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  1. Ha, thanks! As I continued watching episodes, it was nice to see another actor that I know from another series. The actor playing Wes was Lori Loughlin's hubby in the Garage Sale Mystery movies. Nice that he will be returning as the twin brother in season three! I often in these Covid days watch reruns of " Mr. D" on CBC, so get to see the Charmaine character as Lisa on that show. I like her in both series. I agree that the Mel actress does have a Kate Winslet quality. I never really warmed to her as an actress either. However I love the actor playiing Jack. And as a long time Tim Matheson fan, I love it whenever he is on my screen.
  2. I certainly hope that Andy goes after Brauny as hard as he went after Kelly. I am not a Kelly fan, but I would take her any day over Brauny. I actually was saying along with Kelly with Andy kept berating her "What do you want from her?". Yes, she said some dumb things which she actually apologized for. Half of the cast members got Covid themselves and/or had family members contract it, and they weren't down her throat. Kelly has always been a loose cannon. I assume that is why Andy has kept bringing her back. So STFU Andy if you are not going to go after Brauny just as hard. (And is he going to ask Brauny why she was travelling during Covid?). Brauny on the other hand is just a POS. If she returns after all that has been revealed (and is yet to be revealed), Andy honestly needs his head examined. She should be up on charges, not once again blaming everything on drinking. Maybe Kelly should have tried that excuse, as it seems like it has worked for Brauny so far. Drunk or sober, that narcissist who never takes responsibility for anything needs to go. She would be lucky if all that happens to her is she loses her job. She should lose much more. But I have little faith in Andy.
  3. Tiger wasn't interviewed directly for the documentary though. I googled to try to find the answer as to how they got the childhood footage and found an interview with the two directors of the documentary. They went through 6-7 thousand hours of footage including footage that had been released over the years by his parents. So I assume in the various interviews Earl did over the years he showed the home movies of Tiger learning to play. They did say that Tiger, Elin and his mother did not participate. I definitely think his parents were behind the letter to his first girlfriend - in fact he pretty much says it. But cutting out the platonic friend was all Tiger. The reason I thought that the doc was well done was it brought out a human side to Tiger, and really showed how deranged Earl was in his expectations of Tiger. Not only as a golfer but a person. The directors found it interesting that those who participated still cared for Tiger despite being cut out of his life. I think the documentary did a good job of showing the person behind the "legend". Edited to add - Tiger has said in interviews in the last couple of years how much he has enjoyed playing with fellow golfers. He would never have said that years ago, and certainly not when Earl was alive. It was much more of the mind games like they showed with Phil Mickelson, and Tida's advice of having his foot on their necks.
  4. I thought this documentary was really well done. I especially enjoyed the interviews and home videos of his first girlfriend. It was nice to know that at least for a few years Tiger was able to at times be a normal teenager. Brutal though that Tiger cut her out of his life so suddenly, as well as the platonic friend of many years. I am wondering how HBO obtained the home videos of Tiger playing golf as a child? Much seems like it may have been filmed by his mom, so I am wondering how they could have obtained them other than through her? It was interesting seeing the plane towing the banner about Tiger attending treatment for sex addiction, at the 2010 Masters. I attended the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach a couple of months later, and there was a small plane towing a banner directed at his caddy Williams, to the effect that he knew about Tiger's cheating. Hubby and I happened to pass by Tiger on a practice day as he was sitting on a golf cart with the driver, and a body guard standing beside the driver. I contemplated going over to ask for Tiger's autograph, but judging from the scowl on Tiger's face he was definitely giving off a "leave me alone" vibe. I had gotten several autographs on my visor earlier, so decided that I was happy with the ones I had, from the players who were happy to sign for the spectators. I have noticed though in the last few years that Tiger is much more friendly with his fellow golfers, and seems to be playing for the pure love of the game. I guess all that he has gone through with scandals, addiction and injuries has finally brought him to that point, so good on him.
  5. I didn't watch the whole show, but did enjoy the discussion about divorce. It is so nice to see Elaine and Amanda contributing more, and taking time away from SO who monopolizes many topics. Of course Sharon had to let us know that she has been married for 39 years. Personally I don't consider marriage to a serial cheater to be any kind of an accomplishment. If Ozzie wasn't old, sick and in isolation, he would still be trying to get into the pants of someone other than Sharon. I would imagine for the same reason SO named her dog Elvis. Amanda's husband was an actor/singer, so I assume he was a fan of The King's. When Nick died Priscilla Presley sent condolences, so I guess it was known that Nick's son was named after her ex. I remember years ago when actors/ singers started naming their kids weird names (which Elvis isn't). I think Frank Zappa was one of the first, over 50 years ago with Moon Unit, followed by Dweezil and Diva Thin Muffin. Yikes. I have to hand it to Ozzie and Sharon that at least they gave their kids "normal" names which I would imagine the kids are happy about as adults.
  6. I thought it was Dateline that had shown this story before. I definitely remembered the victim, her family, and the house where she lived beside her family's home. Was it even a follow up or just a re run of the original? I don't remember there being anything new this time around? Annoying in any case that they are packaging a rerun (or even a follow up if it was) as an original episode.
