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  1. The hair salon in Salem must have been busy "overnight" with both Gabi and Ciara running in for cuts! NuClaire was better today. Although I feel like OriginalRecipeClaire would have done a better (read: high strung) version of "everything is fine, no problems at Eric's, nothing to see here..." And why did she whiplash so fast from that to admitting that Allie ran away (assuming Marlena didn't know). Also, "Dr. Marlena"? Really Ciara.
  2. I called Savage Crew's "epic comeback" from the first 5 seconds of their ride-in conversation. Neither patio looked complete to me, but I guess it was who put the stones in the correct(ish) spots the fastest.
  3. Agreed, but Claire is supposed to be a bit like that is she not? I mean, mature, calm people generally don't try to set their cousins on fire.
  4. My Will! Your ability to grow a full beard overnight is so impressive! NuClaire is fine. She's nowhere near as high strung as OldClaire though, and definitely seems to be playing older - which is jarring against Allie, who we have discussed many times, plays much younger than her supposed 21-22 year age. I'm just tired of this baby adoption storyline. So Allie just abandons her baby and... runs back to the place she's living? The place where everyone knows she's living? Does she expect Eric and Nicole to come home with the baby (as IF the hospital would just let them waltz out - oh wait, I forgot this was Salem U Hospital), and give her a thank you card or something and then send her on her merry way?
  5. Genetics from Ma's time possessed?
  6. Yes Allie, Sonny ran off to Justin to have papers drawn up for the purpose of adopting your child, but it was really all a ploy by the Evil!Will! to eventually hand over the baby to Sami. Because Sami has totally indicated she wants to raise her grandchild. Every time she said "I wish you'd keep your child", it was obviously brainwashing to get you to hand over the child to Will, who hands it over to Sami. /sarcasm
  7. I kidnapped your sister, and blamed an innocent woman for my miscarriage after I pretended to still be carrying your step-father's baby but telling everyone is was Rafe's...
  8. While I don't disagree with your comment at all, I think it was Linnet who actually cut her off? I remember a woman quite curtly saying "You've had your turn!"
  9. I've noticed this for a while, but I find it a hilarious acting choice that Ciara always grabs Ben's throat when she's comforting him.
  10. *post hospital argument* Sonny, in his closet: Was this dark blue sport coat the right one to properly take Sami to task? Perhaps a more muted green would have been better? The right sport coat really brings out the non-nonsensical arguments and makes them pop!
  11. I took Rafe's line to be a joke. But given the general ethics of the Salem PD, who actually knows. Given that Salem U Hospital has exactly 3 rooms, I am not surprised the maternity ward is in the lobby.
  12. I'm waiting for one of them to end with a slide puzzle.
  13. If you scroll down to the painfully written dialogue between Claire and "Oliver" - possible dad to Allie's baby? He says he's got a connection to Will, so that would fit in with the draaaamaaaaa.
  14. It's the same one who got the nail polish out so quickly. Yes, that was a mannequin behind the screen with Ciara's face.
  15. What was Ciara wearing? Do the wardrobe people hate her or something? Claire's outfit was next in line in its hideousness, but at least her wardrobe doesn't * ahem * always accentuate certain features. I love Vincent. And I love how Eve apparently can just sneak into Ciara/Ben's hotel room (seriously you two, get your own damn place) and steal her wedding gown.
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