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  1. It seems to me that every time the women get together, Denise contradicts what she has said previously. In this episode she said that Brandi is the one who said all the negative things about the women. But as Teddi pointed out, why did Denise not say the night before that it was Brandi who said those things? Instead she just denied saying them herself. Would that not be a normal reaction? Unless of course Denise is lying though her teeth. Which I think she is. There were several times that Teddi called Denise on her BS and inconsistencies, and for that I give Teddi a standing O. I don't think I have ever seen footage of a producer intervening during a shoot? As others have said, we know it happens, but to have it shown? Bravo must really be tired of Denise's antics. As am I. And this is coming from someone who actually liked Denise last season.
  2. Both the glass floor and the charity angle reminded me of the most expensive house in my city. The owner hosted an event for the animal welfare charity that I volunteer with. It is a modern style house which I hate, but a beautiful setting on a lake with mountain views. The glass floor looks down to the wine cellar. You press a button, and the floor opens up and the enormous wine rack rises to the main floor. We were supposed to be impressed, but I wasn't as I am not a big wine drinker. We did, and do wonder though how the owner can afford such a property with her little interior design business. We think her hubby is a drug dealer - lol. I love how buzz words for these properties change over the years. Kitchens used to be described as a "chef's kitchen"; now they are "entertainer's kitchen". I also thought it was odd when the sitting area for the hubby to wait for his wife to get dressed was described as a private sitting area. As opposed to a public sitting area? My whole house is private, don't know about anyone else's.
  3. I can barely relate S10 Denise to S9 Denise. It's like she is playing twins over two seasons. Season 9 twin is happy, funny and easy going. Season 10 twin is unhappy, uptight and paranoid. I liked S9 Denise, and can barely recognize her in S10 Denise. I do wonder how much that has to do with Aaron, who also presents very differently this season that he did last. I wonder why Nicolette Sheridan's marriage to Aaron only lasted 6 months?
  4. That is exactly why I think Denise and Aaron have been so upset about the threesome talk. And Denise talking about "all she is going through" I think is directly related. In addition they both look rough this season, especially Aaron. He looked like hell at Kyle's party. As the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's fire. (My apologies though for the saying, given Denise's loss of a house to fire. But the saying fits.) I did enjoy the episode for the sight seeing, and Dorito's tacky tourist wardrobe. I also loved Kyle saying that Dorito was now going to speak with an Italian accent - lol.
  5. It seems obvious to me, by Denise's own words and actions, that Brandi's story is true. When Garcelle asked Denise if she wanted to know what was being said, Denise replied "If it is a dangerous area, not on camera." Teddi then said that it was already on camera, and that there was going to be more. Denise replied that "there is no truth to that". How did she know what "that" was, since at that point Teddi had not revealed what was being said about Denise? Now if someone came to me and said there was some horrible rumour about me, I would say "let's hear it" because I have nothing to hide. I wouldn't worry that it could be a dangerous area, because I don't have any. From what I saw on this episode I have no problem believing Brandi. I don't care one way or the other, it's not my problem. But I do believe Denise is the one lying.
  6. Lol. As the saying goes, you learn something every day. Though now that I think about it, it makes sense that Ramona used a correct term in her TH. I think pretty much all of her malapropisms have been off the cuff in conversation, not in a TH where she can prepare her comments ahead of time.
  7. The best part of this episode was Ramona's description of her life, and why she could not date online. I am pretty sure (unless I misheard) that she referred to having an "entourage" as having an "entree". Unfortunately that was the highlight of the show for me. These women are boring AF.
  8. Half way through this episode, I looked at my watch as I thought it must be almost over. No such luck. I didn't like Camille's house at all. I know Malibu is pricey, but honestly I could not stand having neighbours so close to me. She could reach out and hand a cup of sugar to either neighbour without leaving her home. No thanks. Loved seeing Eileen again - I miss her on the show. I wasn't a fan of her hair colour though. I like that Rinna pointed out that Denise is a different Denise than the one we saw last year. I totally agree, and like last year's version much more than this year's. I am not one to give PK compliments, but it is obvious from the flashbacks that he has lost weight. Good for him.
