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  1. I totally understand that Zoey is overwhelmed; someone really needs to tell her to talk to a professional, because she is (understandably) floundering. I was so happy that she finally talked to Max and I'm glad the show didn't try to make him be the bad guy in that conversation in the kitchen. It has to be so hard knowing your girlfriend has this insight into you while you have no idea what she's feeling. It was noticeable that none of the women participated in "Hard Knock Life"; Tobin is beyond annoying and they shouldn't whine after playing softball inside the office. Good Lord. Zoey was right to outsource all those assignments, though "Executive Director of the Fourth Floor" isn't an actual title. What all is ON the fourth floor??? Glad to see Emily find some solid ground; agree that Jenna should move into the house with her. There's certainly enough room.
  2. I think Bella didn't have time because she was working on her egg salad for the ants on a log part of the challenge. I thought both came off really poorly, and was really glad Bella didn't get the win.
  3. Agreed on both. I think this was the best batch of dessert imposters I've seen, honestly. Good job, kids!
  4. What was in it? I missed this.
  5. I was worried about the parents, but I didn't find the inclusion intrusive at all. This does seem like a good group of kids, though, as ever, I wonder about the number of them who have their own baking businesses. Doesn't that require permits and regulations about the kitchens where things are prepared, etc.? I mean, I'm sure it happens, but it seems weird to have a bunch of kids saying they have their own business.
  6. See, I thought Megan should've been able to do a decent mirror glaze; it pops up frequently enough in these shows that if I were going on this competition, it would've been something I'd practiced a bunch. I don't mind Juliana getting an advantage, but I agree that it was too much. Or, rather, I wish there had been more of a challenge with "present" because "do a cake that's in your comfort zone" isn't a challenge. I was bummed by the outcome, but I'm hopeful Food Network will snatch up Lorenzo and stick him in something else, because he does seem fun.
  7. I think in the 90s version, teams had something like 10 or 15 minutes to go through the store before filming started to see the layout and figure out what the big ticket items were. Leslie's list that she gives them probably isn't worth going for unless you're going through those sections anyway.
  8. I think Megan and Lorenzo are the best two bakers left, though that doesn't mean Juliana or Eva couldn't pull it out in the finale. Juliana keeps squeaking through on her originality, I think; the judges are awarding inventiveness. I do hope that they bring Lorenzo back for other shows; he has a good personality but isn't terribly over the top. (I loved him answering Jesse's "You remember our judges?" with a "Yes," because I had JUST commented that no, the bakers don't remember the judges. It makes me appreciate the Great British Bake Off more; there's none of the weird stories for why they have to make whatever the assignment is, no introducing the judges each week. It's just "Paul and Prue would like you to make..." Stop pretending the judges don't know what's coming!) Eva annoys me for no discernible reason; I think she must remind of someone I don't like, but am not quite sure who. She's also a bit too folksy for me, I think.
  9. I couldn't believe that guy only got, what, $750 before bonuses? I loved the music as he wandered around, but HOLY CROW. Yeah, he wouldn't have won back in the 90s.
  10. I've bought Hormel chili (it's good in a Mexican dip) and guessed "stag" but have never heard of Stagg chili. I was also glad the gym owner bros and woman who came in workout clothes didn't win.
  11. I can't remember the exact timeline, but Hung/Chee overlapped with the boyfriends, I think, and I had the same thought--but there wouldn't have been a way to give help without it being obvious.
  12. YES! I can see being mad at Gary and DeAngelo, but they could've U-turned someone else if the Beard Bros hadn't burned it. It's so frustrating that no matter how far ahead the first place team is, there's a guaranteed bunch. So it doesn't matter if you're 2nd or 4th--you'll be with everyone else by the first task in the next leg. Even if they did something as simple as having to get taxis at the next airport in order would be better. Aparna was over the line at the Roadblock. Totally uncalled for. I'm glad they're gone. I'm rooting for Team NFL (mostly for Gary; DeAngelo taking THAT LONG to figure out he needed to watch the demo was beyond infuriating and Gary gets HUGE kudos for just chilling and not working himself up into a ragestorm like I would have). I guess of the others, the Beard Bros seem the most competent, but their attitude about the alliance has annoyed me.
  13. Yeah, it seems that there's always a $300 item--sometimes it's the bears, sometimes it's the cooler. It's just counted as part of the total, but it's generally a bit unwieldy. I think in the original, what this is calling "inflatables" were just called "bonuses" or "bonus items" or something like that. For the clue, my boyfriend guessed "margarine", which does seem somewhat close; I managed to come up with cinnamon, but that was one of the harder clues that they've had on this show.
  14. I wonder if this is one of those things that played better with the people in the tent--they've been together for weeks and have a rapport that the audience just isn't a part of. I certainly didn't need any more of the spoon, but Laura, Peter, and Dave didn't seem to mind.
  15. What was particularly annoying about the usage of the yields was that both times, it was the team in the lead that used it. They really had zero reason to. I don't think the blondes were dumb to use their yield on Leo & Alana--and as we saw, it wouldn't have mattered had they kept their yield, as they were in last place in both legs. In the very first season of TAR, the gay couple (the Guidos, as they were) were probably the villains of the season. I'm rooting for Gary and DeAngelo. I was really annoyed at the place-setting road block. The Beard Bro was an idiot for helping Will/James and Hung--and as it worked out, I don't think it mattered. He acted like he was so clever to pick up on the measuring and then tell the other teams, but unlike the truck task with the horns, it was quickly obvious from the judging what needed to be done. That was a situation that it made no sense for teams to help each other; nobody was particularly frustrated or having problems figuring out. Just dumb. Especially after Gary had helped out earlier. At least Gary and DeAngelo and Team Cal know they can't rely on the other teams now--they may not know about the others still having an alliance, but they know that they're only out for themselves.
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