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  1. Yes, Zumbo's is AMAZING. I was so pleased when the second season was released.
  2. Agreed on the rock cake. It just looked sloppy to me. The judging of Molly's cake shows how subjective this all is; I'm sure if she had been more of a favorite, the looser interpretation would've been fine.
  3. It was mentioned very briefly, in passing, in maybe the first or second episode. That was more about their friendship, though, and how they shouldn't be as friendly since she's his boss. She was freaking out about her powers and he asked if that imbalance was why. I don't think we're supposed to see Simon as the Absolute Worst; I think the show has been fairly nuanced about him. We aren't supposed to approve of what he's doing, but I know I can at least see how everything happened. It's not good, but it's human.
  4. I can't tell whether he wanted her to say that she thought he should take the job, so they could date or that she thought he shouldn't take the job so they'd still sit across from each other and hang out all the time. I guess either would work, as long as it came with an admission of her feelings. YES! That scene was so great. The brother's wife talking to Mary Steenburgen was SO cringeworthy. Do people talk to their in-laws about their sex lives? In any case, David and his wife need to learn to communicate.
  5. He's certainly very pleased when he knows something and she compliments him on it. They're cute, though I wish Malcolm wouldn't play into it so much if he's not interested in her. Michael Sheen is REALLY good in this. His reactions to Eve in that first scene together were excellent. He does well at both charming and very threatening.
  6. I agree--this season's contestants seem to be enjoying themselves. It's fun to watch, even if the challenges themselves are a bit odd. I loved the backgrounds they did for their Paris-Brest. And I liked the one guy who said that they had Paris-Brest at his hotel, but nobody ever ordered them.
  7. I don't think that's a continuity error so much as Zoey talking to Max, who she wants to be delicate with about the Simon situation, and Zoey having mixed feelings about Simon. Maybe she thought she was doing a better job moving on from Simon. There was no real way to work Mo into this episode. This was one very busy workday for Zoey--she left work to go to her dad's doctor appointment, and it's not like she could meet up with Mo for lunch with all the pressure of the CEO's visit. This episode was good for really showing Max that Zoey is dealing with something real; you would lose that if she was turning to Mo.
  8. Agree with everyone who said that Carol is making up the guy in HR. No way would she be allowed to return to the same store.
  9. I did like that for the main round, they weren't told what type of dessert to make--it allowed them to be more creative, and there was a lot of variety. I was surprised that it was Franck going; I was sure it'd be Aris.
  10. Also, the description of Chirp made me think of Google Glasses, which went absolutely nowhere.
  11. Zoey basically admitted that she likes Max, but just doesn't want to date him yet--she can't handle a relationship right now. (Also, SHE'S HIS BOSS, but the show seems to want to ignore that part.) It can definitely still lead to a triangle; Max could find someone else (on his own) just as Zoey is like, "The time is now!" Regarding Simon, I think that at this point, she's fine not telling Max about him. She's trying to get rid of those feelings and she and Simon were successful in this episode at maintaining a distance, so she probably figures that there's nothing TO tell. At the moment.
  12. Yes! As soon as he said that, my BF and I were like, "Someone's been watching Nailed It!" They've occasionally had people take a themed prop from a group without being able to see what's written on the back. That seems like the easiest way to handle being assigned flavors/decorations/whatever.
  13. I was SO annoyed with Nancy during judging. You can't ask the bakers to make a night sky themed dessert and then get annoyed where there aren't colors and it doesn't look spring-y!
  14. I was like, "This guy is trouble." I'm glad it wasn't anything nefarious, but I spent the episode very wary of him.
  15. Except this idea involves tracking people through social media without their input.
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