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  1. Forgot to add, I was so annoyed when Sheryl mispronounced Dan Levy's last name. It is pronounced with a short e Sheryl, not a long e. Even if she doesn't know Dan, his father Eugene has been around for decades. Though she would likely pronounce his name incorrectly as well. It is a pet peeve of mine, particularly when it is done people who are being paid to know better.
  2. I have only ever watched DWTS when there has been someone on that I was interested in, and I haven't watched for a few years. I will watch be watching this season because of Amanda, and hope she does well. I also just finished reading the book she co wrote with her sister, and though it was heart breaking, I thought the book was well written. I could watch a show with just Jerry by himself. He always makes me laugh out loud at least a couple of times an episode. I loved his story of the reason he and his wife went to counselling. I can relate as hubby and I also went to counselling befor
  3. Oh, I am quite aware that the house should be a tear down. My point was that Josh said the developer wanted to gut it, which at least where I live does not mean the same thing as tear down. My grandmother's house, which would have been a tear down if not for its heritage designation, has been essentially gutted on the inside, retaining some of its unique features but totally renovated and updated. It is absolutely gorgeous inside, and from the outside still retains its 1910 charm. That is what gutting means to me. However if the owner of Josh's listing thinks she will find someone who w
  4. I loved this episode. Great properties, the realtors getting along and the focus on selling, rather than home life. That said though, I would watch a whole episode of just Bobby and Tracy's dog. I hope by the end of the season the caption will read "Josh and Bobby's dog" as I am sure puppy gets way more attention there than with Tracy and her kids. I love that Josh Flagg is so honest with his clients. While the yard was fabulous, that mid century modern house really was an eye sore. I didn't understand why the client would not even entertain the developer's offer, as Josh said he wanted t
  5. Both Toronto and Vancouver are pretty popular cities for both movies and series to be filmed, so I googled to see what and where Harry is filming. He is staring in the second season of the National Geographic scripted series The Hot Zone, filming in Toronto. I will definitely watch it when it airs in November, as I love Harry as an actor. (And a person for that matter). I am also going to search for the first season as I love series that are based on real life stories. Like others, I thought PK was hilarious in this episode. I am sure he is enjoying the heat being on someone else. I stil
  6. My PVR didn't record Monday's show, and I didn't get past the first few minutes of Tuesday's. I didn't know who Sheryl was imitating, but it was way too OTT and loud for me so I didn't continue watching. I did watch today, at least until the guests (which is not unusual for me). I do like the addition of the two guys, and Jerry in particular I find priceless. I find that he often says what I am thinking, and feel that women are often too PC to say what he will say. I laughed today when he teased Akbar about his story of difficulty in high school, which ended with his admission that he was
  7. Kathy should have asked Erika to leave, since she is the one making everyone uncomfortable, and threatening Sutton. It isn't like she needs the money from the show so is doing the producers' bidding? Heck, even poor Patrick looked intimidated. A host/hostess should control a bad situation, and Kathy failed miserably. Now of course pretty much every dinner ends with a fight of some sort, but that scene was uncomfortable even for me as a viewer. Sutton has become my fav howife of all time. She stood her ground, and then even showed up at Garcelle's party knowing Satan would be there. And Su
  8. Agreed. It is not normally the type of show I would watch, but tuned in because it stars former Schitt's Creek cast members Sara Levy and Tim Rozon. They play my two fav characters on SE, but I have come to enjoy all of the characters. The writing can be funny and clever as well. I laughed when teenage Zoe described Twizzlers as sugary jumper cables. It makes no sense that she would not know, even at 16, what they were as given her birth year Twizzlers were around long before it. But it was a cute description nevertheless.
  9. I didn't even know Brianna had a third child as I haven't been following the RHoOC thread for awhile. I googled and third kid was born last November 18th, so he is 9 1/2 months old. So it looks like the last two will be about 16 months apart in age as she has announced that number 4 will arrive in March. Is she on maternity leave from where she works (assuming she was still working when she had number three?). If she lived in Canada, she could still be on maternity leave for number three when number four is born - lol.
  10. I assumed it was just for the storyline, and that Tracy pretended that she didn't know the dog was gone. But I really hope that Josh keeps the dog. If none of the family members, including her children, care that the dog is gone for a week or more whenever, they don't deserve to have the dog.
  11. I have forgotten how much I hate Tracy's voice - it is like chalk on a blackboard to me. I am not sure why she is surprised that her boyfriend gets along with her daughters. Aren't they closer in age to him than she is? And what was up with his man boobs when he was in her home gym? Was he wearing some kind of undergarment that made him look like a B cup? Weird. I love that Josh Flagg has seemingly adopted Tracy's dog. So cute. And also love his friendship with Altman. I am enjoying the return of MDLLA for the houses alone. I get bored with the condos on MDLNY, so happy to see hous
  12. I only remember the exchange being between Carrie Ann and Elaine. In fact I don't even remember if Sharon was there that day. Carrie Ann did say that it was a viewer question, but also said that as a POC herself, she also wondered. She said (to paraphrase) that Asian people, herself included, have been the target of racial slurs, but they would never use those words in reference to each other. I don't even remember Elaine's answer, as she was so rude in her reply. Especially considering she was talking to someone who is also a POC and has experienced racist comments and prejudice. Edited
  13. And jumped ship after just half a season, since Eve only left in December of 2020. Edited to add- that is likely what you meant about this year as opposed to season. 😀
  14. Yes, that is what I meant but didn't express as clearly. IIRC, Elaine said in the leaked convo that she didn't always have the same opinion, or even a strong opinion, on any given subject. I can see how it would be frustrating to not be allowed, in some sense, to have your own opinion but rather be expected to be a spokesperson of sorts. I also remember Elaine saying that she did not want to broach the subject of Piers to Sharon, and refused producers' direction to do so. I also remember back when Sharon left, that she said Carrie Ann was very upset to be made by producers to ask the que
  15. Ha. I haven't been on this thread in awhile as I stopped watching the show when the new episodes ended for this season. So when I read the above post, I mistakenly thought it said procrastinator, and wondered what that meant in relation to my post - lol. But no, I am not surprised. I always thought that Elaine wanted to tackle more serious subjects. But then in the leaked audio of her convo with Sharon after the on air debacle, Elaine said that she did not want to always have to be the person speaking for the Black community (to paraphrase). So I wasn't really sure what her POV was with
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