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  1. This season would be very hard to watch if we didn't know that Christine left Kody. At least while we watch him mistreat Christine and her children, we know that she did something about it. She didn't just take it.
  2. Libby

    S41.E11: Do or Die

    Oh my goodness, the twist on tonight's episode was awful. They have reduced this wonderful game to a game of chance. I will finish out this season. If they continue this nonsense next season, I am through with Survivor after 21 years. What they have done this season is very sad. They have ruined their show.
  3. Christine and Gabe finally clearly see that Robyn is ruling the family and that Kody is either intentionally or unintentionally under her spell and completely believes and goes along with whatever she wants. Because at least two of them sees things as they actually are, we are finally getting an honest depiction of the family. I think that Gabe and Christine have given up on Kody, consequently they are telling the truth more than ever before. It's refreshing to hear them voice what we, the audience have known for a long time.
  4. Regarding Janelle's sons... I think Gabe is the smartest. He seems to be completely clear about Kody only caring about Robyn and her children. His body language shows a complete dislike and disregard for Kody. Garrison continues to call his father and try to get through to him. He believes that Kody doesn't see them because of covid, not that he's using covid as an excuse to do what he wants, to spend all of his time at Robyn's. I don't think that he's fully accepted that his father doesn't care about him at all. Hunter is complaining that he hasn't seen Robyn's kids. He also hasn't
  5. I don't think that Christine has given up on polygamy. I think that she's given up on Kody. I think that she believes that Kody failed as a polygamist husband, not that polygamy is the wrong path to choose. Polygamy is a tenet of Christine's religion. She doesn't think her life was a failure. According to Christine's belief system, Kody failed. To her, he’s the failure, not her and not her religion. I'm sure that she would say that she picked the wrong husband because he didn't follow the rules properly, but I don't think that she thinks that she made a bad choice by living pol
  6. I can't figure Janelle and Kody's relationship out. Kody makes no secret of the fact that Robyn is the only wife that matters now. Janelle seems genuinely happy in her relationship with Kody in spite of the fact that he basically has a manogamist marriage with Robyn. Is she delusional, thinking that she still has a marriage, or is there something I'm missing between Janelle and Kody?
  7. I don't think that Janelle, Christine, or any of their kids were happy to have Robyn or her kids join the family. Kody and Meri wanted them. Meri realized that she didn't only hurt Janelle, Christine, and their kids by bringing Robyn in. She finally figured out that she hurt herself worst of all. Polygamy is a mess. The family was hanging on by a dysfunctional thread before Robyn. Robyn was the final nail in the coffin. Meri brought down the house with her selfishness and her desire to hurt Janelle and Christine. Someone like Joe Darger can hold this crazy family setup together. Kody was
  8. People don't break from their belief system that easily. As bizarre as Christine's religion seems to most of us, it's very real to her. She was raised with it from birth. Even if she's unhappy, the known is much easier to deal with than the unknown. People say that she should just move to Utah alone with Truely and be near her adult children. Not all people want to impose themselves on their adult kids. That's a bigger step than it sounds like. It's easy to judge her, but millions of people are just as unhappy with their lives as Cristine and due to their belief system, or fear, or f
  9. I think that the 3 non Robyn wives need a break. For all intents and purposes Kody has left them. They are alone and need to support themselves. I won't put them down for whatever they try to do to make money. Robin better watch out. Karma is a bitch. Just ask Meri. She brought Robyn in to hurt the other two and paid for it dearly. I believe that in the end, Robyn will also pay. He'll move on to a new, younger wife. It appears that that's what polygamists do.
  10. I watched the one on Amazon Prime today. Wow, those people are crooks. It's just typical that Meri would be involved in a scheme like that. She even involved her family members in it, which is even worse.
  11. Frank could get in Mare's house to get the gun. He and John were together that night. Maybe Frank gave John access to the gun. Frank was so drunk that he wouldn't even remember.
  12. I think the cousin priest killed Erin. Deacon Mark is too obvious. That leaves the other priest. I don't remember his name. We know that Decon Mark had Erin's bike. He could have found the bike somewhere around the church and disposed of it because he was scared it would make him look guilty. The bike could have been at the church because the other priest killed her. Also, we know that Erin hung around the church previous to her murder because she was in the youth group. The cousin priest is the friendly, forgot about type of person who is usually guilty in these types of shows. I ag
  13. I was born in Delaware County and lived there for 40 years. I can honestly say that I don't know of one town in Delaware County that reminds me of Easttown. There are no boroughs or towns that are that insular. There are a lot of small towns and boroughs, but they all overlap. You could be on one corner and be in one town, cross the street and be in another town. Delaware county is only 30 minutes from center city Philadelphia. People go into the city all of the time. Delaware county is more populated and urban than it is depicted on the show. Easttown is actually located in Chester Count
  14. Jim Bob and Michelle need to banish Josh from the family. He poses a grave danger to them all. He has a deep seated sexual problem that he obviously can't control. I don't know if he's a pedophile, a sex addict, a porn addict, or all of the above. The path that Josh is on is very dark and dangerous. The family has already suffered public humiliation, molestation, and financial loss due to Josh's problems. Jim Bob and Michelle need to cut him loose in order to protect themselves and the rest of the family, especially Anna and her children.
  15. Anna is a brainwashed member of a cult. Her mind is mush. People in Jonestown voluntarily committed suicide per their leader's order. Manson family members committed murder at the command of their leader. FLDS members gave their 12 year old daughters in marriage to adult men because their leader told them to. Anna will live in harmony with her child abuser husband and subject her children to him because that's what Gothard said was the right thing to do. The only hope for Anna and her children is if the legal system puts Josh in jail. In my opinion, Anna is incapable of protecti
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