  9. Oh I totally agree that you have to drive in traffic at some point. But if you still mix up the gas and brake pedals, you should be driving in an empty parking lot. You are not only putting yourself at risk, but every other driver around you.
  10. I grew up in Ontario, but haven't lived there since the late 70s. Of course in those days there was no such thing as graduated licensing, or L decals. I wasn't sure about the L now, but do like that Ontario as well has graduated licensing. I agree that the L is a good idea, for the exact reason you have stated. I forgot to add to my previous post that I thought it was hilarious that Denise was saying in her TH that she didn't know that Phoenix was there when she was dropping the f bombs, and Aaron behind her says "Who's Phoenix?"
  11. It's too bad that Dorinda's taste hasn't improved with age. Bluestone Manor looks as tacky redecorated as it did before the flood. I believe it was Lu who said it was Blue Stone Manor on steriods? Perfect description. I did chuckle at Leah drinking from a mug with Blue Stone Manor stenciled on it. I wonder if Dorinda hawks those mugs on her website? I always laugh when Ramona brags about having 50 girlfriends. (Whatever did happen to the other 10?). I read once that extroverts have a lot of friends. but their relationships are very shallow. Introverts have a much smaller number of friends, but their friendships are close and on a much deeper level. Of the people I know who are extroverts and introverts, this is often true.
  12. Interesting. I live in Canada, and I know requirements vary from province to province. Where I live (B.C.) anyone learning to drive must have an L decal displayed on the back of the vehicle anytime they are driving. After they obtain their license they must display a N decal (for novice) for a minimum two year period (which carries restrictions) before graduating to a full license. I like our system.
  13. Most of the show was a snore (and I ff'd past Kyle and Kim - do not care about Kim one iota) but the look of panic on Aaron's face when Denise went to the washroom at Sutton's party was worth sitting through the parts of the episode that I did watch. I thought Erika did a great job of pointing out the condescending comments that Arron made to the women at Kyle's party. I laughed when Erika referenced Arron asking if the women could look at themselves in the mirror and Aaron said "Can you?" to which Erika replied "Yes." Aaron came back with "Then great, you've solved that problem". He is apparently unaware that it was only a problem to him. He really should not go into a battle of wits as he is totally unarmed. I also was totally unimpressed with Aaron's driving lesson. While i give him props for his calm demeanor, no one learning to drive who is still not aware of which is the gas pedal and which is the brake should be driving on a busy road. And why are there others in the car? Ridiculous. And as others have asked, is there no requirement in California to display a decal on the back of a vehicle when a learner is behind the wheel? Or did Aaron just decide that rules don't apply to him? I wonder why he and Denise weren't freaked out that they may have been followed (by papps or the mysterious people that follow them) while an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel? I guess their paranoia is situational and a matter of convenience. Loved that blue dress on Rinna - stunning.
  14. I was wondering if Hanna has changed her mind after seeing (I would assume) episodes 1-11. Is she really that unaware of what a bitch (drunken or sober) her mother actually is? Not a role model in my books. So is this the first time we have heard that Leah was asked to leave the family home at 19, not 17? Leah really brings nothing to the show. She constantly talks about how she and Rob co-parent, as if it is something out of the ordinary. All I see is Rob parenting Leah and Kier, Kier to a lesser degree. I did love how Leah made it sound like they were regulars at that restaurant, and Kier picked up the menu and made a comment that would lead one to believe she had never been there before. This episode was a total snore. I actually ff'd past some of it as it was just a rehash of a rehash. Ugh. I did think the ladies, particularly Sonja and Ramona, looked really good in their THs. Their make up was toned down, and they looked younger than they usually do in their THs.
  15. I was thinking as well that this may be my all time favourite episode. While I am not a fan of mid century modern, compared to today's modern glass and concrete boxes, they at least have an abundance of character. I also loved that this episode high lighted the personal touches of the realtors. The Brits' idea to have renderings made of what the Pasadena property could look like. Josh Flagg's hilarious (and so true) comments on getting to know a new clients (who was hilarious in her own right). And finally the Altman Bros jamming with the roof top band. I am not looking forward to the peeing contests with Fredrick. I have enjoyed the realtors getting along so far this season.
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