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  1. What are the thoughts about Tuesdays episode??? I was so anxious to see how the kids have grown and progressed and I was highly disappointed. I think Will is 6 or 7 and Zoey is 4 or 5. When Zoey was telling everyone no, including her grandparents without being corrected that that isn't nice behavior, I was floored. They are spoiled brats. In the castle, going into places after being told not to or being told come here and completely ignoring Bill, primarily was shocking. They clearly have no control or very little because they try to be lenient as far as discipline goes. My mom said not all k
  2. Is there going to be a new thread for the new season?
  3. I totally agree, I hate to criticize children because they aren't choosing their hairstyle or their clothing, but Zoey and Will look horrific, IMO. It seems they have cut Zoeys hair shorter and shorter and it's not even feminine. I believe Will has more hair than Zoey at this point. The pictures that Jen posts are so random and I would think as perfect as she wants everything to be they would be professional shots.
  4. Someone posted that the filming has stopped due to Will and his behavioral issues. I haven't seen this and I posted an excerpt from an article featuring the 7Little Johnstons and how there is some sort of legal dispute between TLC and Discovery Channel over the rights of several shows seen on both networks. I do believe they have filmed a new season that should have aired months ago.
  5. Noticed this in a picture Jen posted on Instagram. A new color house??? As long as it took her to pick that ugly green color she has changed it to a more subtle blue. They have changed their furniture inside the home at least 3x since moving in so I'm not surprised.
  6. "With “7 Little Johnstons,” Discovery is understood to have a third-party company lined up to take over production of the show. Of the six LMNO shows wrapped up in the lawsuit, only one, TLC’s “The Little Couple,” at present is moving to a Discovery-owned banner. However, “Little Couple” is the most successful of the shows, which is why the move has raised eyebrows." www.variety.com/2016/tv/news/discovery-lmno-7-little-johnstons-writ-1201855705/ This is an excerpt from an article on variety.com in reference to why some TLC shows aren't coming back or are in limbo. I put it here beca
  7. Very disappointing and even more so since neither Jen or Bill are big posters on IG or Twitter so that we can see how the kids are growing up.
  8. This may not be the correct place for this. But, does anyone know when the new season starts? Or if they are even coming back?
  9. I remember Zoey saying she wanted her ears pierced just like mommy so I wouldn't be surprised if the request for the haircut came next. I also seem to remember Bill saying he wanted the pixie cut on Zoey, I'm sure that along with the fact that I remember a scene from the first day of school and Jen was brushing her hair as they walked down the stairs from back to front,,which made no sense to me and indicated she had no idea what she was doing. Zoey may have easily knotted hair and may even be tender headed which makes styling hair a nightmare.
  10. I didn't really like this episode but, I don't really like any of the question answer shows. They don't get asked anything of substance IMO. We really don't learn anything from them, it's a waste of time. Has anyone noticed that when they are on the couches they never show their feet it's from the chest up. Any other little people show we see their entire body including feet. Does anyone think they are in denial about being little? And think they are just extra short, especially Bill. I think I've mentioned this before, if so, I apologize, I suffer from memory loss...seriously. It was just bor
  11. I think there is a night and day difference with how the Hamil's discipline and Jen and Bill and maybe it's due to having the kids biologically and adopting. The Hamils have been able to discipline starting at a much younger age while Jen and Bill didn't want to discipline right away because the kids weren't comfortable with them yet. I think Will was able to get away with a lot more than Jack at 3 or 4 and now Zoey basically runs the house and seems to do whatever the hell she wants and Bill looks on and laughs at everything she does. They excuse it as her being moody but the moods need to be
  12. Why in the world do you think being a SAHD is something to be ashamed of? I don't think anyone is downing the role of SAHD but, I think Bill isn't necessarily proud of that role. He's a businessman not a house husband. And maybe that is what the majority of his time has resulted to be. Jen is no longer seeing patients so I would think she would be home more often but, apparently the SIM Center is keeping her busier than ever.
  13. I believe that Bill is the type of man that doesn't mind riding on the coat tails of his successful wife. I can remember in past seasons he always referred to her as "the good doctor" whenever he could in front of people. It is a status thing with him and a little embarrassing. Bill isn't going anywhere and neither is Jen.
  14. It was extreme,y boring to me. Obviously the kids were adorable and I don't really have an issue with Will trying out Zoey's activity if invited by the instructor. I do believe after awhile Zoey will voice if she has an issue and doesn't want him to be a part and I do believe Will will have a tantrum, similar to,the way he gets out of sorts when Zoey was singing happy birthday to loud or was starting to read her bedtime story to soon, in previous episodes. I thought it was funny how when in the escape room, Bill seemed to just walk around aimlessly, clearly he has a huge vocabulary but to see
  15. I loved this episode as well. My question is, is it really that big of a deal when one parent goes out of town? I know it's mainly used because of filming for the show and they have to do interesting things. The pizza was cool but, the game following seemed a bit much, why not just show bedtime. Seeing the kids doing anything was pleasing to me and hearing Wills laugh is so contagious. They are truly happy kids. I loved Jens hair darker, it's actually closer to her natural color. I also saw scenes from her trip and she had lighter hair so as usual it's a lot of editing that isn't necessary to
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