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  1. Valley Village: The kitchen backsplash was AWFUL! It ruined the entire look! The small bathroom had too many different patterns going on. The pentagon shaped tile was lovely but it should have been limited to shower. I'm glad the SIL had some common sense and pointed out the costs and level of difficulty were going to be much higher than the homeowner thought. The SIL's kitchen was super nice! I would have loved to see the rest of her house!
  2. Tori's duster isn't listed, but Jennie's sweater is: https://wornontv.net/150282/
  3. This ep was pretty meh, IMO. I did like when they were all rattling off their enemies. And when Jennie sarcastically asks Tori what's wrong with her because she didn't want to use the stairs and Tori replies "Everything!" That was funny too! I'm disappointed how they used Jamie Walters though. Him singing in the empty bar and the cast accusing him of a crime was a total slap in the face. Considering the show and his fans ruined his career because they couldn't separate reality from fiction, it would have been nice to see Jamie portrayed as the hero he is in real life. I wish he would have shown up to fight the fire and after it was put out, he starting singing "How Do You Talk To An Angel" as he's walking away and getting back on the truck.
  4. Fayetteville, GA: I had to fast forward through a lot of this episode because of the wife! She rolled her eyes and complained that her husband was concerned about the roof, HVAC and wood in the house. According to her, that stuff wasn't important. What was important (in her opinion) was the bling and how the house was going to impress other people. I thought the husband did a great job. I know they only had $45k for reno, but I was hoping for new floors in the LR and a better looking fireplace. I'm glad to see the trees were still standing in the backyard. I guess she got used to all the imaginary bugs she was shooing away.
  5. I never liked the Brenda character in the original and I'm really not liking Shannon in this. She's written so OTTP that it's comical...and not in a good way. I don't like Christine. I HATE Shay. There's zero chemistry between her and BAG and her character is beyond annoying. I love Jennie's clothes! I thought the stalker could be Kellie's daughter or Tori's husband. Whatever happened to Donna's hot boyfriend from the later seasons? I think he lived on a boat. Maybe he's the stalker. I doubt it's Ray Pruitt since being an abuser on TV ruined his career in entertainment. But maybe he'll come and put the fire out since he's a FF in real life.
  6. Austin: The kitchen and bath at the end were so ugly! Almost as ugly as his mustache! Thinking of his mustache, no one will ever be kissing him on the cheek - they might lose as eye! Even going in for a hug could be risky! Nashville: The wife was a complete b!tch. Definitely putting her in my top 10 of horrible buyers. I wanted to push her off the balcony. The husband seemed okay. I don't see their marriage lasting very long. I agree with everyone else about the Santa Clarita condo. I hate when no backyards are justified with "there's a park down the street." It's not the same. At all. It's a lot easier to open the backyard to let the children and pets play outside all day in a fenced yard vs going to a park for a little while. I can guarantee that lazy, selfish, coffee roasting douche of a dad is never going to take his son to the park.
  7. Joan's blonde hair looks worse and worse with each episode! I didn't want Morland to die and I'm afraid he is. The last conversation he had with Sherlock about always showing up when Sherlock calls seemed to be Morland's way of saying I love you. Even though they weren't a typical family or a close one, it's sad that Sherlock is the only one left. I can't believe there are only 2 episodes left. I'm going to miss JLM on my screen every week. He is such a brilliant actor and so underrated.
  8. Mason: From listening to the selfish wife's comments , the husband should probably just get his own place. I'm sure he will soon enough because I can't see them being married for very long. But just when I think she was awful, Phoenix wife shows up in the next episode. UGH!! She had to be one of the worst people ever. The constant side eyeing and snide comments to and about her husband, the insistence on a single story home because their FOUR (!!) year old could fall down the stairs, the carpet, the laundry room, etc. She looked pissed every time they were in the car; actually she looked pissed all.the.time! And him with his stupid sports room and hot dog machine! He needs an entire room for himself to accommodate a small kitchen appliance? What a complete douche! However, I don't understand why one of the extra bedrooms couldn't be used as a playroom (or his stupid sports room). I felt sorry for the realtor - she seemed more like a marriage counselor when she was talking to them. I'd be curious to know how many people work at a hospital and have "seen things", yet are still capable of owning a 2 story house.
