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  1. I agree--he's definitely aged since his previous appearances. It looked like they just dyed his hair. I was SO excited to see him, though--and can't wait for him to pop back up again!
  2. I was amused at the Meghan Markle comment--perfect timing! I'm wondering if Will and Angie will get together as Poppy and Douglas break up. Will's relationship annoys me--you can't date your boss!
  3. I liked it. I assume that the park area for the first guy's dances has speakers around--honestly, given that it was LA, I'm sure it's been used with piped in music/noise before. I hadn't thought about whether it was only one take for each dance, but I liked the people well enough and really enjoyed seeing more normal-type people. I was surprised with both picks, but happy. And was happy to get the update that they've all gone on at least a few dates.
  4. I'm usually not into the overly cutesy and peppy contestants, but I like Sarah. Can't explain why. The Canadian lady bothered me more.
  5. I think the theory is that severing humans from their daemons will stop children from maturing and "sinning." So you'll still age, but will remain innocent. I also thought that the town was abandoned, so if we were supposed to assume that there were still people there--which I guess would make sense from the talk of it being haunted, which would presume that there are people there to be haunted--it didn't come through. (I have read the books, but it's been MANY years and I don't really remember anything.)
  6. Yep. I live in Maryland and a friend recently mentioned always making Kringles for Christmas.
  7. I couldn't believe Dwight's train of thought--he said that he isn't good at decorating so he was going to...make a vanilla cupcake.
  8. I really appreciated that the hospital figured out that Martin set it all up and had him in solitary. They didn't need to be told by Malcolm that the serial killer manipulated it all. I lost respect for Ainsley when she couldn't bounce back from the "But think of how many people I saved! It was a net positive!" with "Not to families of the people you murdered for no reason." Also, Malcolm was in the shot with her when she went down the "bad father" questioning route.
  9. Agreed. I got annoyed with him calling himself the underdog a few times; he's consistently done very well, and was rarely (maybe once?) in danger of being sent home. All three were strong bakers; Steph probably had the best chance of winning going in, but none of three would've been a shock.
  10. The "Sandy in a bag" bit has gone on long enough that it's gone around to being funny. For a while, I was like, "Really, again?" but they've done it so much that I've just accepted it as a bit. Also, they don't seem to be trying as much to make it look even vaguely lifelike.
  11. For real. They can't keep referring to him as "boy" and "so gorgeous" when he's not. (I mean, he's not bad looking.) Jason Clarke is 50.
  12. Yeah, we seem to have lost the weekly clips of the bakers at home.
  13. I'm sure that they didn't think they were mean-girling her, but they were. They interest was completely condescending. I mean...they were petting her hair. When I was bullied in middle school, that's pretty much exactly how it played out. "But we were being nice!"
  14. I'm at the point in these competitions that I get annoyed with contestants always going on about what charity, etc., they're going to give money to. I'd hope that people would want to help others if they win, but I'm not taking off any points for someone wanting to keep the money for themselves. I was rooting for Sophie over Trevin; her alien seemed a bit more creative than his planet, but he definitely executed the bake better than she did. He was consistently good, so I can't be upset, and I certainly don't dislike the kid. I think I'm just slightly weirded out by a 13-year-old having his own baking business.
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