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  1. SilverStormm

    Euphoria in The Media

    Your Media Topic!
  2. SilverStormm

    Live PD

    Apologies, that post was a remnant of the past when Live PD existed as a full forum. I have removed that post. All Live PD discussion goes in here now.
  3. This has been investigated and tested across all themes. It only seems to be an issue in the L themes and as far as can be determined, occurs intermittently within those themes. The only real resolution would be to remove the search function. We've decided to go with the lesser of two evils and leave things as they are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. SilverStormm

    [BUG, RESOLVED] Wide header on one forum page

    As it's only on that one page and only on certain devices I'm gonna put it down to weird page glitchness on that specific page. If you come across it elsewhere please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Heh, not as ominous as it sounds. Nothing terrible but perhaps something better? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. As things stand vaulted forums are only un-vaulted if the show is revived with a new season. Right now what you ask wouldn't be a likely scenario as it's doubtful that, what is essentially, a re-run would bring enough traffic to the forum to justify pulling it out of the archive. However, by the summer this could be a moot point for reasons I'm unable to share presently.
  7. SilverStormm

    [BUG, RESOLVED] Wide header on one forum page

    @SomeTameGazelle Can you confirm whether you're still seeing this issue on that (or other) page(s). Thanks.
  8. From the account registered email address, please contact communitymanager@primetimer.com with the username of the account you're having trouble logging into.
  9. SilverStormm

    Year Of The Rabbit

    All six episodes are available on Sky or NowTV. And I've now watched them all.
  10. SilverStormm


    This was fun. Anyone who enjoyed (or loved) the Horrible Histories series is in for a treat. Better yet, series 2 of Ghosts has already been confirmed. 👻 Boo! (and yay!).
  11. SilverStormm


    From the cast that brought us Horrible Histories:
  12. SilverStormm

    [SUGGESTION] Options for gender and location

    These fields are now available on user profiles and are, of course, entirely optional!
  13. SilverStormm

    [BUG, FIXED] Bad forum page?

    Weird! I'm glad it's resolved for you now.
  14. SilverStormm

    [BUG, FIXED] Bad forum page?

    I've found the post you're referring to and will get that taken care of it's now fixed. As for the rest, I'm not seeing it; can you provide a screenshot please?
  15. SilverStormm

    Year Of The Rabbit

    I've watched the first two episodes and so far my verdict is; 'fucking hilarious!'.