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  1. SilverStormm


    This was fun. Anyone who enjoyed (or loved) the Horrible Histories series is in for a treat. Better yet, series 2 of Ghosts has already been confirmed. 👻 Boo! (and yay!).
  2. SilverStormm


    From the cast that brought us Horrible Histories:
  3. SilverStormm

    [SUGGESTION] Options for gender and location

    These fields are now available on user profiles and are, of course, entirely optional!
  4. SilverStormm

    [BUG, FIXED] Bad forum page?

    Weird! I'm glad it's resolved for you now.
  5. SilverStormm

    [BUG, FIXED] Bad forum page?

    I've found the post you're referring to and will get that taken care of it's now fixed. As for the rest, I'm not seeing it; can you provide a screenshot please?
  6. SilverStormm

    Year Of The Rabbit

    I've watched the first two episodes and so far my verdict is; 'fucking hilarious!'.
  7. SilverStormm

    Year Of The Rabbit

  8. SilverStormm

    [SUGGESTION] Vaulted vs. Crunched

    Thank you for your comments. As I mentioned before, we are reviewing how all this will be handled moving forward with the focus being an emphasis on user friendliness as one of the main priorities.
  9. SilverStormm

    [Question, ANSWERED] Collapsing forums?

    Yep. We're presently reviewing how this stuff will be handled moving forward. If that results in any changes to the current process we'll announce it.
  10. Correct. Other people who aren't me will be taking care of this within 24hrs.
  11. We made a few changes so that certain forums which are tv-adjacent-ish can be added to the CHP if desired.
  12. SilverStormm

    [Question, ANSWERED] Collapsing forums?

    Some forums will be crunched or vaulted at intervals as required, just as some topics will be upgraded to full forums when the need arises. This is an ongoing process.
  13. SilverStormm

    Year Of The Rabbit

    Discuss YOTR Here!
  14. Re posting in the Live Chat topic: If you are watching the episode On-Demand before or after it's aired, please visit the appropriate thread. If we can't follow this rule, we'll either a) have to lock the thread outside of airing times which may result in the thread locking before TLC's done airing their messily-scheduled programming or b) hand out warnings to those who choose to disregard instructions.