  7. Not to diminish all of your surgeries (wow!), but this beach party was 10 months after Emily's hip surgery. In addition from what I remember she had the newer procedure which has a faster healing time. In any case anyone I know who has had hip surgery (including my husband's BF who has had both hips done, and both types of surgeries) recovered after two months. In addition Emily had just spent time looking after three little kids while Shane recovered both at home and in the hospital from Covid. She never once mentioned her hip, but rather the stress of looking after the kids herself. And I don't think she ever once said that Shane was not supportive while she recovered from hip surgery. So no, I still don't think he was a terrible husband for not running when Emily went ass over tea kettle while getting into a very low chair with her new and healed hip. Emily herself mentioned several times over the course of the season how good she has felt now that she has a new hip.
  8. I have never watched Blue Bloods though I like Tom Selleck. I think I will have to give it a watch. I thought what Tom said was very classy and kind, and Amanda's poster of Three Sibs and a Baby, as well as the rap with her sibs was hilarious. I am glad that she has such a close family to support her. I was wondering if the show would address Bruce Willis being thrown out of an LA drug store for refusing to wear a mask. (Was actually expecting them to address it yesterday). I assume that they didn't because of Rumer Willis often being a guest host on the show. I didn't understand Sheryl's comment today about being surprised that Elvis was on the show? Is Elvis banned from the building? He is one of the few things I like about SO, and he also ranks higher than Sheryl many days for me. (Most animals rank higher than people for me, and definitely higher than non animal lovers). What is her problem with Elvis?
  9. Lol - my hubby is the sweetest guy in the world, and had I fallen over on a chair and was laughing he would not have rushed over to help me. Especially if there were people right there helping me. It wasn't like Emily could not have just gotten up on her own - she fell over onto sand. She hardly needed rescuing. Not that it is a high bar, but Emily and Shane likely have the strongest relationship on the show. I think Gina and Travis are solid but they are still in the honeymoon phase. Kelly and her houseboy are definitely in the honeymoon phase. Shannon and John have been rocky, but hopefully will get their relationship under control. John looked good at the end of the episode, better than he did during the season. Elizabeth and her boyfriend are just strange - not sure that is even a real relationship. And of course Sean is an abused husband, so unfortunately for him his relationship is the worst of the bunch. Making it through ten plus years, not to mention surviving Covid, I think speaks pretty well for Emily and Shane.
  10. That made me sad because Shane has done so well this season. I am one of the few who has always liked him, and I wish he and Emily had been standing side by side at the end, as the others were with their SOs. OTOH, I can be like Shane where sometimes I just am not in the mood to be with a group of people (I'm an introvert) and it isn't something I am good at hiding. Other times I am perfectly fine with it. But given how well Emily and Shane have done this year (especially given all they have been through) I wish they had ended the episode/season side by side.
  11. John was at the beach. He arrived with Elizabeth's boyfriend, and he and Shannon stood in the circle at the end of the episode, with their arms around each other. The reason I think it was a lie is because Shannon said John doesn't golf, not that he either didn't golf that day or didn't get drunk while golfing. A pretty easy claim to disprove if he does golf.
  12. I watched that scene again and you are right, it was Sean she was offering to drive home. I still don't understand though why she is telling the ladies that Shari moved into the house FT when she tells us in her THs that Shari has her own house, makes her own money and is a single mom to a son. I guess she just tells so many lies that she can't keep them straight?
  13. Interesting as the episode was filmed at the end of summer, and Brauny said that she was starting school on Monday. However at the end of the episode there was no mention of Brauny being in school. So my guess is that when she realized that there was actual work involved, and not the kind that she could foist off on nannies, she quit. Many years ago I read an autobiography of a woman who was the daughter of a B list 50s actress. I can't for the life of me remember who the mother was, but this woman had a very unstable upbringing, and did get into drugs and alcohol as a teen and an adult. When she got clean she decided that she wanted to be a therapist, much like Brauny. This was also in California, and I was flabbergasted that the university she attended basically gave her dozens of credits for "life experience". She only ended up attending for about a year to get a degree. Truly mindboggling.
  14. Sean only backed up Brauny in front of other people - like any abused spouse would do. When it was just Brauny and Sean discussing it, he did not. Brauny said to Sean when it was just the two of them at home, that she knew in her heart of hearts that that is what Shannon said. She never said "You heard it too, Sean" and Sean never said "Yes, I heard it too". Because it didn't happen. Just like John did not get drunk at a golf tourney and call his dad to come and get him. (Which would actually be a responsible thing to do, but I believe Shannon when she says it didn't happen.) Brauny continued her lies at the beach party making it look like Shari was living with her and her family full time. But on last week's show she said that Shari had her own home, and on this week's episode she offered to drive Shari home if she wanted to have a drink. So more bending the truth by Brauny. Drunk or sober, Brauny is a compulsive liar. I can stand pretty much all of the other ladies, and would watch next season if they came back. Brauny? Nope, I could not stomach another season of the lying, poor excuse for a mother and wife, narcissist.
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