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  1. Me too! I'll watch him in anything! Unfortunately, RL's track record for starring in a show that lasts for more than one season is slim to none. Totally agree! I'm fine with the diversity of characters; however, I think it would have been better if it were spread over the season instead of putting all of their backstories in the first show. The trans person could have casually mentioned being trans in another episode. And did the gay son have to introduced as gay and an opioid addict in the same/first episode? They couldn't have introduced Grace as Judd's wife in the 2nd ep? I agree with everyone else re: Liv Tyler. She has the acting range of a wet noodle! Watching her treat these victims/patients is the most unrealistic part...and for this show, that's saying A LOT! I think it took the entire Scooby Doo crew way too long to figure out it was the food that was the cause. Since everyone else in the building seemed to be fine and I assume a gas leak or carbon monoxide was ruled out, I would think the next logical step would be something they all ate.
  2. NJ wife was a jerk to her husband in the beginning. I'm glad she wasn't as snide to him when they were looking at the houses. My gaydar was going off with the husband and not because of his horrible man bun.
  3. Anthony Michael Hall! I loved when he showed Adam the pic of when he was a nerd! I ❤ 16 Candles! Seeing the old games was funny...the rest was meh. Since when is Johnny Atkins a popular kid?
  4. I totally LOL'ed when Jo told Brooks after he kissed her that he was being so dramatic and "he wasn't going off to war!" Brooks is so easy on the eyes!! Currie Graham - the DOJ guy - plays shady characters so well! I hope he's in more episodes. I agree with others about the show kind of going in different directions each episode. I really hope it doesn't turn into "let's try this plot and see if it works" - looking at you Manifest.
  5. I guess I'm in the minority here...I thought this episode was awful. The Darlene and Ben storyline was okay, but I'm not understanding the need for doing another print magazine. It's 2020...why wouldn't they do a website? I thought Becky's boyfriend was nice, but the entire family was rude to him from the get-go so I get why he thought they were all "toxic". I can understand being passionate about a sport/team,but they were all just being straight up jerks. And Lecy's "acting" was awful this episode.
  6. This had to be one of the worst episodes ever! Debra Messing was trying way too hard. The Jack and Will storyline didn't really work either. I missed Karen.
  7. Florida to Coronado: I had to laugh when the Dr said they wanted to move to San Diego so he would have a shorter commute. Seriously? Who moves to So California for a shorter commute? I was a little surprised at how small the backyards were at the houses they toured.
  8. I'm not a fan of Liv Tyler either. Her onscreen performances and chemistry with her costars is worse than a wet noodle. However, I love me some Rob Lowe! Besides those two, I don't recognize the names of the other actors. Side note: Rob Lowe's son John Owen works for Ryan Murphy and he wrote the script for ep 6. I'm sure it's pure coincidence and there was no nepotism involved. 🙄
  9. Not sure where to put this so it's going here. I thought this was interesting and here's hoping that if the Mormon church gets investigated by the IRS, that the case against Co$ will be reopened. https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/18/us/latter-day-saints-charity-funds-complaint/index.html
  10. THIS!!! Hermann's a firefighter and he let his son go to a pool party without any parental supervision!!! Where were the parents? That's who Hermann should have been bitching out instead of his son who saved a life! The EMT's and everyone over the age of 14 were in long sleeves and jackets so it obviously wasn't summer, but yet there's a pool party? The tow truck driver scheme plotline was stupid. I didn't care for the Stella conference storyline either. She's not as experienced as the others but she answers one question correctly and suddenly she's Gabby?! Everybody nominates her because she's the best? Gag! I'm glad Cruz got engaged and it's not to someone from 51. Instead of eating up the clock with these lame subplots (newsletter, etc), I wish they would show them outside of work having a personal life...and not at Mollies and not with each other!
  11. I think Jasmine's was the one they criticized because it wasn't custom. Hers and Leanne's looked very similar though - huge, but with just rods and shelves. That's custom enough for me though. The only closet I didn't like was Mina's because everything was behind those cabinet doors. Maybe one cabinet for jewelry, scarves and other accessories, but I like to see my clothes, shoes, etc out in the "open".
