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  1. This family has had the same dynamic since the show began. Meri and Robyn are the trouble makers. Meri is an overt trouble maker while Robyn is a sneaky trouble maker. She causes trouble behind the scenes, when she's alone with Kody. Robyn always wins. Whatever happens to the other three or anything that they get, has been predetermined by Robyn. She is running that family. As much as I enjoy the fact that Meri brought Robyn into the family to hurt Janelle and Christine and then ended up getting hurt the most by Robyn, just once I would like to see Robyn get what's coming to her. As other posters have said, it will only happen if Kody takes a new wife.
  2. What Varner doesn't understand is that unwanted touching is offensive whether it is sexual or not. Dan seems to think that he can touch young women's bodies however he wants. How they feel about it is irrelevant to him. He acts like they are inanimate objects that he can reach out and use however he wants and because it's not "sexual", it's ok. He thinks he can use them as props or braces or whatever he wants. He thinks that young women's bodies are his for the taking, as long as it's not sexual. The thought of Dan touching me in any way makes my skin crawl. It would piss me off that in order to participate in the game, or do my job in the production of the show, I had to put up with him touching me. If he needs help to keep from falling, he should get a cane, not use young women's bodies as a brace. No matter how innocuous the final incident was, he had been warned and I'm glad that production FINALLY booted him.
  3. I hate to say it because they aren't my favorites, but if Tommy and Lauren are running the game, which seems to be the general consensus, one of them probably deserves to win. I want to see Janet win, but I think that it's going to be Tommy. As long as Dan doesn't win, I'm okay with whoever. If Dan wins, I'll be furious.
  4. Jenna had an incident with drugs a few years ago. I'm pretty sure that she was overdosing. She bit the police officer that was trying to help her. Heidi married Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels.
  5. I find Noura's personality enjoyable. I think that she's hilarious. Karishma, on the other hand is a sad sack. She's no fun to watch in my opinion.
  6. I think that it could be as simple as Noura is sick of listening to Karishma whine and complain. It's always something with Karishma. Noura probably thought, let medical deal with her, I'm sick of it. Karishma is a crybaby. It gets tiring.
  7. I'd be okay with a Tommy win. I think that the only guilty parties besides Dan in last week's episode were Missy, Elizabeth, and production. Tommy and Aaron were wrong, but they truly believed that Janet was using the Dan problem to advance her game. They were not aware of what Missy and Elizabeth had done. When the episode aired last week, they both realized that they misread the situation and apologized. Production, who were the only ones with all of the information at the time, should have pulled Dan from the game. Other than Dan himself, I think that they are the most guilty in this whole thing. While Missy and Elizabeth playing up their discomfort to advance their game and then throwing Janet under the bus was deplorable, I think that they honestly believed that Kellee was using the Dan situation to trick Missy. They also didn't realize that they misread the situation until the show aired. It's really unbelievable that Dan's lack of self control could hurt so many people. It's something that should have been so easy, don't touch a person who asked you not to touch them. So many people have been negatively affected because Dan was incapable of or wouldn't do this very simple thing. Viewers, contestants, Survivor commentators, the show itself - hundreds of people have been negatively impacted by one man's very, very bad behavior. It's mind boggling.
  8. Jeff Probst gave a couple of interviews shortly after the episode, mostly touting Survivor's bravery when it comes to addressing difficult issues. Since then, Survivor commentators have quit their jobs, multiple victims have voiced their deep pain that this episode has triggered, people are bailing on the show left and right and absolutely not a word from Jeff Probst. I find his silence deafening. It appears that he only wants to address difficult issues head on when they don't involve anything that the show did wrong. No apology, no we blew it, no anything.
  9. I just listened to this week's episode of The Wiggle Room. Josh Wiggler announced that he was going to stop covering Survivor on both Rob Has a Podcast and The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently he has been unhappy covering Survivor for a while and the lack of an adequate response by production regarding the Dan problem was the straw that broke the camel's back.
  10. Dan obviously has some kind of psychological problem. A fellow contestant in a game for a million dollars told him not to touch her. For a normal person it would have been easy, just don't touch her. Nope, he could not control himself. He knew that his unwanted touching would be caught on camera and that millions of people would see his inability to control himself, yet he didn't stop. Now it's time for Dan to deal with the fallout. Good.
  11. It came across to me that Jen and Bill just wanted an opportunity to brag when they had the party. They didn't seem to care about their guests comfort at all. It was as if they were saying look at our wonderful food and decorations. We really don't care if you can eat it or enjoy it. We will have lobster, but not a logical place to eat it. We will have our family, but work them to death in the heat. We will have the party outdoors when there's a 90% chance that it will rain. Then everyone can come in the house and sit there and listen to our stupid speech. I think that they were horrible, horrible hosts.
  12. I remember that she called a meeting at the dining room table. She gave her parents and Bill multiple pages (14, I think) of instructions for party set up. Judy remarked that she thought that she was just helping out and that she didn't know that there would be a test. Even Judy thought that Jen was nuts. Jen has definitely calmed down a lot.
  13. I thought lobster was a ridiculous choice for the backyard barbecue. Lobsters are difficult to eat. They did not have enough table space for all of the guests. Jen said that there was plenty of seating. How exactly did she expect people to crack a lobster on a plate in their lap? Jen really needs to stick to medicine. She repeatedly displays that she is incompetent when it comes to "home" skills.
  14. They hired life guards to watch the kids in the pool, which I thought was a good idea. They should have went the extra step and hired a caterer too. It really was a lot of work to put on Bill's brother to make him cook all of the food for 50 people. The way that Bill and Jen spend money, I'm very surprised that they didn't hire a caterer.
  15. On Survivor Know It Alls Dom made an interesting comment regarding the mentoring. He said that he hopes as the season goes on, Rob and Sandra will give advice that helps people out of a bind. I hope that contestants get to ask Rob and Sandra for advice regarding a specific issue that they need help with rather than just "scheduled" advice that would apply to any contestant.
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