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S07.E03: We're In This Together

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Having had chemo treatment before, this is a great episode to help educate viewer than don't know much about it on how it works.  I applaud Jen for having the courage to make the decision to show it with the world.  With that said, even though she says how sick and tired she gets after the treatments, no visual on TV can ever truely depict how super sick one really feels from it.    

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Aw, I'm sorry to hear that MrMattyMatt , I hope & trust you are doing well now.   Of course, so many of us have been touched in our lives by cancer.  I applaud Jen as well for having the courage to try to educate the public.  Education just might help a bit to dispel the paralyzing fear of the word "cancer."  

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I can't seem to post where I want to so this is off subject, why does Bill use such big complicated words. Is it just me, but that drives me crazy. I can say them but can't begin to spell them and I have to google them to,know,what the hell he's talking about. My sister says it's the small person or man syndrome, me feels the need to be big in some way so it's his vocabulary.

Hope you are well mrmattymatt

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Only in one spot did I find Bill's speech rather affected, and that was when they were lounging around on the hospital bed complimenting each other on a job well done getting through the chemo (we all remember the dialogue, which I hope wasn't scripted).  "I'm so proud...of what you've done..."  (she submitted to treatment) He seemed to be affecting a pseudo-British accent?  Almost a little James Mason.  Maybe tongue-in-cheek.  Re: vocabulary, I believe he's just articulate.  If anyone has "small person syndrome" and tries to overcompensate for size, I'd nominate Jen with her constant insistence on controlling herself and everyone/everything in her environment.

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