  12. I didn't really care for any of the front yards/curb appeal. I don't know if they were limited due to the HOA or if they were all just meh because landscaping isn't their forte. If I had to choose though, Mina's was the best. I was glad to see Jasmine or Mina win - their houses were the most practical, family friendly and appealing to buyers. In the builder's model home, turning the half bath into a full bath is an upgrade, but Jasmine making it an en suite to the den/4th bedroom and adding the additional powder room definitely put her over the edge. Alison's brass on the exterior and front door looked tacky! I'm glad the stupid toilet and cheap floors were pointed out as a con as well as the wine room and secondary rooms just being staged. I'm so happy that she didn't win or even come in 2nd place. If Leanne would have kept the baseboards and added flooring in her house, Alison would have come in last. AV's comment about HER knowing more about design than the other ladies was totally snide and obviously completely untrue. I don't see the other designers going hundreds of thousands over budget and having HUGE problems in every episodes of their shows, I don't see the other designers having their work suspended by the city they work in, I don't see the other designers having their homes sit on the market because they are so overpriced and I don't see the other designers having legal issues due to shoddy workmanship. I hope Ari took the first flight home because I'm sure Alison blamed him for EVERYTHING!! I liked that Mina added the secret office and dual vanity. However, her house looks like an upgraded staged home. On the flip side, her house will definitely be the easiest for a buyer to "put their own stamp" on. Say what you will about Leanne, but her house does look like it belongs in a magazine. She is the only one that moved walls, made and took extra sq footage and totally went outside the box. When the other ladies walked in, you could tell they were shocked (in a good way) and appreciated and respected Leanne's vision. Her house will sell quickly for two reasons: 1. It looks nothing like the other tract homes in the community and 2. the master bathroom. Flooring, baseboards, and some desert landscaping can easily be installed (pricey, but easy) over a high end custom master bath. As for the secondary bedrooms and bathroom, I can understand why she left them - kitchens and baths sell houses and that's where she spent all her money. However, she could have easily and inexpensively staged them so they didn't look so unfinished. I did like that she added an extra living area, but I wouldn't be able to live in her house unless it was just me and maybe a goldfish. I hope there is a season 2...without Alison!
  13. Yes! To everything you said! I have a feeling Mary Jo and Jessie were hoping to get a reality show out of this. The daughter is definitely a fame whore like her dad. Besides what has already been mentioned, I thought it was odd that Mary Jo and her daughter kept trying to paint this picture perfect life before Amy Fisher. Considering Mary Jo mentioned a few times about Joey's drug/alcohol abuse and how he needed to choose between his family or partying, and how they would constantly say "what did Joey do NOW?", tells me the Buttafuoco family wasn't as ideal as they were trying to portray it. Mary Jo is a complete doormat and an idiot. I'm sure Joey was cheating on her long before Amy and I'm sure many times after. Mary Jo mentioned that after he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute, that was it and they were getting a divorce. He was arrested for soliciting in 1995 and they didn't divorce until 2003! Also, she mentioned she only agreed to appear on the talk shows because they were broke because Joey lost $3 million dollars in bad investments. I guess "bad investments" is code for hookers, blow and spending lavishly while being a complete douche! Not that I feel sorry for Amy, but the short clip they showed of her being a web cam girl, was sad. You could definitely see the emptiness in her eyes. Kudos to the Buttafuoco son for changing his name and never wanting a part of this sideshow!
  14. I didn't notice any random customer cutaway scenes this week. I totally laughed when Dina asked Mateo if he just finished doing a magic trick when she asked if he was busy.
  15. I agree. I think they should do another season of this show or something similar. However, I would like to see designers that aren't "famous" yet - something similar to Design Star, but with tract homes. I would love to see Eric & Lindsey from Desert Flippers, Ken & Anita from Flip or Flop Atlanta or Ben & Erin from Home Town evaluate their work instead of Tarek, etc. Agree. When I lived in LV, there were a few times I covered it in the summer and it got way too hot! Now that I live in the Midwest, I have to cover it every day otherwise, it's freezing!! I think Jasmine's pool would be considered a "splash pool." It's smaller and shallower. Michael Phelps isn't going to train in it, but it's ideal for people who just want to cool off or have a small backyard or don't want to deal with the cost and upkeep of a larger pool.
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