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  1. I thought it was a black blanket, but if it was his jacket that is horribly bad continuity. My reaction to that scene is, she just hops into bed wearing her dress and makeup?
  2. Well, it finally happened. I agreed with something Ben said. Marlena should be at home with her ailing husband, not making random house calls (hotel calls?) to her one and only client. Also, Ben stay there with Rage!John around? That would be hilariously bad... for Ben.
  3. Between Sarah's cutesy voice and John's whisper, today's episode was an exercise in patience. Here I was hoping that John's aneurism would have knocked that whisper clear out of him. Shut up, Brady. Although, in a town of people who have seemingly forgiven Ben for being a serial killer, I don't entirely blame Brady for being a bit peeved that people continue to bring up y'know, the fact Kristen tried to murder Victor.
  4. This is the inevitable "Tripp has a secret twin with exactly the same DNA so it seems like Tripp is the father" "twist" that we've all been anticipating, isn't it? UGH.
  5. Yes to all of this, although I wish Nicole had prefaced her entire conversation with Lucas with "Alllie believe this to have happened." Nicole was judge, jury, and executioner with her certainty of Tripp's guilt.
  6. I've been in the office this week so haven't been watching, but catching up via here. Two things: Tripp has repeatedly mentioned leaving a note with his phone number - has this come up with the police, etc? Usually rapists don't leave really easy ways of tracking them down. Can't Doc just hypnotize Allie? Or does that only work on reformed serial killers?
  7. I am enjoying Rage!John when he speaks the truth, like "Why TF is my wife helping that psycho after what he did to Will?" Obviously it went off the rails when he started in on Steve doing stuff while he was Stevano, but there was some fun there at the start. I don't believe I'm alone in wanting to throw things at the TV when Ben starting his pity party about how he huuuuuurts. I actually snarled "So do the families of the people you killed, dumbass."
  8. Let's not forget that Nick was "killed" the first time by Gabi because she was trying to defend herself against his rape attempt. I am in no way sorry he was officially killed off.
  9. This also applies to every single thing the Salem PD does. I'm sure RandomExtra#4 even has some kind of personal tie to all the criminal element of Salem.
  10. You'd think Sami, with multiple children - who live overseas from most of their family - would know the regulations regarding passports.
  11. Whoever called Eric leaving for Africa as his exit was right! Just remains to be seen why he goes alone. Any word on when Ciara returns? I'm just wondering so I can have my ear plugs ready for the endless moaning and screaming "CIIIIAAAARAAA!"
  12. I was speaking to the hypocrisy of Lani, rather than a direct comparison of Gabi and Kristin - both who have done awful things. IMO though, Nick is not missed.
  13. Lani forgives (or forgets) all of Kristen's sins, but Gabi? Well she's the devil herself don'tcha know! Lani barely does police work in general, so maybe she doesn't understand that what Eli is doing is... police work.
  14. Right? It's idiotic even by Salem standards. And how did they find her rings in there, but they weren't burned? At least throw in "we found some hair" or something.
  15. Good God. They should have provided anti-nauseous meds before today's episode. Those never-ending CIN fantasies are ridiculous. And they have the same fantasy! Both of them named their baby Bo! I did howl with laughter though when Ben was caressing his pillow like it was one of Ciara's heaving bosoms. Hope is convinced that Ciara is dead because the fire chief said "there was nothing to see". Like, he literally meant "nothing to see". (Enter scene from Clue: Who's in there? Nobody. I mean no Body. Mr. Body's body! It's gone!")
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