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  1. I'm in the minority here...I thought this episode was awful. I didn't see the point of Mark's calling random Connors. Maybe the idea was good, but the execution fell flat. I'm over Darlene and Ben. At this point, Ben doesn't want a relationship with Darlene and he doesn't really bring anything else to the table as a character so I don't understand why he's still on the show? I would love to see Darlene join a dating website and meet someone different every week. I like Louise but she wants to spend a lot of money/have a big wedding because she thinks that will make her marriage
  2. Per Wikipedia: In 1992, she allegedly began a five-year affair with Andy Bleiler, her married former high school drama instructor.[16] In 1993, she enrolled at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, graduating with a bachelor's degree in psychology in 1995.[3][1][13] In an appearance on Larry King Live in 2000, she revealed that she started an affair with a 40-year-old married man in Los Angeles when she was 18 years old, and that the affair continued while she was attending Lewis & Clark College in the early '90s. She did not reveal the man's identity.[17] (references: [16]C
  3. I don't think Monica was unhinged. I agree that Monica was lonely and had very low self esteem and Clinton totally preyed upon that. Knowing that her affair with Clinton was not her first (or second) relationship with a married man, and she was only 22, leads me to believe she is not as innocent and naive as the show is making her out to be. Also, they are making Linda Tripp completely unlikeable and pathetic as possible. Since Monica is an executive producer, I'm assuming she had a lot of input of how the story was written and is trying to portray herself to the public as more of a victim of
  4. So far, I'm enjoying this. I thought it was going to be more about Monica. I'm assuming this first episode was concentrated on Linda Tripp to establish that she was a horrible person in case someone wasn't familiar with the story. I agree with other posters in that Edie Falco shouldn't have been cast as Hillary. I also think Betty Gilpin would have been a better Ann Coulter, but Colbie Smulders is fine. The actress playing Paula Jones is excellent. Sarah Paulsen is good as Linda Tripp, but I'm tired of seeing her in every Ryan Murphy show. I'm on the fence about the actress playing
  5. I was surprised that Dan died. I actually was expecting Maze to give him her soul since she didn't want it anymore. What did Lucifer say to Dan's killer at the end? I know he was on his knees afterward, but I don't remember seeing him being killed by Lucifer or Maze. I'll miss Dan - I was actually wanting him and Ella to get together.
  6. I was definitely disappointed that this was the finale. I didn't like the Adam cancer storyline. I didn't like introducing the new characters, etc. It would have been nice to have the episode centered around Tammy's sober birthday (instead of a few episodes back) and have the girls reflect on how far they've all come, etc over the years. They could have had Jill mention she was getting married and give Bonnie a throw away line about why Christy couldn't be there. The final scene could have been Wendy asking if anyone else wanted to share and then have Shannon raise her hand while her mom
  7. Hopefully, Chen never has to go undercover where flirting is required because she would be killed immediately! A wet noodle would have been more believable. I knew something was going to happen with Lopez and La Fiera. I'm not in law enforcement or a drug lord, but I would think La Fiera could put a hit out on Lopez (or Chen or any of the arresting officers) from behind bars so I was surprised there weren't any on duty officers stationed at the wedding. Harper looked gorgeous!! I'm disappointed Smitty wasn't DJ'ing
  8. I've streamed the first five episodes. I did a lot of fast forwarding. Her personality is a bit much. She would be fun to have at a party, but if I'm spending $50,000, I want to deal with someone a little more professional. Her renovations are well done and she has some great ideas. However, some of the her designs don't seem very smart overall. For example, the pool house. I would think if people are swimming and partying, I wouldn't want upholstered chairs and a heavy wood table in the dining room. The episode with the wine rack and two younger children was decorated with WHITE furni
  9. I was surprised that TK and Carlos's house didn't have any smoke detectors. If they were hooked up to the security system, then I'm surprised they wouldn't have at least one stand alone that was battery operated. I would have thought Owen would want to check his house to see if the arsonist left him any presents or at least have a line saying he checked it. I'm glad this storyline is over. I hope Tommy's husband isn't dead.
  10. I would have rather had the husband mention on the video that he already completed everything to legally have Michaela be the woman's guardian. Instead, he talks about giving her the house. A nice house in NYC would get a lot of $$$$ that could go towards putting the mother/wife in nice facility. I thought it was even more fat fetched that they called one place (off screen) and an hour later, someone is there to pick the woman up.
  11. I used to like this show a lot more, and it's still enjoyable, but I think it's run it's course. At this point, I'm liking the kid's friends more than anyone else. Tripp, Cooper and Oliver are the characters that stand out. I'm disappointed that Katy is pregnant because it feels like lazy writing. Usually shows introduced a new baby because they've run out of ideas. If this show has another season, I guarantee it will be the last. I liked Joel McHale as Cooper's dad, but then again, JH is great in everything! I still can't warm up to Katy's new breakfast friends - I liked Dor
  12. Toks has a British accent in real life. I believe she talked with her real accent when she appeared in Castle, but on the Rookie, she's always spoke with an American accent.
  13. I liked the pilot better. I think this show has a lot of potential but it's trying way too hard. Karla and Topher have absolutely no chemistry so I can't see them as a married couple. I think she was miscast - she is way better in dramatic roles.
  14. I really liked Barnes too. She had a good storyline and it would have been nice to see her character develop throughout the season(s).
  15. This new storyline is so dumb! This show wasn't too great to begin with but I stayed with it for Ronald and his cereal. Now he's barely even it in and not a box of cocoa puffs has seen in the last two episodes. I guess the bad guys from last week were just a one and done. The guy stuck to the deer antlers and his boyfriend Joe Exotic were way more entertaining than these "ranchers." This show should have been done after episode 9.
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