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  1. After reading this article, she is definitely throwing him under the bus. Even if he's guilty of doing what she claims and she was truly oblivious to what he was doing, that just shows what an awful business woman she is. However, I pretty sure she knew exactly what was going on and is pissed SHE got caught! https://people.com/home/windy-city-rehab-premiere-why-hgtv-allison-victoria-split-lawsuit-stop-work-order/
  2. I thought the ending was good except I didn't like that nothing happened to Nate regarding him killing DA Miller. But then again, I hated that nothing happened to him the entire run of the show. I was surprised that both Bonnie and Frank died, but I liked that they each had their "moment" of someone distraught over them being shot. Bonnie with Frank and then Annalise with Bonnie. Since we were under severe weather, my local news kept cutting in with thunderstorm updates so I have a couple of questions: What was on the flash drive that Frank got and what was the deal that Nate talked about on the stand? Was it the $20million or something more? I agree with others about the bad makeup. Eve should have been dead or at least looked way older. Laurel looked like she was dressed up for Halloween. Connor, Oliver and Annalise all looked realistic. I'm curious though why Teagan wasn't at the funeral.
  3. Agree! She was awful! She was more concerned about the dog being comfortable than the 2 boys. I did think it was funny that the boys gave the dog affection and the step mom got eye rolls. I didn't care for the stairs being outside in the 3 story walk up.
  4. juliet73


    I've watched a couple of episodes and I'm not feeling it especially Pauley's character. I think if she didn't exist, the show would be much better. Plus, she always looks like she just climbed out of a dumpster - her hair always looks so greasy and her clothes are awful. The rest of the cast is good. I like Javier and his assistant.
  5. They are facing another lawsuit: https://chicago.suntimes.com/entertainment-and-culture/2020/4/15/21222937/windy-city-rehab-alison-victoria-donovan-eckhardt-lawsuit
  6. From what I read from the listing and what I saw on HH, they installed brand new HVAC, new upgraded solar ready electrical panel and painted the living room wall and the front door orange and painted purple and pink accent walls in the bedrooms. Everything else looks the same as when they toured it. So I would say no as a flip.
  7. I agree about the house being ugly and I guess they realized it was too much work to fix up because it's back on the market for $75k more than what they paid for 6 months ago. https://www.redfin.com/CA/Palm-Springs/15880-La-Vida-Dr-92262/home/5713210 The structures in the backyard are privacy fences. The house has an attached casita (which they didn't show in the episode). It makes more sense when you see the aerial view pics from the listing.
  8. Her outfit was hideous! Her pants were way to high and very unflattering and she wasn't thin or young enough to pull off that crop top. Her wardrobe improved a little as the show went on, but she really needs to accept her body type and dress more accordingly. I agree with everyone else that her eye makeup was awful. I'm over 40 and "rad" is still a regular part of my vocabulary but even I was annoyed at how much she used the word. But I'll take rad over AMAZING any day! Glad the Philly couple chose the first house. It was beautiful and the price was right!
  9. The nurse was everything is this episode!! Glad the baseball storyline is over. No surprise that Grace would be having a boy and Will would be having a girl. Looking forward to seeing the series finale (again) - I've been over this reboot for a while now.
  10. She has some gall to think someone is going to spend $50k MORE than what she bought it for a year ago when NOTHING has been done to the property. If anything, I would think the property would sell for less than what she paid for just because her name and crappy reputation is tied to it.
  11. This show is growing on me, except for the daughter. She needs to go. And she should be looking for a new babysitter. I like Ken and Diaz together. I liked Ken's reason for wanting to work with the police and I liked that he kind of shut down Diaz about his brother living with him. "It doesn't work like that." The mayor moves on pretty fast! He separated from his wife 5 minutes ago and is already making the moves on the PR woman.
  12. Considering the bone collector is supposed to be so meticulous, I would think he would have reattached the wainscoting panel to the wall a lot better. I knew the wife wouldn't get out of there alive. I don't know why she didn't call the police in the first place instead of waiting for the husband to get home. The nanny was a great actress...especially compared to Lincoln and Amelia who have the acting chops of a wet noodle. I just can't anymore with Lincoln. It really drives me mad that he knows EVERYTHING!! "I know that chirping noise. I heard it once 20 years ago. It's a parrot that is only found in this specific Brooklyn neighborhood." C'mon!! I was shocked that he admitted that he didn't know how to diffuse the bomb, but of course, he knew how to build one! Give me a break! I will continue to hate watch this show until it is cancelled...hopefully sooner than later.
  13. IMO, the two lead actors are awful! And I can hand wave a lot, but Lincoln knowing EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING is really taking me out of the show. Just once I want to hear him say "I don't know...can someone Google it?" Michael Imperoli is way too good to be wasted on this garbage.
  14. I love Joel McHale and he needs to be a series regular on another show. However, this episode was pretty dumb. I could see this story happening with Grace, but definitely not with Karen. Jack buying the bar plotline was pretty lame too.
  15. Nice to see real life husband and wife Clark Gregg and Jennifer Grey. I'm not a fan of Dan getting annoyed/mad at Ed Jr because of what their dad didn't/did do. It's not Ed Jr's fault. I still think it's weird there hasn't at least been a throw away about Crystal. The flashback was great! Darlene and Ben thinking about having a baby is the STUPIDEST thing! 1. They just got back together even though they said last week that was a good reason to have a baby. 2. If I remember correctly, neither one of them is employed and they are both completely broke. 3. They don't even live together, let alone are married! I think at this point, I'm just hate watching this show which is shame because I loved the original run, but the reboot has been a hit or miss...a lot more miss lately.
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