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  1. Rogaine2233

    S02.E08: New Car

    I started to seriously worry for Martha when she told Clark she didn't want to help him anymore.
  2. Rogaine2233

    Speculation WITHOUT Spoilers

    I will now take this to the spoiler t hread. Sorry!
  3. Rogaine2233

    Being Human [US]

    I read that those were Sam Huntington's real-life kids. Sam Witwer was interviewed a while back and said that the ending made it impossible for a sequel, but I disagree. If not a sequel, then a Josh and Nora spin-off?
  4. Rogaine2233

    S05.E20: Cold Feet

    Monica Potter's nasal voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Is that her normal voice, or does she only use that awful pitch when she plays Kristina?
  5. Rogaine2233

    S05.E16: The Last Call

    Thanks Bravelittletoaster! I love your name! I have loved Lambchop since my childhood days. I would cry when my mother wanted to serve lamp chops for dinner.
  6. Rogaine2233

    Being Human [US]

    Here's Comcast's description of the series finale. I really hope we don't get a Sally-and-Aiden forevah resolution.
  7. Rogaine2233

    Stirring the Pot: Controversial Commercials

    There wasn't infidelity in that commercial. I was referring to the topic which was mentioned briefly in e thread. Sorry for e confusion.
  8. Rogaine2233

    S05.E16: The Last Call

    Hunter Parrish (Jeffrey Grant) played one of the kids on "Weeds" and he was phenomenal. I'm surprised we haven't seen him in more stuff.
  9. Rogaine2233

    Being Human [US]

    I watched it on ITunes so there wasn't a preview. Usually, it's up on SyFy by now but so far, there's nothing. Is there a preview of the finale out there? Does anyone have a link?
  10. Rogaine2233

    Stirring the Pot: Controversial Commercials

    Gay, straight or interracial, I HATE infidelity portrayed on commercials.
  11. Rogaine2233

    Being Human [US]

    There were lots of anvils. Nora is pregnant. She and Josh have reconciled and have a place all set up to go...her apartment. They got custody of Catmandude. Aiden is getting tired and disgusted with his journey. He has a wish that there would be an afterlife (Henry's image), but he knows it's not true. He's had a long life as it is and he's caused a lot of pain. He will probably continue to relapse and cause pain if he lives. Susannah is gone (I hate that) and that's the only way I could have seen Aiden surviving...going off to be with the wife he had when he was human. Sally is already dead but is waiting to get her door to finish her journey.
  12. Rogaine2233

    Class, Gender, Race, etc. in Commercials

    The stupid husband portrayal drives my husband nuts. It's prevalent in so many commercials, I can't even begin by linking just one, here. Though I suppose it's better than "ring around the collar".
  13. I didn't catch everyone's routine and I tuned in this season mainly to watch Meryl and Charlie, but I caught a few others last night in the process. Meryl and Charlie are professional athletes who dance on ice for a living. Not surprising that changing the medium to a wood floor just showcases how versatile they are. That's the athleticism. Charlie has his looks and personality going for him as well. It's tougher for Meryl, especially without Charlie as her partner because I think she's inherently very shy. And she does have peripheral vision issues. On the ice, I think Charlie is an expert at working around this, but Maks has not had as many years dealing with it, so we see some hesitation on Meryl's part at times, like when they are not actually hand-in-hand. I'm no professional, so I can't judge the validity of Charlie and Sharna's timing issues but I was scratching my head over it, for sure. A gold medal Olympian doesn't have timing issues. Period, end of story. I think Charlie will make it all the way to finals because he has an existing fan base and he is probably picking up new ones because he is so damn cute and personable. Not so much with Meryl and though I think she's really good, this show is not just judged on talent like the Olympics, so I think we will see her go before the end, unfortunately.
  14. Rogaine2233

    Being Human [US]

    I think next week, they are going to somehow wind up destroying the house in order to get rid of Ramona. There's no way another family could move in there while it's in the clutches of evil. My predictions for next week are that the gang accomplishes this and in the process, Aiden is killed and Sally gets her door. And hopefully Josh and Nora escape to rebuild their lives and live happily ever after.
  15. Rogaine2233

    Small Talk: Let's Meet at the Alibi

    I'm using the app on my iPad and it's just this most recent episode, but it's not loading.