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  1. I am in Canada, and here the show is imported and shown on a network called Slice. On my TV the captioned lines weren't even the same size and font as the ones in the link posted by Legalbeagle421. On my screen the captioning was fairly large, with Denise's lines in yellow and Aaron's in white. Hmmmm..... However Aaron did say what he said. It is clear even without the captioning...
  2. So why is it on my TV? The three lines as quoted above "Don't tell me what to say. I am going to crush your fucking hand. Stop it." Also a few lines from Denise just before when she tells him to stop talking. I don't use CC - it was on my screen just as sometimes other lines are put on by production if they think they aren't clear to the viewer? Those are the only lines in the entire epi (without going back over it all to check) that show up on my screen - Denise and Aaron's convo as they are storming out of the back yard.
  3. I am only referring to the part where Aaron tells Denise "Don't tell me what to say. I am going to crush your fucking hand. Stop it." That seems to be the line in question, which was captioned by Bravo, and clear (though it sounded like Aaron was saying it through clenched teeth).
  4. I didn't see Denise and Aaron's comments as they were leaving though closed captioning as some others have said (I don't use CC). The comments were on my screen as they were saying them - Denise's comments in yellow and Aaron's in white. That had to have been added by production, and seen by everyone that watched the show. Or is there some other reason/way that some of us would have seen them, and others not? In any case what he said was clear, even without the captioning on the screen.
  5. LOLOLOL. As to point A,. Denise used to same tone as the rest of her conversation. The rest is just a rehash. I am not saying that the ladies should not have listened to Denise - I posted that it was her right to ask them to stop talking about threesomes, etc. I said she is a hypocrite for dropping multiple f-bombs when young children (more than Dorito's kid) were running by the table. In any case, as per usual, some of us have one opinion, others have another, and the likelihood of someone changing another's mind is slim to none. I also think that people like Denise who use the word fuck constantly are apparently unaware that when someone uses it constantly, it loses its value. She might as well be saying golly gee. Oh wait, maybe she says golly gee when she is really fucking mad. LOL.
  6. I didn't say she screamed it - I said she said it in the same tone of voice as she was speaking before and after. And didn't lean in. I purposely watched it for a second time after it was posted that she said it quietly and leaned in, as I didn't see that the first time. Nor the second time, as it turns out.
  7. Nope. I actually rewatched the scene when someone claimed on the thread from the episode that she leaned in and spoke quietly. She did neither.
  8. That is not correct. Denise kept telling Aaron not to f**king say anything as they were on the camera. (To use Denise's words). Aaron replied "Don't tell me what to say. I'm going to crush your f**king hand. Stop it." It's right there on tape.
  9. I didn't mind Aaron last season (or Denise for that matter) but it seems his true nature is coming through. I didn't see him as being a better husband either - he seems unhinged this season. I thought Teddi's husband was the smartest as he stayed away from the drama and played with his kids.
  10. A. Denise herself talked about sexual things around her kids at her party - referencing for the gazillionth time, Psycho Aaron's big dick. And she was not whispering or even leaning into the person beside her when she said it - she said it in the same conversational voice as she used before and after the big dick comment. B. She may claim, which she has a couple of times. that Sami was bothered by the comment but also twice has dodged Rinna's question asking how Sami brought it up and what she said. The editors were nice enough to show us that Sami didn't think it was a big deal and actually thought it was funny. C. Denise F**king Richards dropped numerous f-bombs around not only Dorito's kids but other kids that were running back and forth right beside the table. The other women seemed to be able to get their point across without dropping f- bombs, and I can't say I have heard any of the howives with small children swear in front of them. She and PA continued to drop f-bombs etc. as they left the party. So if DFR and PA are going to make requests at their home (which they have every right to do) they should afford others the same courtesy (as in be able to complete a single sentence around others' children without dropping f bombs) at their homes without having to be asked. Simple.
  11. I think Kyle said that it was originally supposed to be a BBQ as she has done before, but Mauricio decided to go to whatever event he went to, and since she doesn't BBQ she changed it to a catered event with no BBQ. I was wondering about Garcelle's oldest too as I had no idea what she was trying to say. So I googled and it looks like he is alive and well now, and just got married during the pandemic.
  12. So Denise F***ing Richards was upset at the talk of threesomes around her teenage daughters, but had no problem dropping multiple f bombs around the other howives' very young children. Because she swears around her own children, I guess it is OK to swear around other kids at someone else's house. F'ing hypocrite. And it wasn't just Dorito's kid, there were other kids running back and forth right where they were sitting. Add in Psycho Aaron and his own verbal diarrhoea and the only good thing I can say about that pair is that they are a good match. I don't know why Kyle ran after them (other than it made them look bad), I would have locked the door after they left. I did think it was hilarious that Denise F***ing Richards kept telling PA to stop talking because the cameras were filming. Did she not know they were filming them at the table too? OMFG. I didn't know what Garcelle was trying to say about her oldest son - I assume that he went through some tough times and is now OK? I also assume that the charity she supports helps people who are down and out, so throwing food was not only tacky, but a bit brain dead to me. Her public put down in her acceptance speech was also tacky. Just so I have one positive thing to say, I loved the outfit Sutton wore to the BBQ.
  13. I thought it was funny a few weeks ago when Dorinda, woman of the world, could not understand Jacques' accent during his stand up routine. I am far from a woman of the world, and had no problem understanding him. You would think that someone as well traveled as Dorinda would have developed an ear for accents.
