns? Another instance of the showrunners wanting to make something look cute, but there's no basis for it.
  15. smartymarty

    S05.E06: Chapter Eighty-Seven

    Very strange as has been pointed out that Michael and Rogelio have not met up again yet. I think there was a line about Jacob/Michael visiting his parents though. Can't remember (ha!) whether that was before or after his memories came back. I'm holding fast to my theory that Jane and Michael will re-fall in love with the people they are now. Because otherwise this is a shitty thing to do to fans. I agree Jane and Raf have no chemistry while Jane and Michael have heaps. Don't care at all about Sin Rostro. Was relieved to hear her say to forget about Micheal though. Loved Alma's vibrator speech to XO for personal reasons. TMI to explain. 😉