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  1. OMG! Xs infinity. So weird that I knew what would happen but watching it actually happen I could not believe it was happening. It was one of the most horrifying things I've ever watched but hysterically funny at the same time. (I have a tendency to laugh uncontrollably at inappropriate times) Juno is back. OMG! Didn't that dog die back in season 1? He dug her up and glued her eyes open! (Some real Crazy glue) He didn't tell Dylan but cut him off. Actually a blessing for Dylan and Emma. No funeral guests but he delivers a eulogy as if the chapel was packed. Did he buy all those flowers too? Romero getting arrested saved his psycho life but doomed Marion Crane and several others. Chick just coming over with the chicken casserole, he saw her! Just so many OMGs!
  2. I heard "You think she'd settle?" What I don't know is if he was referring to Carol settling with him or Sasha settling with Abraham. Was really confused, so confused I started a conversation about it in the middle of the show. Jesus said they had 54 people and I think Maggie lied and said there was more because they didn't know how many people Jesus had. Judith is really adorable. Is this the same baby that has just aged since Terminus or did they recast? One last thing, Jesus checked out their arsenal but didn't arm himself. That makes me trust him, I also think he is foolish but he earned my trust.
  3. Really liked this one. So he stopped the killings but he can't go to his own time to see how that worked out because it will reset when he goes back to stop Oswald? But now at the very least the police will question him about what happened. I love Michael O'Neill. He seems to show up in a lot of my shows and always gives a breathtaking performance. I literally held my breath while he was telling his silver star WWII story.
  4. I want to believe without UpChuck showing up when he did then Saul would not have still been "morally flexible" when Mike called. It is and has always been about Chuck. Really hate that guy. I think this episode is the most Saul Jimmy has been. Nacho! School bus for 6 year old pimps. Absolutely freaken dead!
  5. Loved the episode, I really needed this one to keep me interested. I don't blame Carol for Sam freaking out, he wasn't prepared for this at all. That is on his parents not Carol. Still am not liking new Morgan, he apologized to walker wolf before he put him down. Snap out of it Morgan! Loved the opening, best opening ever for this show. Hell yeah for Daryl. Am I the only one not just worried about Carl's eye? I mean he was shot in the eye but the bullet probably didn't stop there. Right? Any clue what caliber it was?
  6. Asking here because it may be a spoiler. Drove around the Alexandria set today and I could see over the wall several houses had been burned. Has this already happened or is this something that is coming up? Honestly can't remember houses burning, just a walker over the wall ablaze.
  7. I found you guys! I had looked under CBB and didn't even think to look for BBUK. (hangs head in shame) I never watched Tiffany before just seen some clips on The Soup. Didn't think I'd care for her but was so far off base on that one. I love her, she is reality gold. Guess she's been doing it long enough to be a professional reality entertainer and she brings it. Hated the way she was treated by the housemates in the beginning after the "David's dead" fiasco. That's when I became Team Tiffany and she hasn't let me down since. It reminds me of Rocky IV when he fought Drago and the Russian audience was won over and began to cheer for Rocky. I hate Gemma. I hate GC. I really hate that she gets to split her personality and blame all of her horrible behavior on her other character. She is so much of a production pet that it's not even fair. She refuses tasks, has walked out 4 times and now gets a birthday celebration with a pony! Will not be surprised if she wins although will be pissed. Don't like Daniella either. She is just a miserable person. Scotty T is......omg he is really a manwhore. Horrible behavior from him but yet everyone finds him so charming. The story he told of having a bowel movement while he was having sex was too much. A horrifying, disgusting story and the housemates laughed. Like it wasn't the grossest thing they've ever heard, but like "oh Scotty T you're such a charming lad." Darren should get over the Tiffany come on. Actually since he has said he wanted to do CBB so people could see he had changed and was no longer a womanizer he should be thankful to her. When she threw herself at him he got to play that out and it was really sweet. Now people have seen how he has changed in exactly the way he wanted. That being said he is so boring and I really wish we'd gotten the old rougish Darren instead of the new and improved one. All I will say about John is I really wish he'd stop doing the "American" accent when talking to Tiffany. Just stop that.
  8. Don't even joke about that. The HORROR! I'm wondering why of all Stars Hollow people they are bringing back Gypsy. I liked Gypsy but she wasn't really a fleshed out character. Wasn't really seen after the first few seasons. Only thing I can think of is maybe Dean or Jess works for her. Of course I'm sad Sookie won't be coming back for anything other than a cameo, if that BUT now Michel will be Lorelei's BFF. I can live with that.
  9. With the introduction to Neagan's group I'm confused by how many groups of others there are now. Unfair wolves are easy by the upside down Ms but the group the trio Daryl hooked up with, were they fleeing from Neagan, from Wolves or from a 3rd group? Morgan is done, no place for him in this show now. Carl is now one of my favorites. Up is down, night is day...it's a mad world. The look on the Alexandians faces was priceless when Rick told them they would gut the walkers and use them for camoflauge.
  10. Agree with so many of you that the episode was only watchable because of the acting but Lennie James lost some credibility with me on Talking Dead. No way have we had 5 days of 106 degree weather EVER in Georgia much less in a row. So frustrating that Morgan is keeping the wolf alive. I'm clinging to the hope that when he escapes he will kill father peepee and Porch Dick Jr.
  11. Yeah, she was dead on Wuornos and without an Oscar and it took a few to realize who the actress was for me too.. All the serial killers were accurate and I laughed at The Zodiac Killer being masked. I agree with this, if he isn't the commandment killer that will be the twist for me. I assumed John's drink was drugged, serial killers aren't above that sort of thing.
  12. Thank you, I haven't had that nightmare. :p
  13. I wondered really loudly why they didn't cover themselves in walker. Michonne knows this trick as well and could have covered them with the pet shop boys. I thought Daryl was going to Rick but then Rick's speech about if you go back you're doing it for yourself not for them changed his mind. I am WRECKED! I was spoiled by comic readers on what happened to Glen in the books and have been worried about him since last season. That horrific death would be better than what we just witnessed. For Glenn to go out like that is tragic. With no witness, with no goodbye, with no epic hour long episode for him. Beth got it, Tyresse got it but Glenn gets disembowled and eaten in a back alley with Nickolous. It's unforgivable.
  14. He really is. I actually didn't think he had it in him. I commented on how great he was while watching and my son didn't even know it was him until I said it. He was impressed and as a surly teenager that doesn't happen often. Agree with the entire viewership that Angela Basset rules. As a person that isn't into Lady Gaga,I just see what is forced in front of me where she is concerned I as loving her. She's amazing in this, at times she's (going to sound mean and rude) not attractive in the least then she transform before my eyes into a amazingly beautiful woman. Either way she commands attention,oozes charisma. I read somewhere how she researched the hell out of vampire lore and worked closely with the costumer about her wardrobe,bringing in personal items for the role. She's so odd it is hard for me to tell if she is a great actress though, kinda like judging Courtney Love in People VS Larry Flynt. How much is acting and how much is just keeping it real? Betting Alex will ask Holden to turn her so she can be with him again.
  15. Who is Kim Dickens' agent? He/she has to be the best one that has ever existed. This woman is on everything! She pops up on all my shows it seems and she's always the same. Always the same emotionless acting, always bitch faced, always that monotone voice. I want her to get bit just to see if she will change facial expressions.
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