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S25.E14: HOH #5, Nominations #5

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Just out of curiosity: exactly when did Helen change her name to Cory?

(I’m also curious about when Helen decided to become a single white college boy, but one thing at a time….)

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Five minutes of content in an hour long show.  

Jared needs a refresher on how to wear a bandanna. He looks like a child playing dressup in the diary room.

Did Red even talk to Cameron, or did he just automatically believe Jared?

Why can't any of these morons (even Cirie) keep their mouths shut??

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Julie:  "It's Day 30 in the BB House and it appears that at least some of these knuckleheads are starting to realize that we've thrown a Ringer into the House just to mess with them."

America (the contestant, not the country):  "You know how Cirie played on Survivor 4 times?  And how Jeff Probst himself called her one of the best players ever?  And how she just won some other show called The Traitors, where she manipulated and back-stabbed a bunch of other professional reality show contestants, including some BB All-Stars?  Well, I'm starting to think that maybe she could be the person secretly calling all the shots in the House right now.  Maybe she's a threat and we shouldn't be going to her for advice on how to vote and stuff.  I know, crazy, right?"


Wow, only 30 days to figure that BB "twist" out!  haha


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Damn, I waited all day to see if more comments would come up and one did. Just one.

Well I'll add that I have never I liked someone that was formely on any reality show jumping on big brother. I don't watch survivor but I wouldn't want it then either. Only Amazing Race works or the challenge since they surrounded by reality TV people.

This show...hell no. I just watched another episode orbiting around one person whether she was on screen or not. Dominant alliances arent even that interesting to me unless its a interesting/evolving storyline like the cookout.

Can we get a revolt already. Stop letting people run away with this.

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After seeming to start off with so much promise, even with the eyeroll of Cirie being part of the cast (and this said as a huge fan of Cirie), I'm seriously contemplating not watching the rest of this.

Jared has officially worked my last nerve and I wish the house had flipped to vote out Blue and kept Matt's power for another day. Cirie had no business telling him about the invincibility power being used but I get it a little bit as he's her son. You think she could trust him to keep his trap shut but he had to take that news and try to turn it into him having any influence in Jag going. That whole scene with Jag where he came after Jag for sharing a secret Jared himself had no business sharing and for which Jag was right to be skeptical of was really ugly and completely unnecessary. He is a huge liability and Cirie cannot control him, which in fairness, he's an adult, but he is so awful at this game and she has come down several notches in my mastermind book for refusing to see he is her Achilles heel. 

As for the Red/Cameron dust-up, while I have very few fucks to give about either of them, unless they can cause havoc for Jared...Red, quit with the backstabbing accusations. What, did you expect Cameron to tell Jared, no, don't put up my BFF, Red, put ME up instead? But classic BB where folks expect others to care more about others' lives in the game than their own. 



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