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  1. 57 Canadians were killed in a plane crash. We definitely have more pressing matters on our minds. (This is not to say that we can't think about and/or care about both.) Also, "bone-chillingly cold" is hysterical given that many major Canadian cities are currently warmer than places in the continental US.
  2. When CTV and its regional affiliates posted the story, they mentioned that Iliya works for them as a producer.
  3. Yes, I saw that. I'm genuinely curious, do you believe they made up the story?
  4. As of yesterday (News Years Day), H&M were still in Victoria, as they helped a couple take a photo while on a hike. As for the house in the Mirror article, I have my doubts. There is no home valued at that price in the area they are believed to be staying in.
  5. I thought a few episodes ago Louise mentioned she got promoted because she threatened to sue him, or something?
  6. I was wondering if Louise might play a role in the future. She's the manager at the Casita Bonita, right? Although I would love Martin Mull/Leon to return.
  7. I've found Jackie to be utter insufferable lately, so I enjoyed Darlene's take down of her. Jackie has never had her life together, and seems to just expect everyone to hand her things. But I did like the line of "You're not the mother of this family", as it indicates Jackie is still not handling Roseanne's death well and I think that's a very realistic portrayal. I can't say I'm pleased they ended up with the Lunchbox, because it was clearly shown in a previous episode they weren't ready. Katie Segal was wonderful. As was Dan's shock at bringing booze back to the garage.
  8. The plan all along, before S1E1 aired, was to be 4 seasons. They've had this show beginning to end plotted out since the start.
  9. He met with Chidi, told him he got a B+ in ethics at Princeton, asked Chidi if he knew he went to Princeton, said he went to Princeton, and then left.
  10. I hope you wrote this while munching on an assortment of Clif Bars.
  11. I know teams tend to quiz each other after each leg and write down what they believe will be pertinent details later, but I'm not sure "how many ingredients in a Nanaimo Bar" would be one of them!
  12. Really pleased with the result. That was the order I had hoped for the finish. It did seem like Sarah and Sam did really catch up at the candy cane task and the irrigation system. Unlike other finishes where it'd edited to look like it's close but it's clearly not, this one seemed like it really was. That added a nice layer of tension.
  13. My initial thought was the guy was an undercover cop, but once the deed was actually done, I figured otherwise since I'm pretty sure even in TV land that's crossing an ethical line for police.
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