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  1. While I know this show is science fiction, I lived in southern California for years and have many family members in that area. It tends to hit home with me and creep me out somewhat. We live in such a crazy world these days - I've gotten to where I never discount anything happening. I just can't quit this show!
  2. Props to whoever posted that Will is obviously on some special list since he wasn't shredded by the drone going over the wall with Charlie, and that Brussard was probably on the list too. I think last night confirmed that. And Dowel Jones, I thought the same thing. We used to have IGA supermarkets in my area. My first thought was, "MAN - IGA has gone bad ass!"
  3. I read this as: "....like watch paint dry". Then I read it again and realized I was projecting!
  4. THIS!!!!! Since Jailnail was so quick to produce texts, show us the ones supposedly from Jace. Hard to do when they don't exist huh you manipulative bitch.
  5. I have been binge watching this show on Netflix. Wow - where to begin. I will begin by saying this show should have been called THE ASS BURGERS. The adults yell and scream at each other. No one listens to anyone else. The children are spoiled, entitled little shits whose favorite phrase is, "It's not fair!". It literally took FOUR FREAKING SEASONS for Craig T. Nelson to utter the words, "life's not fair". I shut down my kids at age two with this wisdom and it worked liked a charm. I did it consistently, every time, and it sunk in with them. This show is Parenthood Gone Bad. Gawd.
  6. Since Porsche - with the cameras rolling - asked who was the engineer of the Underground Railroad? Yeah - girl please.
  7. But children numb their selves when this happens years and years and then? They just do not set themselves up for disappointment. It's less painful. Trust me on this. I could be wrong, but I think Jenelle said boarding time was 12:45. Which means they would need to show up at the airport at around 10 am?? Like Barb said, without prior notice, Jace would miss an entire UNEXCUSED day of school. I hate being obvious, but school means nothing to Jenelle.
  8. I am re-watching and just heard Chelsea being shocked that any child would EVER not have a father say Happy Birthday. Chels? While I appreciate your support of your child? There are literally millions of children on this planet who never hear from their dads. You got lucky because you were born into a family where your dad is a dentist and obviously handles your income. We (meaning the public audience) have seen Dr. Randy hand over cash to you for this or that concert or whatever. I am pretty sure you had to ask your dad how far behind Adam is in regarding child support. I refuse to call
  9. I had to visit MTV.com because I had no idea who most of the people were. I then realized that several are from Are You The One? I've never watched it and never intend to. But there were some bios that gave no clue to the contestant's link to MTV. Hunter, Kailah, and Nelson to name a few?
  10. My oldest sister is a compulsive, pathological liar. She goes as far to proclaim that she adopted her son who looks just like her! Rinna ain't got nuttin on my sister. I barely blink an eye at Lisa Rinna
  11. I like India a lot. But I could do without them forcing her to dye her hair lavender. It's just too fake looking.
  12. The only person on the panel that I have ever heard of is Ashley. I've never heard of Paper magazine (and I am a print junkie who subscribes to so many magazines that it eats up a large portion of my disposable income). Never heard of Rita, the dude with the braids or the blonde guy who looks like a lizard. I too, decided to give ANTM another chance now that egotistical Tyra is gone, but it was a very bad decision. While I can't stand Marissa? I have to give her props for making a very valid point. She said she didn't enter this competition to show what a good dancer she is. She wants to b
  13. Lawd. Deb. And Farrah applauding. I think Farrah is just glad someone is being a bigger idiot than she.
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