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  1. I like all the contestants this season, they all have the potential to win, barring any disasters. I actually have the book Joe mentioned as his inspiration, called 'The Hatchett', about the young boy being stranded in the wilderness, it's fiction but a very good read.
  2. I think Tony just tripped over his ego, don't care for him, he has an almost maniacal laugh.
  3. What happened to Daryl's dog? Has it even been shown lately, can't remember.
  4. Yes I see it now, it is Wednesday, tks!
  5. I thought Arisa said that the final episode would be shown on Sunday night even tho all the contestants were now safely home. I can't find anything in the guide, did they decide not to run it, or did I hear the date wrong when she said it?
  6. Sad to hear this, but completely understand. The world has gone to shit and this is just a game, tho I loved the distraction it provided. Feel bad for the hamsters, those who've waited for so long for a chance to play. There would be a health issue also, with production, people handling food being put in the house, setting up the challenges etc. I hope it does return, but very likely it won't.
  7. That was intense indeed. I found Jamar annoying, but didn't dislike him, he came across as very immature, and emotional. But like Arissa said, this is 2020, get with the program. Ming needs to do some soul searching and knockoff the badass bitch act, if indeed it is an act. It is possible to play this game without setting yourself up to be despised by everyone. Rein it in girl. Good riddance Kyle, wish they'd given more of an explanation as to what actually happened, but his personality came across as aggressive, the look on his face sometimes was scary, to me anyway, since I do not like confrontation of any sort, and tend to avoid those types of people. The other houseguests seemed so reluctant to make a move against him, so perhaps they felt threatened, who knows, and since there was no actual incidents shown, we are left to speculate, which is what I am doing! I won't miss him at all.
  8. Kyle is a douchebag in my opinion. Is this the most obnoxious cast of BBCan so far? Seems like it, don't know if I can continue watching. I despise MingWhatsherName. Never will figure out why someone decides to 'play' the role of uber bitch, unless it's their actual personality. Chris bumbling and stumbling trying to explain his lies, yes it's part of the game, but man, he sucks at it, almost like he thought everyone would be high fiving him. A little self awareness would go a long way in this house.
  9. Chris saying that since he's won HOH, Canada will now know they were wrong to put him in the bottom 4 last week. Chris, pretty sure Canada still thinks you're a self absorbed asshole... Michael has a stunned look when the camera is on him, sort of like he just got a slap to the back of the head, I'm sure he's not consiously doing it, hope not. Chris is jealous of him,he wants to be the chick magnet, good luck with that.
  10. Nice to see Negan land in that shit hole, since he uses that word so often, then she wants his body, gross..
  11. Well said Candall. It was a relief for me to see Alex tap out, I'd get a queasy feeling in my gut everytime he was on screen, he just didn't fit in, and I was afraid he was really going to get hurt. Oh and Denis can suck it, no points from me for wishing you could have taken Alex 'under your wing', you arrogant shithead.
  12. They seem to under estimate the intelligence of some of the prisoners, they know exactly what questions to ask of the newbies and seem to be really good at picking out the plants or at least suspecting, and it does seem that there has been immediate suspicion each season. Perhaps they should have an educational session with an actual ex-con before sending these people in there, they seem awfully unprepared, but the place is really like a wild planet. This is the worst one yet, the guards are either just there to get the day in and get home alive, or are cruel assholes who enjoy treating people like shit. I hope that female guard gets fired, that was beyond the pale. I would never do anything like this in a million years or even for a million dollars, too big of a chicken. I do however find myself fasinated by those who do, who crave this kind of challenge and excitment, and not just on this particular program. I feel so safe watching them from the comfort of my bedroom!
  13. Congrats to Roman Sadovsky of Canada on capturing the bronze! I'm wondering if that is his first Grand Prix medal, kudos, good job.
  14. I was watching and taping the women's comp at the same time, got tired and stopped the recording, didn't realize the Ice Dance was on right after,so missed it 🙄. I'm hoping they'll run it again, only saw a very brief clip during the men's comp, of Piper's excitement when the scores came up, it wasn't enough!
  15. Way to go Nam! So impressive, and I'm so happy for him, highlight of the night for me.
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