  9. Las Vegas: She was awful! Besides being totally selfish, she was beyond annoying. I don't know how long they've been married, but I can't see it lasting much longer. I doubt he'll want to spend his retirement listing to her "cha-chinging" everyday. I had to laugh that she insisted on such a big house for entertaining, and their huge (sarcasm) party of 5 people had to sit on the pool ledge because there was no furniture - inside or outside. I think the husband is going to be thankful for having a pool. I can't imagine living in Vegas without one. I lived in LV for over 25 years and IMO, they probably will never have an episode showing the older parts because 1. Everyone wants brand new! These buyers that think a 10 year old house is "dated" are certainly not going to look at areas that were built in the 60's, 70's or 80's. 2. Sadly, the older homes are not in desirable neighborhoods anymore. In their heyday, they were nice, but nowadays if you go a few blocks in any direction, it's very questionable. I did a major eye roll at the realtor counting the courtyard as a living space. People like their privacy, especially in LV so people entertain in their backyards. I can't see them (or anyone else) using the courtyard on a regular basis. Plus, it's like a thousand degrees outside for half the year. I doubt anyone would enjoy sitting out in front with no shade when it's 110.
  10. I don't know what the Palm Springs drag queen was trying be, but he came across as a complete douche! Listening to all their future plans at the end, made me feel very sorry for their neighbors. I love MCM, so I hope to see a WATN epsiode with this house but with only the roommate/work partner present.
  11. I liked the Navarre Fl couple. He was picky and particular, but at least they both had a good sense of humor about it. I liked in the beginning that he bragged about her job since she didn't know how to describe her career because she wasn't practicing law at the moment.
  12. Manhattan Beach: I wish they didn't move the sink and the stove. They lost the window so that huge ugly hood could be installed. Then the back door was taken out as well. So much $$$ wasted to move the plumbing and gas and no natural light. All of it was totally unnecessary. What is Nate's obsession with banquettes? The countertops were way too busy. I liked the natural colored wood floors. When there's so much white, the lighter floors make the house feel warmer. Island Breeze: I loved this family! The design...not so much. The kitchen was beautiful! However, the long built in seating was a big fail, IMO. It looked very uncomfortable and out of place. Plus, having the long banquette in the dining room make it look even weirder. I understand covering up the fireplace since they never used it, but I think a nice comfy sectional would have looked (and felt) so much better. They definitely should have installed a desk in the father's room. I wish they would have done a custom nightstand on one side of the bed to hide the mini fridge instead of that huge cabinet under the TV. The father seemed very easy going and easy to please so I don't understand why N & J went so over the top with seating areas (and $$$) on his room. Nate saying the heated floors weren't expensive at almost $9000 was ridiculous. That was a good chunk of her budget that could have been spent on something more important (like living room furniture). I think N & J wouldn't have to "call in so many favors" if they were more down to earth when it came to recognizing that everyone isn't as rich as them. They could easily find less expensive accessories, furniture and materials that would be just as nice and function just as well.
  13. I have a feeling Ritter will be the only casualty. His character doesn't really do much and won't be missed. Plus, I'm pretty sure I read that all the main characters renewed their contracts. I like Brett with the Pastor, but we all know it's not going to last. Hopefully next season, the show will do away with these hokey B plots. They're getting old and are never funny.
  14. He totally reminded me of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I loved reading the comments about Buck and Eddie on the influencer's website. I know I've said it before, but JLH really needs to part her hair on the side instead of straight down the middle. I didn't know they were doing a 911 Texas version. I'll watch anything with Rob Lowe!
  15. I agree about the LI wife...she was horrible. I don't know what the husband saw in her. While I was watching, I kept thinking that the Astoria couple should move out of Queens and move to Long Island instead.
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