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Friendly White Cloaks: Questions And Proclamations

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Five years ago, our former forum announced its end a few weeks before Season 4 began; two posters there had this exchange: "It's like our favorite series has been cancelled!" "It's like television has been cancelled!" And meanwhile, we Unsullied wondered, how the hell was our weird herd to endure and find shelter? 

Yet a few weeks later, there we were, frisking cluelessly about our Habitat: newly-made and well-guarded. Above its gate, these words (paraphrased): "Do not feed the Unsullied helpful hints, quotes, facts or spoilers! These are poisonous to them!"  

Joining @Anothermi and @gingerella to raise Knifey in one hand and a mug o' grog in the other. Thank you, @David T. Cole, who built our home. Thank you, @SilverStormm and @Mya Stone, who infused the walls with magic and have stood guard throughout. Thank you, @Athena, for donning the cloak and keeping faith through all the darkest days of the past four seasons, from Reek to rest. Thank you, @Which Tylerand @Skywarpgold, who helped man the gates during that first season here, when Joffrey hadn't croaked his last before Bookwalkers posted crime scene photos of Olenna. And thank you, @raven, for taking the oath and joining Silverstormm and Athena in serving A Show across all forums this final season. 

We're so thankful. No matter if there's a monarch or a Seven Kingdoms standing at the end, dear Friendly White Cloaks: you were here from the beginning. And you made this game possible.

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20 hours ago, Anothermi said:

Thanks for adding those two. I'd be lost without that guide. And I want to shout out to Maximum Taco (aka Max Taco) from TWoP who provided our first Character Guide)

We few have so many to be thankful to.

Oh yes! All hail @Maximum Taco for being MaxTaco the Builder of the original Character Guide.

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