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  1. I had a meeting, so missed the last 5 or so minutes, but figured leaving right at Doug's "I locked that bitch in on purpose!" was a high note. 😄 So, Doug is Marlena v. 2?
  2. I missed the first few minutes so did not realize they had made a point to say it's taking place in Vancouver. When Abigail mentioned East Hastings on the phone, I was like oh they're not trying to hide this. 😄 I enjoyed it. I don't think it's appointment television, but I'll catch it.
  3. Add me to the chorus of "who would have thunk I'd like Altman?" He's definitely mellowed, and I love his man-crush on Flagg. Speaking of Flagg, he has such respect for the history of the houses and such in-depth knowledge of the original architects. I want a spin off of him and Nicky! My personal experience is that those who have a lot of assistants who do a lot of the basic grunt work are completely incapable of working technology on their own - so I buy that Tracy really did have issues with Zoom. Definitely calling out the shenanigans of James (?) not having a private space to wor
  4. RunningMarket


    And now Danny has "apologized" to Valtteri that he left him out. 😄 If I'm having a bad day, from now on, I'll just think "at least I'm not Lewis Hamilton's head..." Depending on which side of the fence your fandom lies, you either think Max is a complete a-hole for not checking on Lewis, or realize that Lewis was actively trying to back his car out while Max was still getting out of his car.
  5. Really, Julie? You jump to Doug has been kidnapped, then flailed around screeching, running out of the restaurant? Please go back in the freezer. Doug is ninety f'ing six years old. Dementia didn't occur to you OR Jack? At least Roman had the sense to call them down there - and of course Julie just kept screeching about getting locked in the freezer. Christ, woman. Read the room.
  6. While I HATE what they're doing to Doug, who HASN'T wanted to shove Julie into a freezer and lock the damn door? I'm surprised she didn't shriek about how it must have been Gabi who did it! The woman who plays Calista is a bit over the top for me, so hoping this story line ends soon (and also just because it's stupid). I never, ever, EVER thought I would say this, and it pains me to, but I agree with Ben. You two are not ready to have a child. Like, ever, probably. But especially now.
  7. God, the tongue bath for CIN makes me want to vomit. Supercouple! Compared to Bo and Hope's epic love story! Psychic connection!
  8. At least they didn't end up in Murder/Hideout Motel? (That we know of yet.) And yes, they absolutely have the means to hire other transportation even if the drive was longer than a couple of hours. Also, even a Super 8 will have a rollaway cot for extra guests. So ridiculous. Have the writers just forgotten that Sami was kidnapped?
  9. Right? Just having food on Bonnie would have made the point. The overturned lamp was a bit much. I think Gabi is just being a shit disturber. AFAIK, there's no history, other than Ava once ate the last bagel or something.
  10. EJ: When was the last time Justin won a case? Xander: Yeah, he lost a custody case, to your wife. Who isn't even a lawyer. OK show, sometimes you provide.
  11. Oh, my husband and I RAGED for DAYS after binging It's a Sin. Richie's mom is up there with early-seasons Aunt Lydia in terms of horrid TV characters. To top it all off:
  12. I loved Johnny standing up to his bully of a father. Also, this EJ seems like waaaaay more of a dick than old!EJ. Don't think I'm excusing old!EJ and his many transgressions, but it's like Nu!EJ wants to put a hit out on his son because he dares not care as much about the legacy of the DiMera Enterprise. Also, are we just forgetting that EJ cheated on Sami? And that was just cause he could get some tail. Not excusing Sami, but she was completely worn down and being pushed away by her husband, and sought comfort in the arms of someone she has known forever and cares for her deeply.
  13. Oh for sure - lots of people on this show are slap-happy. But I'm not sure Stefano would have been described as an "abusive spouse". (At least in the physical sense - they're all emotionally abusive a-holes on this show.)
  14. I hope the eventual reveal of Lani's biological father isn't Stefano, for the simple reason that all this talk of Paulina's husband being abusive would be a slap in the face to the legacy of the character. Stefano was a lot of things, but physically abusive to women was not one of them. (I could be misremembering, and I hope I'm not)
  15. Also, this would mean that Valerie was in on it the whole time, and lied to Abe. Oh boy. This gets complicated.
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