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  1. Oh, I didn't mean to imply that I didn't believe Jessica's story. I did. I didn't necessarily believe what Annette said. But I agree that the fact that she was at his house, admittedly, is suspicious. And wanting to help the police. I still think it is amazing that she went with the SIL, and the SIL apparently has kept the secret all these years. I do still wonder if someone else killed him on Annette's behalf. That fact that she said she didn't mean to kill him is odd, considering she took a baseball bat to him as he was sleeping. Did someone imply that Jessica's mother planted the story? I don't remember it from the show, but that certainly would make no sense, given that Jessica's mother herself is the one who did not pursue it. I think the prosecutors are very lucky that they got a conviction and not a second hung jury.
  2. Yep, grew up in a small town in Ontario - pop 1200. After college I moved thousands of miles away to B.C. A few years after I moved, I was home for Xmas and in the liquor store picking up wine for dinner. There were two other people there, the clerk and another customer. The customer asked the clerk who I was. I was two isles away. The clerk (who I did not know but knew of his family) proceeded to tell the customer my name, that I was so-and-so's younger sister, that I was home for Christmas and the city where I lived in B.C. I'm surprised that he didn't know what day I was leaving and on what flight. My fav story though of my small town was of two couples whose children had married and were expecting their first child. This was before cell phones. So the one grandparent knew his daughter was in labour and went for a walk. Meanwhile the other set of parents got the news that the baby had been born. They shared the news with neighbours. By the time the grandparent on the walk got home, he had already been told by someone he met on the street that his grandchild had arrived. Lol. Does anyone remember what was said about the hair in Corey's hands? Was it lost over the years? I am surprised given Annette's self described life style of hard drinking, that she did not confess to someone over the years. Still not convinced that it was her, and not one of the other many women Corey was sleeping with. Or one of their boyfriends or husbands.
  3. I thought the same thing - there had to be more info that what Dateline was reporting. Quite often in these cases where I am wondering how someone did or did not get convicted, I google the case and find out all kinds of info left out of the Dateline episode. In this case? I didn't find one thing. Nada. I did have many questions though. Wasn't Annette living with the niece (and her family) who had Jessie there for a sleep over? Where was her own daughter who was a year older than Jessie? Did her kids live with their dad? Annette seemed to have a lot of time to get drunk and have sex frequently with a variety of men. Annette must have been pretty drunk to be crying and confessing to murder, knowing their were two 9 year kids upstairs who could hear her. Or did she forget they were there? Like others I am wondering why the evidence was not tested. I thought for sure when the first trial was a hung jury, that the prosecutors would test the hairs found in Corey's hand. Were they not still around? That didn't seem clear to me. In any case I don't think I could have convicted Annette based on the testimony of Jessie, with no other evidence at all. And if she was with the sis in law when she killed Corey, would there not have been blood all over the sis in law's car? Why would the sis in law go for years covering for Annette? Hard to keep secrets for years in a small town where everyone knows everyone. Though I guess if it was someone other than Annette, that secret has been kept. So much just doesn't seem plausible to me, in any case. I also wondered about the 4th woman talked about, who was having sex with Corey (after his live in fiance, Annette, and Wendy) She was supposedly was pregnant by Corey. Why would the grandparents not have had a relationship with that grandchild? Maybe it turned out that he wasn't the father? So many unanswered questions....
  4. I doubt very much if the show not showing any "gay action" between Sol and Robert has anything to do with Sheen being uncomfortable. One if the first times I ever saw Martin Sheen act was 48 years ago when he and the wonderful Hal Holbrook played lovers in a 1972 TV movie called That Certain Summer. I was already a Holbrook fan, and became a Sheen fan after that movie. Sheen is also a supporter of gay rights IRL. I have always thought the Sol/Martin relationship is very true to life for people who have been together for years (even if they have only been out in public for a handful). They are affectionate with one another which is just fine with me. The writers may also be writing it that way because many watching are of their generation (or a generation younger like I am) and do not need to see constant kissing (and that includes Grace and Nick) to know they are in a relationship.
  5. I am only able to see a couple of episodes a week, so have just watched the one where Jamie is going through menopause. While I am enjoying seeing Jamie, Paul and the old regulars again, I really really dislike Mabel. I would have been just fine with her going to some school far far away so she was not a part of the show every week. I know the purpose of having Mabel go to university and live in a dorm 5 blocks from home is for reasons of convenience, so she can be part of the show but not live with Jamie and Paul, but it is eye rolling for me. I know there are parents who will indulge their children and pay for them to live a few miles from home so the child can have the full "university experience", but it still bugs. Also, why did Jamie not work all these years? Because she has one kid? So right up until Mabel went to university Jamie needed to be at home FT? Another plot point that bugs. In the menopause episode, I was so annoyed that Mabel would not let Paul tell the class that he was Mabel's father. If that were me, I would have been proud to have my father there, and mortified that my classmates think he is some terrible person when he is not. Mabel really is a special snowflake. I wish she would melt away. OTOH, I love Paul's assistant. More of her, please.
  6. How ridiculous. The actor/actress is good enough to be nominated, but not important enough to have their own segment/announcement of winner and walk to the stage? But lets waste time asking JLo the name of the character Tom Cruise played in Jerry Maguire. SMH. The best part of the show so far for me has been Kelly Clarkson giving a shout out to Eugene Levy and Schitt's Creek. I think I'll go watch some reruns of SC, which would be far more entertaining that this clusterf**k of a show.
