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  1. I'm sure all us heroes on that DL will share that sentiment if Saoirse flips hero. However, I make no apology because sometimes shit happens in mafia, we've all been there. If I'm honest I was very surprised to see the DL on Saoirse was completed; if I'd been taking bets I would've put hers as least likely to out of the three. But.Shit.Happens. And we will learn something from it, maybe not instantly but we will eventually.
  2. I'm confused, so you're especially suspicious of Drogo and deaja then? Huh? ^I^ evened the vote out nicely then went away bc real life and when I got back people had voted/swapped and completed one without any further input from me. As I recall I was the only one calling for DL's not to complete. How does that equal me 'rushing in'? Because I didn't get back here in time? Lol, that doesn't make any sense to me. I understand you being suspicious of everyone on that DL and if you are a hero as you say, then quite rightly so, however, even heroes make mistakes. Esp when blind voting on Day 1, that's why I started the fun DL on CP & Bob; to avoid completing a DL on a hero D1. Yeah, shady AF me...not.
  3. Of course, you're entitled to be suspicious (unless you're a fake-ass villain) of whomever you choose, but I'm a hero, just for the record so I wouldn't waste your energy on me. Hopefully, that'll be proven in-story sooner or later...<wink>
  4. I trust that isn't meant to throw shade towards me because I stated clearly I wasn't up for any DL completing before Machia even started a DL on Saoirse and only re-iterated as much when I later voted. #lounginginthesunlight ETA: and for the record, I hope she IS a bad guy regardless of how my actions could be interpreted by others - bc I'm a hero and DL'ing fellow heroes sucks. Plus naturally, I want team H to win, no matter how it happens.
  5. Curious that you only singled these two players out to 'warn' for no discernible reason, do you have some reason to trust them that you'd care to share with the rest of the class or ? #weird
  6. Yep I know, hence my reluctance to have any of them complete but one can hope...lightning has struck at least once before.
  7. Well shit, that escalated quickly! I just have to hope we didn't blindly DL a hero bc that'd suck. As for toNight; please please don't waste any protection on me (not assuming, putting it out there in case).
  8. I was going to vote for machia based on the quietest player thing, but I think it'll be good to keep things evened out as I'm not keen on any of these completing toDay. 4 to DL A1 (BizBuzz, JTMacc99, MarkHB, Lady Calypso) 4 to do something 4 to DL Machia (saoirse, Drogo aquarian1, TCS), 4 to do something else 4 to DL Saoirse (Machiabelly, ohjoy, deaja, SilverStormm) 4 to do a third thing
  9. I believe the quietest so far are Machiabelly meet trouble with ohjoy a distant 3rd. I’d join a DL on one of these but I’m not particularly looking to remove any of them from the game at the moment. More just to see what info it would bring. For that reason I won’t be the one to start a DL on this occasion. ETA: I haven’t analysed posting, only based on my perception, if some other soul decides to do actual analysis, fine with me! Lol
  10. Not feeling any of these, so I’ll abstain unless I see something more convincing. If anything I’d be more inclined to rattle the cage of one of our quieter players... Suggestions?
  11. Speaking of Jessica Fletcher serial killers; one could be lurking in the shadows among us...dun, dun, DUN! I guess we'll find out sooner or later. But be warned, it's rabbit bad guy hunting season and I'm ready: Be very, very quiet.
  12. Clearly Spruce has been duped! 'Good authority' > The Good Place > Eleanor > Chidi > Michael > Really The Bad Place > Spruce is Bad! Kidding! Or am I? No need to be SALTY about all this. I have a theory; maybe it's opposite day in Bob World (tm), so when he points to salty, really he means sweet. So who's too sweet to survive Bob World? Or....maybe Bob's just salty bc in a game he isn't playing he still DL'd --- twice.
  13. So you're saying they're not 'dead' funny? I'll show myself out...
  14. I think I'd rather have our hero inv (there has to be one, right?) take a peek at Spruce toNight than DL him toDay. I'll be surprised if he is villainous a third time in a row. It's possible sure, but not probable imo. Maybe we should DL CP and SVNBob again, just to make doubly sure they're all dead and not just mostly dead... 1 (SilverStormm) to DL CuriousParker AND SVNBob 7 to do a double bubble. (I'm not opposed to adding a third to the gallows if everyone really wants to).
  15. You're thinking of Professor Brian Cox @aquarian1. The other Brian Cox is a British actor who has been in so much stuff it's ridonkulous, to mention but a few; Braveheart & Rob Roy & The Long Kiss Goodnight. Doesn't make A1 look more shady but it does remove the deaja shade from BizBuzz (for now).
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