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Speculation WITHOUT Spoilers

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And why would anyone be surprise that Haddie comes home a completely different person?  Christ, she's been off the radar so long that I'm surprised that she still even exists.

Going by this photo from the shooting, she actually looks to have turned into Amber Benson: http://instagram.com/p/mo0m5OG_YD

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I don't get why they had to make Haddie gay.  Was there a quota to fill?  I'm not against portraying gay people in a show, but this feels forced to me.  She was a raging heterosexual teenager in high school and I'm not gay so I can't speak to when people admit to, and make that lifestyle change, but I have quite a few gay family members and friends and by high school...even as early as middle school...they all just "knew".


I will now take this to the spoiler t hread.  Sorry!

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When I saw the previews I thought, "Who in the hell is that and why does Max care that they are lesbians?"  Didn't even realize it was Haddie until I read the forum.  I'm going out on a limb here and I predict that nobody in the entire Braverman clan will so much as raise an eyebrow when they find out.  Well maybe Zeke.

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I had always hoped that Amber would turn out to be a lesbian. Pity . . . she would have been a much more interesting gay than Haddie can hope to be. The writers really struggle to make Haddie interesting, don't they? "Hey, look, she's dating a black guy! He has a rough background! Oooh, now she sexing with a girl! Scarrrrrry!" 

I'm sure Zeke will have some unenlightened comments on the subject, but I know the saintly masses of Bravermans will swiftly set him aright.

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Rogaine2233 Just a gentle reminder that lifestyle is incorrect terminology to use when talking about LGBT people. As for Haddie, believe me it happens look at Meredith Baxter (the actress who played the mom on Family Ties) who didn't realize she was a lesbian until well after middle age. Also, I didn't realize it for myself until I was 37.

Maybe the show is pointing out that Haddie wasn't able to realize who she really was until she got away from her immediate and extended family. That does happen too.

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Rogaine2233 Just a gentle reminder that lifestyle is incorrect terminology to use when talking about LGBT people.

I will fess up I guess I'm not enlightened. What is the correct terminolgy b/c I'm ignorant. I'll pull the I'm from Arkansas card(yes I DO wear shoes)

What is the correct way to word a previously heterosexual person deciding they are not any longer?

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Cattitude - No one lives a lifestyle as far as their sexual orientation or gender identity is concerned. The spectrum is varied and for all we know Haddie might not identify as a lesbian she might say she is bisexual or queer. Millennials are much more apt to not even label themselves.

The correct terminology for people who are born in the wrong bodies is gender identity aka Chaz Bono or Laverne Cox. Also, transgender is the correct overall term to use when describing the entire community or you can also use trans man or trans woman.

The correct terminology for people who identify as straight, bisexual, queer, lesbian, gay or any other term that the millennials are using is sexual orientation.

Also, the word homosexual is frowned on in the LGBT community.

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I'd like to be able to discuss things like promos, without getting myself spoiled for things like leaked sides or other stuff the show doesn't want viewers to know in advance. Also, sometimes it's fun to speculate without spoilers, but just based on what we've already seen on the show.

Having said all that, I will comment that I don't think it's at all unusual for kids Haddie's age to still be figuring out who they are, trying stuff out, etc., whether or not they stick with it over the long haul. So, whether she's actually going to come out as lesbian or bi after kissing a girl, or whether she's just being rebellious and provocative, to see if she can get her parents to notice she exists by doing something they don't expect, I so far have no guess. I get tired of shows using two females kissing to grab ratings, if they aren't going to actually follow through and have it stick. But it's not something I think is lacking plausibility, either, especially for young kids of "college age."

I can also say that the number of actual adults who have come up to me once they figure out I'm a lesbian, and privately confessed their same-sex attractions (these are people who are living as heterosexuals and have never acted on those feelings), has convinced me that a whole lot more people are harboring such feelings than actually admitting to it in public. So, for Haddie, or any of the other characters, to have never shown it before, doesn't mean anything to me in terms of whether they might "suddenly" start feeling or acting on it now, or later. And I live in liberal Massachusetts; if people here are feeling and not acting on this stuff, it can happen anywhere! We have a very open and accepting community, relatively speaking, where you can run for local political office and win as a lesbian, so it's not like people are hiding for fear of widespread shunning.

Sometimes people will be as shocked as the rest of the world when they develop an attraction to someone unexpected.

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Gay or straight, I have to say that I am not happy with the idea of Haddie, who we haven't seen and barely heard of all season, dominating the season finale (and, without a definite renewal, possibly the series finale). I'd like some resolution or at least progress on the Joel/Julia front, to know what happened to Ryan, and to please for the love of all that is holy for Hank and Sara to stop dithering at and with each other more than I'd like to know anything about Haddie at this point.

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I didn't know where to write this, so I will post here. It is not something I think it will happen, as much as it is a snark about what the writers might reserve for the final episode. I was cleaning the house, it is boring, so my mind made up stories


Julia and Joel are such great parents that Sidney will stop being a bully and invite all the kids who were ever bullied to eat with her in the cafeteria, and since she is a Braverman, this will be a game changer in all the schools in the country

Crosby will not only make the studio recover from the lack of people actually going to work there, he will find out that, with all the Braverman kids he can form a band that will be successful and the whole world will be a better place, inspired by the new generation of Bravermans

Except for Max. Max will not be part of the band because he will be too busy traveling around the country, maybe the world, taking perfect pictures and talking about what being Autistic really is. Of course, since the message of the show has to agree with Katims message, he will only talk about how much he made his family suffer, and now, as someone who "treated" his Autism, he is apologizing to them for being such a terrible person. Then we will see Max being the old Max, because despite the message the writers want to send about Autism, they are so bad at writing that they will fail to recognize Max's Bravermanism

Dylan (just because I liked her) will take over the Academy. She is NOT a Braverman

Kristina a Adam will end by saying: It was a good plan, to start the Academy. That brat took it over but we can start a new one! Let's do it! And after I run for Governor, I can focus more on this plan, because we need to go and campaign now. Adam will, of course, agree. We are Bravermans!

Sarah will finally find the man of her dreams - at least of her last dream, then start a career of her dreams, also the one from her last dream. And "every day is a new day, with a new man" will be he motto. And because she is a Braverman she will shine on each one of the daily careers, and make each man be her slave, every single time.

There will be a time jump and Amber will deliver a healthy baby. She will go home with the baby, because she still has a home despite not working ever, and then Ryan will appear at the door, saying that he is doing great, taking his meds and has a new job, as an advisor to the President on veteran PTDS affairs. They will move to DC, where Amber will continue to cry, everyday, but this time tears of joy. And because she will be raising a Braverman!Baby!

Aida, Nora, Victor and Haddie will not appear in this last episode because they are the only ones I don't want to punch, so I will pretend they are safely hidden from the Bravermans

Camille will not only convince Zeek to walk around the house, she will train with him for a marathon, and Zeek will win the marathon, making all the Braverman even louder and talking over each other, which will not only make other people annoyed, it will make everyone else who wants to run the marathon leave, and that's why Zeek wins it, he is the only one. Actually, he will not really run, just cross the finish line after riding in Crosby's motorcycle

The Bravermans will not care about this detail and will continue to fool themselves that they are the greatest family in the world

As they talk over each other, they smile and this is the end.


I would not be surprised if the writers saw some of this as plausible endings

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