  7. That always gets me too. Not only the mundane decisions, but the fact that there is a predator there at the time the person has made this mundane decision. Though it isn't always true (but is pretty much always said) many of the victims are either beautiful, charismatic or both. In addition many are very sweet and trusting. After years of watching true crime shows I figure I am safe - average looking, an introvert, not particularly sweet (other than to animals) and a pessimist. Has kept me alive for 62 years now and counting...
  8. Funny, because I always think of that as Ken's schtick. Then look absurdly shocked that he got it right. He does it way too often for me to find it believable.
  9. And conversely, never assume that I am resting in peace just because my murderer has been brought to justice. I am still dead, and the POS may have had (as in this case) many years of freedom after taking my life away!
  10. Regarding Dateline not giving away the murderer, I guessed it was Schara as soon as they talked about the ex's lawyer calling the police from across the country to say that the wife suspected her ex. When they went so far as to show a pic of the wife, and then say that a friend of Schara's said she was an alcoholic and had problems. The original cop just said that they followed it as far as they could but could not get a warrant for DNA. Given the details that we found out later that cops had right from the start (or could have if they had pursed him) it seemed like they dropped the ball. But I did figure it was him early on. Dateline does that quite often where they will throw in what seems to be a red herring but turns out to be the killer. I thought this episode was true to form.
  11. The annoying thing is, they had his name early on, and DNA from the crime scene. The police didn't pursue him because they thought it was a disgruntled ex trying to frame him. I really didn't understand why he was not pursued when they got the original tip from his ex's lawyer. He had no alibi for the time, came home "wild" and with scratches on his hands, liked to choke his ex when they were having sex, gave her a music box that he said was from the store where Lisa worked, which was a town over from where they lived at the time of the murder. He told her the clerk was a gray haired old lady, but when it was followed up on many years later it was found there was no such clerk. That could have been proven to have been a lie right away. All of this info was available to the police early on, and they chose not to pursue it because a friend of Gary's told the police that the ex was an alcoholic and had problems. I guess DNA could be credited with solving the case in that it was used to narrow the characteristics of the killer, which put Schara on their radar again. And was a way to finally get a warrant for his DNA which they were not able to get back when the murder happened. (Even though many others were eliminated by providing their DNA). I agree that the ex was a hero for giving the cops Gary's name, even if it did take them decades to finally get him. It is too bad she didn't live to see him go to prison. BTW, I thought the DA looked just like the phenotype sketch.
  12. The only thing I got out of the whole 2 hours is that Gabe looks exactly like Kody did at his age. I hope for Gabe's sake he ages better than his dad. I actually think he is a nice looking teenager. Also when Gabe commented that all he kept doing when they were moving in was move one box from one place to another, I though to myself that that was the content of most of the episode. That, and the Browns once again complaining that they have no money. Because they continue to make bad decisions. Yawn.
  13. I hated the baby prison, and didn't like the one pitcher either. When they finally let the kid who was having the melt down out of prison, the woman claimed that the kid slept in it every night, and was only reacting to the set. Which made me wonder, if the product is to use when you are travelling and sleeping in strange rooms, why would the kid be sleeping it in at home in his own room? Why would you just not close the blinds and turn out the light? Unless I misunderstood her, I think she was lying. Also she made a big deal out of the fact that it folded into such a small size that it would qualify as a carry on on a plane. Why would any parent who carries so much for a kid as it is on a plane, waste a carry on item on that? Dumb product. The window screen pitch was so boring, and went on way too long. And really, how many houses are built with odd shaped windows? My house has a ton of windows of different sizes but I have never had a problem getting a screen for any of them. I was only half listening to the Fortress guy, but if the articles were to be worn underneath something else, what were the different coloured (and bulky looking) jackets that he had hanging at the front during the pitch? He was all over the place. Best line of the night was Mark saying that he would cry too if he had 8 kids. ITA Mark.
  14. I think they likely used herbal remedies. When I had menopause, I tried a couple of different prescription medications including hormonal cream. The side effects were worse than menopause. Then a co worker told me about a natural product called Meno. I bought it at the health food store, it came in capsules. I wish I could remember the ingredients, but one was black cohosh. In any case it took away every symptom of menopause that I had. I took it for several years, and it worked so well that I had no idea if I was still in menopause or not. So I stopped taking it and found out that I had finally come out of it.
  15. Actually Shannon said that she has near vision, and her near vision was blurry. I would get checked out too if I was hit on the head and my vision was blurry. I fact I recently was hit on the forehead by a steel door and ended up with a goose egg. I would have gone to get checked out had my vision gone blurry. In my case it didn't, and I wasn't been filmed by a reality TV show at a spa. It sounds like both wanted Shannon to get checked out, most likely for liability issues. In the clip shown above from Bravocon, I didn't think the crowd was pro Kelly at all. And I laughed when she said that Michael was jealous. Hmmm, more like they are not getting along because Michael is actually a decent father and does not like the way Kelly's insta relationship is showing Jolie how far down on the totem pole she is in her mother's priorities. Get engaged to a man that your daughter hasn't even met? What a loser. Kelly is also all over the place with her comments. She said in a podcast with Bronte (the one where she said she and Rick are practicing having a baby every day) that Rick is moving to OC. She also claims that Dorinda is begging to officiate the wedding, Dorinda says Kelly asked her. The woman can't keep her lies straight.
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