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  1. I agree. I have difficulty reading some of the posts, it hurts my heart. I won’t be be posting much.
  2. I wouldn’t want to organize the mess...it isn’t the Duggar children’s crap to begin with. It’s JimBob’s. Or am I missing something?
  3. I did not say that. It is nice to have options. It is a choice. Children are offered choices in life. You can take music lessons but there is a price. Just like me, I got to go fishing and swimming but I had to learn a few few bible verses. So what? I had fun. Why should it bother grownups if children make choices for themselves? And yes, children also have other choices. Drugs, alcohol, books, and God. Nothing wrong with books and God.
  4. I am not religious at all, something I have said before. That said, I see nothing wrong with this- I learned long ago from my Grandmother that nothing in life is free and that most things come with strings attached. Complaining about it changes nothing. The kids can avail themselves of music lessons or not. It is a choice. So what if a little Jesus is thrown in. I learned about him as a kid too and it sure didn’t hurt me. Vacation Bible School was lots of fun, we went swimming and fishing between bible verses. I thought it a fair trade-off at the time. LOL. And,
  5. Audrey looks better without makeup. She just had a baby, and despite that (IMO) I think her natural appearance is prettier. I agree about the hair scarves but it may be a way to keep hair off her face. This 50% thing annoys me. Cute pictures of the babies. Jackson is growing up fast.
  6. I was rather uncomfortable with the way Amber spoke to Jonah...and thought she was rather harsh with Anna when she was trying do her makeup and hair. Some kids do not pick up the bike easily...my daughter had difficulty until she hit 8th grade. It happens.
  7. I am not sure but I think they were showing one episode out of order because of the hurricanes in both Texas and Florida. Just a guess.
  8. I got the impression Rocky pees near the pee pad but misses. Male dogs like to pee on something...I think male pee pads are a great idea. Loved this episode. Zoey’s speech therapy was fun to see. I am deaf and speech therapy was never fun when I was a kid. It has come a long ways! Glad they are utilizing games. Love Jen’s style- her two dresses, wowzie.
  9. I haven’t watched the episode yet but.. the travel episode last week is part of their normal life isn’t it? By that I mean Jen travels for work and wants to take her kids with her... like I did when my kids were younger. It is a pain in the butt to travel with kids but I took them anyway. Anyway, look forward to the new episode!
  10. I respectfully disgree. There are all kinds of editors. The weekly newspaper, the Church newsletter, the town newspaper, medical, and so on. Some pay well, some do not. Jeremy appears to be very well read. Not my taste in books at all but I suspect he’d edit a religious book better than most of us on this forum. I read a lot but there is no way I could edit a religious book.
  11. So many hurt and injured. Glad you are ok toodles.
  12. He has a degree, doesn't he? And if he is well read, knows how to edit books he can do it. I knew an editor some years back who had only a high school education. Editing books is a skill devoted readers can do amazingly well. It is not easy. You do not have to have education in ministry to be an editor. An editor works on other people's writings. Not saying he has those skills, but ministry and editing are two very different fields.
  13. If Jeremy wants to edit Christian books in Scotland, good for him. It is more ambition than any Duggar SIL. No snark from me.
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