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  1. If Sarah Beth isn't nominated immediately, I will be VERY surprised.
  2. I think my problem is that I remember Jason from when he was a contestant on Holiday Baking and Food Network Star, so I know that his background is as a home chef. Which doesn't mean that he doesn't have knowledge, but I just have a hard time accepting him being seen as the expert when the contestants likely have more training, experience, and knowledge than he does. Also, to be catty, he's apparently only 43?!
  3. Exactly. He needs to stop saying things like, "That lemon would knock a hog out of the mud!" I had hoped he might have toned it down, which I remember him doing for another competition show, but that's not the case. Does something need salt? Does one flavor highlight or subdue another? Say that. Stop making odd comparisons and trying to sound folksy. I know that's his brand, but I really, really dislike it.
  4. Jason continues to bother me--I just can't take him seriously, even when he's giving serious comments. Carla needs to continue keeping it toned down. I do continue to appreciate the level of baking in this show. I'm so used to the season competitions; this group is clearly more skilled, and I appreciate that. I also don't mind the format of the show, though I think they should give the first round more time and focus less on the second round.
  5. It would've worked better if Leif had shut up, but DMD spilled it to Zoey. Was very glad to see Simon be the one to initiate the breakup. He deserves better; Zoey was never invested. If the show continues, I hope to see him in his new role at Sprqpt. That was the highlight of the episode for me. I don't think we're supposed to think Zoey was ever platonic about Simon; I think the problem is actually the opposite--she was very much attracted to him physically, but was never emotionally there. I was surprised at the ending, because I had assumed that Max would be gon
  6. Agreed. Some of these ingredients seem unique enough that I don't think a typically stocked competition kitchen would have them. Carla's theatrics were so cringe-worthy. That was awful.
  7. I agree--I think the comment about drip cakes was more that she was expecting more from potential best bakers in America than drip cakes, which are overdone and, in this case, didn't connect at all to the actual dessert.
  8. This setup is very reminiscent of Zumbo's Just Desserts--all the bakers compete, and in that, the bottom two battle it out to avoid elimination while the safe bakers watch from the side. (Zumbo's at least gave the other bakers chairs to sit in.) I actually don't mind it; it beats a preheat that doesn't seem to matter except for the advantage given to the winner, which at times could be very helpful and at times was...not. I do think it'll get better as we get to know the bakers more and are more invested.
  9. Jason is still a bit too much for me, though he's not quite as bad as he's been on other shows. He and Carla both need to take it down a bit--though neither is as bad as they've been elsewhere. I was amused at the other chefs watching, like on Zumbo's Just Desserts. As always, it's refreshing to see a group of really talented bakers. I enjoy the season/holiday baking championships, but this really shows the differences in talent.
  10. I do wonder where the show will go from here. Presumably Martin will wind up back in jail; him just calling Malcolm every week while he's on the run doesn't really work. But I can't imagine Martin in jail being allowed anywhere near the privileges he currently has. It seems early in the show's run to go this route.
  11. Loved Jessica defending herself, but I was so annoyed at the situation. There is zero chance that Jessica would've been wandering the halls by herself. Mr. David took Martin to the infirmary and someone else would've escorted Jessica out, particularly because there's an emergency. Have hated all the stuff with Dr. Capshaw, and she was dumb for following Christian Borle into that room with the rats--but good on her for her defense, too. It was nice to see Malcolm proactively trying to distance himself from his father.
  12. There are times Nancy REALLY annoys me--the over-the-top alcohol love, the weird hand gestures when she's happy, the constant "This just doesn't say 'spring' to me!" when the challenge doesn't really allow for spring elements. However, she's been less annoying the past few episodes. I definitely prefer Kardea to Lorraine.
  13. I wasn't surprised at Keya's win after they raved about the taste of her cake, but I am disappointed that it was really only half decorated. I'm glad they brought it up in the judges' discussion, because it wasn't mentioned to Keya (at least, on air). I was very surprised that Derek came in third, though--I guess banana chips were more egregious than incredibly dense cake. Disappointing, though. Didn't miss Lorraine at all.
  14. With Natalie, I was blown away by the hamburgers and churros she made, but was underwhelmed by the roller coaster itself, which took up most of the display. The judges were more complimentary about it than I was.
  15. I was glad the Derek took the win today, and think Veruska was the right choice to go. I was concerned that they'd give her design a pass--they've been so inconsistent about that this season. I feel like this is a really solid final three; whoever wins is a strong baker. Keya is probably the most consistent, but I think it's anyone's game.
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