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  1. Yep, RSS feed for editorial side is coming soon.
  2. SilverStormm

    [Enquiry, ANSWERED] Podcasts

    The podcasts are now their own separate thing and have their very own sites at: Extra Hot Great Again With This
  3. This is likely a cache needs clearing issue. Please try that and if you still experience the same problems let me know. Thanks.
  4. @Jaded Can you tell me one or two searches you've attempted that failed please. So I can try to reproduce this. @Trini Which theme are you using and also, which device, OS & Browser please.
  5. The Case of the Vanishing Searchbar has been solved! The dastardly little blighter is now firmly situated next to the follow icon at the top of threads and forums. *See Watson's blog for the gory details of our adventure. -- Silver Holmes
  6. SilverStormm

    [Enquiry, ANSWERED] New forum request

    As much as this sounds like a reasonable request I'm afraid I must decline it. Experience tells me that despite the best intentions something like this would devolve into political stuff (fyi Brexit is political in the extreme) and would require much more mod supervision and - likely - intervention than is reasonable to expect. If you want to discuss stuff like disasters/Notre-Dame etc, you may start a thread in the Off-Topic area specifically for the issue you would like to talk about.
  7. If that didn't work please try restarting your device as the next best step - it'll clear your DNS cache.
  8. @suebee12 @Hasseltine Can you try clearing your cache for the browsers you're using and let me know if that works or not please. Thanks.
  9. SilverStormm

    Can't sign in via Twitter

    Will look into it, thanks.
  10. We'll investigate, thanks.
  11. SilverStormm

    [Not A Bug] Logged Out Error

    Everyone was logged out with the domain switch, and must login again the first time any browser is used to connect to the site (ie: once for a home desktop, once for a phone/mobile device, once for a work desktop and so on. Also, if multiple browsers are used on the same device. ie: logged in on Firefox but open a Chrome browser, that'll require a log in too. If you are being asked to login repeatedly from the same browser on the same device, please let us know.
  12. SilverStormm

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Mod Note: PLEASE DO NOT review episodes leaked early in this forum. Furthermore, episode comments belong in...the episode topic. Due to these issues multiple posts have been removed. This topic is for spoilers and speculation only.
  13. SilverStormm

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    TIL: Theon's hair grew out Sansa is the smartest person Arya ever met...FU Tywin! Bran is still weird AF Jon loves riding dem dragonS Never ask Sam to break life changing news to his bff again Don't use the NK for interior design; his wall hangings are creepy!
  14. Update: It seems that it inadvertently went away with the header change. We're working on a solution that brings it back. Please bear with us; it may take a couple days (and it may move to a new spot) but we will bring it back.