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  1. Is this GRRM's A Feast for Crows or something else?
  2. You would've registered as someone who owned a gun, regardless of whether you were using it or not that Night.
  3. Anyone who signs up for this game, who hasn't already got a mafia player profile please, please think of the children and fill out one asap, thank you! If you end up on the villain team it'll help you more than me.
  4. Yes, if she had been recruited to team V and you'd checked her she would have shown as owning a gun. Drogo would not have as he used an arrow 😉 That's what made this ability an interesting one; the occasional hero can own a gun too and SK's don't have guns, they have knives. So no concrete conclusion can be arrived at solely on the result of the check. Which means it gives you something but leaves you wanting more. The next game should last longer as I'm going to make it much, MUCH, like waaaaaaaay harder - but not entirely impossible just almost heh - to establish a reliable 'Circle of Trust'™️ (@Drogo sorrynotsorry) - I have a few ideas how to do that.
  5. *One of my earliest games. I decided two things not too long after that: People generally have more fun when they have an ability, so why not! Everybody deserves an award for putting their time and effort in, so why not! I'd helped out on the first GOT round but my very *first game as a game mod proper was The Princess Bride - ah that was so much fun and sometimes I wistfully think about re-doing it, but not really. Besides, there are so many other themes to choose from!
  6. I had to, how could I not tho, the opportunity was just toooo tempting...
  7. I thought you deserved that specific award bc it had been your intention to 'Go all Sherlock on dis bitch' (my interpretation heh) and you were trying your best. Can't ask for more than that.
  8. I miss Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Almost as much as I miss Tennant.
  9. Guardians of the Galaxy Mafia Awards (Now with added giffage!) The Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee Award - @Deadpool The It’s Not Easy Being Green Award - @Machiabelly The I’m A Hero, Fight Me Award - @aquarian1 The Subtle As A Sledgehammer Award - @CuriousParker The Feisty, DGAF Furball Award - @meet trouble The Fool Me Once Shame On You, Oh Wait, Award - @Drogo The Return Of The Mack Fluttershy Award - @BizBuzz The Imma Sherlocking The Shit Outta This Award - @Hanged Man The Rooty Tooty Point And Shooty Inspectorating Award - @saoirse The Roger Rabbit I Woz Framed Award - @deaja The Keeping It On The Down Low Award - @garnetarden The This Is My Fav Movie And I’m The Turd Blossom?! Fuck! Award - @The Crazed Spruce The Grimace And Bear It Award - @JTMacc99 Grimace The That Did Not Just Happen Again Award - @Lisin The Thrown In At The Deep End So Imma Doggy Paddling Award - @festivus The This Is Quackers Award - @Lady Calypso
  10. Funnily enough, Drogo did ask me to clarify if I'd allow him to ask a Q that broke the rules and I thought it over for a while and realised I had to say yes I would allow it, otherwise it was as good as confirming you were fibbing! And he still didn't believe it lol. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe it's because I've played on Town of Salem with this ability (very similar) in use but I would totes have copy/pasted my pm as a hero because given the instructions it's obvs the jailor is either on the side of the heroes or at worst, is neutral and killing a hero would neutralise his execution ability. But the idea of a rogue jailor is fun too... (makes mental note).
  11. I did, yep. Looks like I missed copy/pasting that bit into the recap - will fix that now. Can't speak for @Drogo obvs but for myself, when I saw your answer my own thought was, "There's no character claim included or hinted at, that's gonna seem shady..." mostly because I'd played out in my head what I would do in the same position and it was precisely what @JTMacc99 later did - produce a fake PM and risked choosing a smaller character like maybe the Broker? I predict the power stone thing would have worked (that seems v plausible imo) - let's see what @Drogo says about it. Word of advice folks, watch out for @JTMacc99 - methinks he's gonna be a formidable player soon enough.
  12. Tell me that again next time you're a hero, heh. 😉 It's all good fun either way.
  13. If it had, LC would have died instead bc of DP's mirror ability on odd nights. Lose/Lose situation, you just didn't know it.
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