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  1. Small correction: Pierre and Beatrice are married. Love the photos of Fred and Mary.
  2. I haven't been watching the show lately as I've been in the office, so I appreciate the oft-hilarious recaps here. But I caught it today. I am enjoying Ava and Gwen working together. Those two work much, much better when they are allowed to be their bad selves. We're supposed to believe that Paulina is some uber-awesome badass business woman, but she goes Ross Geller when she thinks of Allie and Chanel?
  3. Just watched Dream/Killer last night. Perhaps due to being on the west coast of Canada, but I had never heard of Ryan Ferguson until he showed up on TAR. The documentary is pretty good - his parents (his father in particular) never gave up, which is why Ryan is a free man today.
  4. He started out mopping the floors, but hopefully he's on fries, then the grill and soon onto assistant manager in the great beyond.
  5. This helps tremendously, and was sorely missing from the movie. My husband and I watched it a few days ago, and while we enjoyed it from the perspective of it was well acted, we just felt we weren't sure what we were supposed to get out of it, or what the point was. It seems, at least from the ending, that Leda never really "lost" a daughter, so again, confused what the point was supposed to be.
  6. I misinterpreted the quick Google link I saw. Apparently it's around 8000-ish miles in diameter Anyway, mea culpa for the mistake.
  7. 8000 mile is roughly the circumference of the Earth - so yes, breathing would certainly be difficult 8000 miles above sea level. I believe you mean meters. 😉 With so many gym closures and various lockdown restrictions, I will give someone a bit of slack when it comes to cardio. I know mine personally has taken a bit of a hit in the past 2 years just due to having to work out at home most of the time (I live in a condo, so it's not like I can run laps). But 19 months is certainly enough time to at least work on the other issues their team is suffering from.
  8. YMMV of course, but speaking for myself - if I have to take a cable car, I will position myself in the middle so I can't see out as well and clutch onto the post. It would be unlikely you'd get me near the railing of the observation deck, but if I really, really wanted to, again, white knuckle clutching onto the railing. I once took a chair lift (in the summer, so you could see much further down as it wasn't covered in snow) and I was just shy of sobbing completely the entire way up. However, if I'm inside but high up, I'm completely fine. I'll be right up against the window checking out
  9. Naomi, come on - unclench just a bit. I am glad Valeria called her on some of her bull. "You've been a dad for a hot minute" - and why is that Naomi? Oh because you didn't tell him he was a father for 20 years. And don't act like you've been a doting mother this entire time. I love Spanish music, so it was great to hear Valeria rap in her native tongue. And did Ava sound like Idina Menzel to anyone else (when she was singing her "authentic music")?
  10. What's the thing about Paulina worried about Lani finding out the truth? NOW what is she hiding?
  11. Why am I supposed to care about Craig allegedly having an affair? Craig isn't on my radar as he hasn't been on the show in eons. Who gets the Salem Brain and figures out that Johnny is acting way, way weird?
  12. My husband named baby rancor "Boba Pet" and I may love him more than ever now. Also, we agreed that Milton got his stapler taken away from him by Boba Lumburgh. Sorry to see Emo Chewie go. He probably just needs a hug. Definite Back to the Future 2 vibes from the gang, as noted earlier. Still watching. Hey, Danny Trejo!
  13. We noticed that too. And it looked like Natalia was barely giving it an effort. Even the physically strong people were really whacking them to get them off. My husband and I mentioned our "troo-surs" many times while getting ready this morning. I noticed the swapped the two kids out each new team. That tasks was born for Kim and Penn. I realize MMV, but I enjoy them and how much fun they had with that task.
  14. Sorry, I meant which of their family videos he mentions it in. I've only seen a handful, so it might be the one done to the tune of Baby Got Back?
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