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S03.E21: Rush

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Beverly smothers Barry when he tells her that she favors Adam; Murray is not happy about Erica's new boyfriend who is a Rush fanatic.

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A good decade earlier than this episode, my older brother was a Rush fanatic.  He played their albums loudly at all times of the night, so therefore I LOATHED them.  I hated Geddy Lee's high-pitched voice and I thought he looked like a really ugly bird.  UGH - this episode brought back some very bad memories of some very heated arguments between me and my brother.

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This episode was funny, but I was confused at the end when the girls "looked" like The Cure. I actually thought they were dressed like Culture Club (Boy George). Everything else seemed pretty accurate.

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This show always brings a smile to my face at the end; the nostalgia runs strong in me for 1/2 hour every week.


I think we've all had times when we've kissed questionable people in high school. I know I have! I felt for Erica because there's something alluring about a person who introduces you to something new and awesome, no matter how creepy/sleezy they are.

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I saw Rush in 1985 when I was in high school. Still one of the best concerts I've been to.

Sadly, it looks like their 2015 40th Anniversary tour will be their last due to health issues.


"And the men who hold high places must be the ones who start..."

Closer to the Heart


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Huge Rush fan here, as evidenced by my user name!

I hated Geddy Lee's high-pitched voice

The other day I was listening to some 70s Rush and the look on my dog's face implied that she didn't care much for his voice either LOL.  Sadly for me, Geddy can't do the high-pitched thing anymore (I do love all versions of his voice though).


Man, Rush was so lame when I was in school. We were all about Def Leppard.

This might be the saddest two sentences I have ever read!
You aren't kidding!
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