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  1. This episode was pretty weak. Bradford and his dad (sans Chen) were the only scenes really worth watching. I really don't want a Bradford/Chen hookup and I'm disappointed that the show is going in that direction. Bailey can leave any time now. She brings nothing to the table especially chemistry with Nolan! He's known her for like a month and he's already proposing. Give me a break! I'm so over Nyla and her ex husband/child custody drama. The Wesley and Elijah storyline was very anti climatic!
  2. This episode was pretty underwhelming. This season was a complete disappointment. I think if there's a season 2, it needs to be reworked, IMO. Maxine is really the only "new" character I liked, but I could do without her son. I wasn't really buying Allie as a CSI and I didn't care about her personal life at all. And I certainly don't want to see a hook up between her and the other guy. I would prefer if her character didn't return. I think the additional characters need to be fleshed out more. I feel like we know more about the quirky coroner than the rest of the CSIs/lab techs combine
  3. I like Eddie when it's not about Eddie. When he's in the "background" helping with rescues and having his bromance with Buck is when his character is at it's best. I'm over all of his brinks of death and personal dramas. I thought the lonely older lady who kept calling was eventually going to have a real emergency and no one would show up like the boy who cried wolf. But after Athena paid her a visit and she said she hadn't talked to her daughter in years because she told her she didn't like her husband, I was hoping one of the wives from the beginning scene was going to be standing
  4. As of fan of the original and a longtime resident of Vegas, I was disappointed. I'm not feeling the new cast except for Maxine. Sara was one of my least favorites back in the day so I'm not thrilled that she's returning. Even though Nick left before the series ended, I would have liked to see him and Greg again. Wendy and David still working there would have been cool, especially if David took over Robbin's position. But instead we got a new group of good looking twenty somethings who know everything. Sigh... Why does every CSI show have to have a quirky character? This time around
  5. I'm hate watching this show so I didn't like this episode. I don't understand why Louise just couldn't tell Darlene the truth...that she's a complete buzzkill about EVERYTHING! I wouldn't even want her attending my wedding let alone, help with it. And who knew that Landford had Moroccan and Ethiopian restaurants. At least there was no Ben this episode. Harris looked lovely in the bridesmaid dress. Louise would have looked nice in something similar. I did not like the Becky sober sex plot. Becky only had sex when she was drunk? Seriously? What about all those years with Mark
  6. I think Nolan (Nathan Fillion) is attractive, not HOT, but attractive. He's also my age (IRL). I think Jenna looks younger than her age, but IMO, I think the issue is she's just not right for the role. I'm not buying her as a female firefighter and I agree that she has no chemistry with Nolan. However this is TV, and the male star of the shows always have a super good looking, thin girlfriend/wife no matter how ugly, fat or dorky they are.
  7. I was disappointed in this episode as well. Like someone mentioned above, nobody else in the LAPD could figure out a jewelry heist except Jackson 2.0? And I'm not buying that a TikTok "star" knows all the details about how celebrities get their jewelry before an awards show. Maybe if the character was a son of a famous celebrity, that might be more believable. Tricia Helfer is very very thin! I'm over Chen and her puppy, but mainly Chen. And I'm pretty sure her apartment manager is going to be pissed with those graffiti looking walls. I could take or leave Nolan's new l
  8. Didn't Albert get hurt? I remember him doing food delivery or something last season and he was on the freeway with the drunk driver lady. He was in the hospital, close to death, but he survived. I also remember him doing therapy.
  9. Lou was found out in the desert in the middle of summer after FIVE days with his throat slit and he's still alive? Come on! It never occurred to Athena or her captain that her house/family would be targeted because she too was a victim? I'm believe this even less than Lou surviving without water and sliced jugular for 5 days! Michael hosts the entire neighborhood at Athena's because they have a generator. Ok, fine. But if it's so hot outside, why is everyone sitting in the backyard? Why wouldn't they all be sitting inside the house with the sliding glass door CLOSED enjoying the AC? And
  10. Disappointed that Jackson was killed, but I'm glad the La Fiera storyline is over. Now Lopez will have to deal with Wes's shady business relationships. Please NO Chen and Bradford hookup - EVER! Usually this show is a light hearted drama, but when they want a powerful death scene, they know how to bring it. Captain Anderson in S1 getting shot in the pool, La Fiera leaning against the chain link fence after being shot in this episode.
  11. I'm in the minority here...I thought this episode was awful. I didn't see the point of Mark's calling random Connors. Maybe the idea was good, but the execution fell flat. I'm over Darlene and Ben. At this point, Ben doesn't want a relationship with Darlene and he doesn't really bring anything else to the table as a character so I don't understand why he's still on the show? I would love to see Darlene join a dating website and meet someone different every week. I like Louise but she wants to spend a lot of money/have a big wedding because she thinks that will make her marriage
  12. Per Wikipedia: In 1992, she allegedly began a five-year affair with Andy Bleiler, her married former high school drama instructor.[16] In 1993, she enrolled at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, graduating with a bachelor's degree in psychology in 1995.[3][1][13] In an appearance on Larry King Live in 2000, she revealed that she started an affair with a 40-year-old married man in Los Angeles when she was 18 years old, and that the affair continued while she was attending Lewis & Clark College in the early '90s. She did not reveal the man's identity.[17] (references: [16]C
  13. I don't think Monica was unhinged. I agree that Monica was lonely and had very low self esteem and Clinton totally preyed upon that. Knowing that her affair with Clinton was not her first (or second) relationship with a married man, and she was only 22, leads me to believe she is not as innocent and naive as the show is making her out to be. Also, they are making Linda Tripp completely unlikeable and pathetic as possible. Since Monica is an executive producer, I'm assuming she had a lot of input of how the story was written and is trying to portray herself to the public as more of a victim of
  14. So far, I'm enjoying this. I thought it was going to be more about Monica. I'm assuming this first episode was concentrated on Linda Tripp to establish that she was a horrible person in case someone wasn't familiar with the story. I agree with other posters in that Edie Falco shouldn't have been cast as Hillary. I also think Betty Gilpin would have been a better Ann Coulter, but Colbie Smulders is fine. The actress playing Paula Jones is excellent. Sarah Paulsen is good as Linda Tripp, but I'm tired of seeing her in every Ryan Murphy show. I'm on the fence about the actress playing
  15. I was surprised that Dan died. I actually was expecting Maze to give him her soul since she didn't want it anymore. What did Lucifer say to Dan's killer at the end? I know he was on his knees afterward, but I don't remember seeing him being killed by Lucifer or Maze. I'll miss Dan - I was actually wanting him and Ella to get together.
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