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  1. I would never buy one of those bathing suits. If I am wearing a bathing suit, it is because the weather is hot, The last thing I would want to wear is a combination girdle/corset. And I didn't think they were flattering on the larger models. The one model may have had a hour glass figure from the front, but from the back her back fat was scrunched together, and visible through the laces of the corset. I am not fat shaming, just stating a fact. Between being pulled and sucked in, and the heavy material, I would feel like I couldn't breathe. The pitcher was pretty funny when she compared her p
  2. I always find it funny when howives brag about their lavish lifestyles, that are often the result of marrying money. Heather Dubrow. Erika Girardi. Noella. Though I guess in Erika's case it is the result of marrying a swindler. Though that could also be the case with Heather and Noella, we just haven't found out as yet. I didn't think it was possible though to dislike Noella more than Heather, but I did in this epi. It is going to be a long season if they keep giving Noella this much air time. Ugh. Dr Jen is really a Bravo fail as well. She complains about having to split her time
  3. I don't think either Sandy or Rick were responsible for Ted's death. I think Ted was responsible for Ted's death, whether intentional or accidental. I am glad they both got second trials, as even in the first trial I thought it was ridiculous that the prosecution witness claimed that Ted was killed by sitting on his chest. Sheesh. Why would anyone plan a murder and then use such a ridiculous method of killing the person? Especially a person who is a known drug addict. Also I don't necessarily believe the lawyer that Ted was going to change his will. The quote that the lawyer attributed to Ted
  4. I wondered if it was self published as well which is why I checked Goodreads. Interesting, as Goodreads lists the publisher as Flashpoint Books, but when I googled that I got a comic book series. However elsewhere I saw it was published by Girl Friday Productions. Guess who the one 5 star rating was given by? Girl Friday Productions (which apparently is out of Seattle). It does seem rather unethical for a publisher to rate its own book on a book rating site. Not to mention hide the fact that it is actually the publisher. Oddly enough, since I posted on here last night there are now 5 one sta
  5. I had to laugh at Heather's assertion that she and Max needed to do things like have their chakras read in order to bond. So, so important instructs pretentious Heather. Imagine all of us who were able to bond with our mothers and daughters without such trips. Sheesh. So this episode was filmed in September, but Max's book was not published until November. So did the Dubrows need to throw a launch party two months early because maybe filming would stop before they could give some free publicity to the book? Out of interest I checked out reviews on Goodreads. It received 5 stars by one per
  6. Love every word of this post! As far as I can see, polygamy at least in Kody's world is for emotionally vacant, manipulative, and controlling men. He is only finding it hard now because half of his wives have woken up to his B.S. And pretty much all of his children, certainly the adult ones. Janelle I think it was said that they raised strong willed children. They at least raised children smart enough to see what horrible lives their mothers' have had (other than Robyn's spawn), and want nothing to do with the lifestyle their mothers' have led.
  7. So Robyn was sad that Janelle's kids said they would do whatever Christine wanted, which she took to mean that they didn't really care about seeing Robyn and her spawn. Despise knowing that Janelle's kids were raised by Christine. Janelle's kids would never have been raised by Robyn had she been around then, they would have been raised by Robyn's nanny. So cry me a river, Sobyn. Kody never wants his wives to share a kitchen? Not a problem since he only has one wife., Merri by his own choice is a friend, Christine has no use for him and Janelle has made it known her kids are more important
  8. But could she be in the wedding without having actually having picked out a dress, etc? Or even met for that matter, other than the first time? I know Molly seemed fairly delusional, but that seems a bit much, even for Molly. I think Molly likely did want her in the wedding (despite only having met her once and being introduced as a "friend"), and James likely kept putting Molly off, to the point that Molly was just happy to have her "step daughter to be" have her hair and makeup done with her. Which of course got changed as well by James. But who knows. This actually seemed more like a Datel
  9. Not that Molly deserved to die, but she was hardly an innocent victim as you say. She left her first husband for Amber, then left Amber for James. I did shake my head at Amber saying that she told James that he had broken up their family. But Amber broke up her own marriage, and Molly broke up hers, to be together. As the saying goes, the way you get 'em is the way you'll lose 'em. Molly seemed extremely immature. I have never understood the need to do You Tube videos (or whatever SM platform she was using), or understand why someone would want to watch them. But Molly parading around i
  10. Yep. Heather said in her first year that she did not want to do the show, that Terry wasn't happy (to paraphrase) until she agreed to do it. I assume that the reason they are back is because Terry no longer has Botched, and both really enjoy being in front of the camera. Heather is too old now for her acting career to go anywhere, so we are stuck with them. Heather looked much better (for Heather) with her hair down in her TH with her daughter. The ponytail does her no favours. It makes her look older, not younger. I liked Gina last year, but her sucking up to Heather is vomit induc
  11. Is this something we have seen in previews and I just missed it? If it is true, then I can put up with Noella to see Heather brought down a few pegs.
  12. I wondered as in the pic of her with her daughter, she said her daughter was on spring break and joining them in Puerto Rico. Which made me think the kid was from another relationship and lived with the father. But then she was identified as Coco Bergener. But ya, Noella seems like a mess. very needy, and immature. So has to be a one and done, but why can't she be done now?
  13. Has Noella even mentioned her daughter on the show? I googled and saw a pic of her with her daughter Coco (isn't that the nickname of one of the Dubrow spawn?) and her last name is Bergener as well. I do remember Noella talking in one episode about her miscarriages, and she mentioned two surrogates, so I wondered why there was only one kid with two surrogates? Guess the other kid is Coco, also by James? In any case I have no interest in "he said she said" regarding a howife that I do not know. I did see a post by James where he said his life with Noella was sex, drugs and rock and roll, a
  14. I am enjoying this season more than any other that I can recall. Kody is coming unhinged because his harem and spawn refuse to be directed by him any longer. Christine has had her fill, and no longer looks at Kody with adoring eyes. About time. Janelle has chosen her children over Kody, which must really gall him because she was quite clear in the early years that she preferred working and leaving the raising of her kids to Christine. Robyn, who played her cards in order to become the only legal wife, is now stuck with KoDouche 24/7. I don't think she ever wanted him 24/7 -who w
  15. Just watched the last half of the episode where Robyn goes from a few guys that maybe wanted to date her, to they wanted to get serious about her, to they proposed to her. Not buying it, Robyn. And why would you date someone who was only going to be monogamous (let alone get to the point where they propose to you) if you knew you wanted to live plural? Makes no sense. What does make sense is that Robyn can no longer get rid of KoDouche when he gets on her nerves. And let's face it, he gets on everyone's nerves. Ours the most, as we are not and have never been in love with the POS. Regard
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