  14. I agree, I think Leah was pretending to be more drunk than she actually was. She was throwing a tantrum, and as soon as Ramona told her (once again) that her sister could come, she appeared to sober up right away. Leah was also so transparent when she was buttering up Ramona on the drive there, so that Ramona would agree to let her sister come. It bugs me when howives act like nothing that they do on camera is ever going to be seen by or get back to their kids. Leah was so concerned about Elise bringing up her child, but not concerned enough for her child not to act like a drunk, complete with a meltdown that could compete with any two year old's. Dorinda of course loves Leah because she can be Dorinda's new drinking partner, and is so out of control that Dorinda's usual meanness takes a back seat. Leah has already worn out her welcome with me.
  15. Yes, I realize it has always been a problem, and we have seen food appear and disappear etc. during what is supposed to be a fluid conversation. I found it funny though that food appeared and disappeared during a single sentence. But it is also possible that that has happened before and I only noticed it this epi because I was entertaining myself. The editing was unintentually much more interesting than the actual scene.
  16. If the producers want to make it look like these conversations are organic, they have to do a much better job of editing. As I watched the breakfast conversation during the last few minutes of the show, food was appearing and disappearing. At one point when Kyle was giving a half assed apology to Dorito, Teddi was being shot from the back and had no food in front of her. As Kyle finishes her sentence, the shot changes to showing the front of Teddi who is sitting beside Dorito, and viola, she is eating from a plate of food. So obviously Kyle repeated that sentence at least once and at different times for Teddi to be eating during one version of it and not during another. Sheesh. It was as bad as last week's RHoNY where Luann was having lunch with Sonja and Tinsley (I think it was) and Sonja's OJ kept appearing and disappearing. In any case ThreesomeGate is no more interesting than PuppyGate. Yawn.
  17. I always thought that Richard's death was fairly sudden - in that he did not know two months before he died that his death was imminent. Which makes the fact that BSM was for sale very interesting indeed. So it sounds like from an above posting that Dorinda's name on the deed along with Richard's would not guarantee that the house would go to Dorinda? Does that differ from state to state? As far as I know in Canada, and with any property I have owned, joint ownership means the surviving person inherits. Does anyone else find it ironic that the fish room did not survive due to a flood?
  18. That is very interesting that BSM was for sale two months before Richard died. I thought that his illness was quite brief when he died of liver failure. Has it ever been disclosed how long he was sick before he passed? Dorinda has always said that Richard bought BSM for her as a wedding present, so I assume it was either in her name or joint with Richard. Where I live, if there are two names on the deed and one person dies the property automatically goes to the surviving person, not into the estate. Are the laws different in NY? In any case very interesting that BSM was for sale when it was.
  19. I loved this season, even more than the first. And I didn't think that would be possible. There really wasn't any story line or character than bugged me to the extent that I could be bothered writing about it/him/her. I love the relationship between Jenn and Judy, and would watch them even without the dead bodies, twists and turns. I can't wait for Season 3!
  20. Yes, I think all you have written is also true. Which is ironic as Dorinda only has what she has because of Richard. She may have had a business or two, but she would not have had the lifestyle she had, or currently has, without Richard. And it appears that she is running out of money with no way to replenish it. Someone an episode or two back posted a link to a website where Dorinda is selling mugs, private messages, etc. to make money. Interesting that she never talks about it on the show - I am sure she is embarrassed by her own desperation.
  21. I think they are a good match. And I would imagine that after relationships with two men who were basically trust fund babies, she likely admires that Scott is a self made man. I would certainly take a man who is self made over one who has had everything handed to him his whole life. Mind you I don't come from money like Tins does, but maybe she likes the fact that Scott has created his own wealth. On top of that they hit it off, as you said, from day one. So good on them that they are so happy together. Bonus points that it must be making Dorinda's head explode.
  22. Dorinda has had screaming rages since she joined the show, both drunken and sober. One of the worst that I remember from a few years ago - directed at Ramona I think - was in the morning when Dorinda was cold stone sober. That is the scene that convinced me that Dorinda is one mean bitch - drunk or sober.
  23. I think Leah hit the nail on the head when she said that Dorinda doesn't like Tinsley because Tinsley was born into the life that Dorinda puts on a pedestal. Luann then interrupted Leah and said Dorinda can't relate to Tins being born with a silver spoon in her mouth. I don't think that is it at all. It has nothing to do with not being able to relate to Tins. I think Tinsley represents to Dorinda the type of people she had access to when Richard was alive, but have nothing to do with her now that Richard is dead. That would certainly explain why she is so obsessed with Tinsley, as much as she may say she isn't. I also loved Dorinda's revisionist history when she said she met John too soon after Richard's death. When in fact Richard and John were friends, so obviously Dorinda knew John when she was married to Richard.
  24. That was one of Ramona's best lines, ever. Dorinda really is despicable. She actually admitted that it doesn't bother her to fight with Tinsley, because she has no feelings for Tinsley. She reacts when she fights with Ramona because she does care about Ramona. Though it doesn't stop her from going for the jugular. But nope, Tinsley is a verbal punching bag for Dorinda, a sport from which she derives great pleasure. I often wonder what Richard's children think of their former step mother now?
  25. Like some other posters, I thought Garcelle's conversation with her girlfriends was contrived. And honestly, I rolled my eyes when she said that her ex was remorseful for cheating on her. Seriously? He cheated on her for 5 friggin' years, and would likely still be married to her and cheating had he not got caught. Was he never remorseful in the 5 years he was with his mistress? Apparently not enough to dump said mistress and come clean. SMH. I liked seeing the often MIA hubbies, Harry and Tom. I have always liked both, and like their relationships with their wives. I didn't even mind seeing PK, and while I don't see what Dorito sees in him, she obviously loves him. That said, all the kids can stay off my screen, thank you very much. I don't understand why the howives don't understand Kyle's friendship with Teddi. I think it would be very strange for a group of women - especially a group of co-workers which they essentially are - to have the same relationship and friendship with every other person in the group.
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