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S09.E11: It's Zebra Time

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It was a great season. Ty/Cat were my favorites  from day one. I just know the 16 souls from the Humboldt  accident  were looking  down  on these two. Tyler and Kayleen  did unbelievable  well, I was very very impressed. I cried at the end, the relief of the finale , it's pretty grueling and the F3 all deserved  to be there.

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I liked that they specifically said the crossword task was to be done from memory. Nothing wrong with taking notes, but just looking up answers from your race journal takes away the challenge.

And because this is probably the only chance I will have to type this in my life:


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Late to the party, but I am thrilled Ty and Kat won. They were great racers from day 1, with a good attitude, even when the going got tough. 

You could tell at which point Ben and Anwar knew they were out. There was a scene in a cab where they looked visibly emotional and down.

That was a great final memory challenge - kudos to the producers for coming up with choices that matched the amount of letter spaces. That definitely made it harder. I would have immediately thought of tourtiere first, unless I knew the coinciding answers were correct and letters didn't match.

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Ty and Kat were probably the most deserving based on their overall performance. But I usually find myself rooting for a dark horse type of team. I was kind of feeling like Tyler and Kayleen needed it more.

In any case, another pleasant season with challenging legs that put some of the US version's legs to shame. Having said that, so glad The Amazing Race is getting a more prominent place on the US schedule this season ~albeit only because the network is short of programming. 

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I'm very, very happy with the Ty/Kat win. They had a rough penultimate leg, but pulled it together here. Their win is very satisfying; I've been rooting for them from the start. That being said, I would have been fine with any of the F3 teams winning.

Tyler/Kayleen could get on my nerves at times, but they would have been great winners as well. They seemed like a strong team overall. Ben/Anwar had a rough race but they were really likeable.

Overall, decent season, but most of the challenges felt really easy or boring. It was hard to fully get into some of the legs because of the challenges, and the multiple Face-Offs weren't interesting enough for me.

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