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  1. I have watched Dateline for many years. Also 20/20, 48 Hours, Forensic Files, Paula Zahn, pretty much every and any true crime show going. Have also posted on these forums for years, going back to TWOP days. Anyone who has watched as many true crime shows as I have would know that murderers often threaten to kill the people who know they have murdered someone. Heck, they even sometimes end up murdering those people as well. Oh, and that there are good cops who actually have done what they said they have done.
  2. I didn't mind the finale, but think the show - and the viewers - deserved an hour long last episode. And though I didn't mind the mother-daughter duo, I think they should have been given less screen time. It was my hubby who pointed out that Shannon was Rose from Two And A Half Men, as I didn't recognize her at first. Then when the character was introduced as Shannon, I said to my hubby that I was a bit disappointed that she wasn't introduced as Rose. Hubby pointed out that she couldn't be Rose, as she wasn't wearing flowered clothing. Rose always wore some type of flowered clothing, ofte
  3. I really love Amanda on this show. When she was talking about being a single mom and not having her partner to pat her on the back and tell her she is doing a good job, I actually teared up a bit. I know she is lucky to have so much help, but being a widow with a young child is difficult, and she faces it with grace. It must be so heartbreaking for her knowing that if her husband had contracted Covid a year later than he did, he likely would have been vaccinated and had few if any symptoms and still be with her and Elvis. It was funny when they went to commercial the first couple of time
  4. Thank you Jesus. Or Justin. What a lovely surprise. He is not only hot, but seems like a really nice man to boot. And I think he and Jerry are a good combination of male co hosts.
  5. I have no idea who Jay Pharoah is, but I assume he is some kind of stand up comedian, as he seems to have mistaken his gig as a guest host as s gig at a comedy club. Jerry is able to be funny while taking part in a conversation with the rest of the co hosts. Jay is annoying AF. I only made it 17 minutes in to Tuesday's show and had to shut off the episode. Not sure if I will watch the rest of the week if AAF is there for the duration.
  6. Bo was given immunity because he could have been charged with withholding evidence by not telling the police in 2010 what he knew. He withheld that info because his mother asked him to. He told police 6 months after his mother died. Bo never had to testify because Michael and his lawyer approached the prosecution for a deal. It wasn't until Michael was in court at his plea hearing that he implicated Bo. He had plenty of time before hand to say that his brother was the actual killer. He didn't. He said he agreed to pay Bo $100,000. The police found no evidence that Bo had anything to do
  7. I continue to tune in for Jerry, as he always manages to crack me up. I loved his comment today about his wife having been married to someone with the initials John Stamos. Lol. I also enjoy his stories about his kids. I think the panel lacks depth with three out of four permanent cohosts not having kids. Amanda has Elvis who is cute, but toddlers aren't that interesting. Though I did love that he had no interest in Gail King and the muppets on the Mother's Day show.
  8. The police investigated Bo as far as I remember the first time and he had a solid alibi. They also investigated him after Michael pleaded guilty but then said Bo did it, and found no evidence what-so-ever to link him to the murder. Lots of people think that certain family members are creepy, but it doesn't make the family members killers. Both the police and Renee's friends knew that Michael killed Renee, Even Renee herself told her friend's mother that if anything happened to her, Michael did it. Heck, Michael did not make it a secret that he hated Renee, and he wrote pages to the eff
  9. I have no problem believing that Michael was the murderer, not Bo. If Michael was going to have his brother murder his ex, why would he not give himself an alibi that included his mother and kids awake and interacting with him. rather than have the murder happen when everyone is sleeping? Even his mother said that she heard the door opening and closing, and thought the dog was being let out an in. But she had no idea if Michael was there the whole time or not. Nor did the kids. How many times have we seen a person hire someone else to murder a spouse, etc.? Lots, And the person doing the hirin
  10. Amanda's story was one of the sweetest I have ever heard, and Justin's connection to it made it even that much better. I have thoroughly enjoyed the week so far, though I don't always watch the guests (which is normal for me anyway). Jerry has made me laugh out loud at least once an episode. His comment today about his neighbours worrying that he and his wife aren't having sex was hilarious. I am enjoying the male perspective, even when it is wrong. When Justin said that the teacher may have been trying to protect the student by her comment? Ummm, no. As someone who developed large breas
  11. I also remember Sonja and Ramona (and Dorinda) without makeup, but couldn't remember Lu. I don't know if I have seen any howife before Leah that I would have a hard time recognizing without make up. They tabloids could put her on the front page of their editions of stars without makeup. Though in Leah's case likely most would not know who she was, even with makeup.
  12. Leah looked even more masculine than Luann sometimes can, in that scene. Mind you I don't know if we have ever seen Lu sans makeup? But honestly, Leah looked like one of those people who goes on makeover shows, and are totally unrecognizable afterwards. She really is fugly, both inside and out.
  13. There were lots of articles about her financial troubles when she was on the show, it was just never mentioned on the show as they preferred to market her as an rich business woman. She declared personal bankruptcy in 2015, and her Hampton house was in foreclosure. She owed more on the house in 2015, than the mortgage that she took out on it in 2006 (for 2.4 million) originally was for. Sounds like she was using equity in the house to finance her lifestyle? Anyhoo if you google her name and RHoNY, there are articles about her financial troubles. Even now her net worth is pegged by some sites a
  14. Like others, I was annoyed at Leah right out of the gate. Her conversion to Judaism does not seem sincere, but rather for a story line. I loved her dad's reaction. And his refusal to forgive Leah for her past behavior, just because she has asked for it. Leah is always looking for the easy way out without actually doing any of the heavy lifting. Not impressed with the new addition so far. She reminds me of Barb the Builder, who supposedly was very successful but actually wasn't. Not that money is everything, but I watch these shows for house porn among other things, not one bedroom apartm
  15. I watched the episode today, and paused half way through as Kelly's performance in the interrogation room was so OTT that I had to come here to read others' comments. There really should be a version of the Razzies for Worst Interrogation Performance. Tucker's (AKA a bunch of other names) was right up there as well. Though I enjoyed her performance as she left the courtroom more. Claiming she was going to pass out, then screaming as she is lead down the hallway? Yes, almost fainting is often followed by screaming. Not. I also loved Kelly explaining why Tucker had to hold the gun, because
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