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S02.E05: Takeover Spirit

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When Lillian joins the church choir, she discovers a new side to her mother-in-law; Kim encourages a guilt-ridden Dean to have an encounter with the supernatural.

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I was looking forward to this episode because I knew we would get some singing from Saycon and Ms. Patti. I was not expecting the church to be perfectly okay with Lillian not being on the choir when everyone knew she could sing like that. I guess they will just blame it on her work schedule.

It was also nice seeing Ketty Lester play the deceased choir member that was haunting Dean.

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52 minutes ago, AyeshaTheGreat said:

I was not expecting the church to be perfectly okay with Lillian not being on the choir when everyone knew she could sing like that. I guess they will just blame it on her work schedule.

That part rang true to my experience. Even if we see videos and hear recordings from the best at the lower level of only that few at the local church hearing it is about community. Even with a Coach Bobby Knight/Woody Hayes or in this case Mother Williams demanding perfection from a team.

With lessons being fleeting Dean reprising his prayer when drafted into the youth choir was a cute bit.

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I loved Sister Henderson haunting Dean. The actress is a good sport to fully lean into being spooky. Ms. LaBelle was a little wooden.

I actually confused Mother Williams with the current mean MIL on "And Just like That,"  the both called them "Mother... "and I was like ugh, Lillian has to know her MIL wouldn't want her on the choir! She hates her!


I'm glad this didn't go the same mean MIL route. Lillian's ideas weren't bad, but Mother Williams was just very good at herding cats. 

I like Older Dean through his narration better than real Dean.

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I liked this episode. Lillian had good ideas but the choir group was nuts. No wonder Mother Williams was so strict on them. I like that Mother Williams liked her daughter-in-law I get so tired of the mother-in-law hating her daughter-in-law. Even at the end when Lillian says she's her favorite daughter-in-law so many shows would have had Mother Williams make a remark on that. I love that Mother Williams knew all about "Takeover Spirit".  I liked both Bill and his dad's reaction to her being fired.

I loved Dean's story. His worry that he accidentally killed the lady by wishing church to be over quickly. His dreams of her and the ouija board.  

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My biggest problem with the episode was that it had a chance to touch on something real and relevant to the era, and didn't for whatever reason. 

Quick Disclaimer: I understand that control freaks can be found among any race, ethnicity, religion, gender, what not.

You had generations of smart driven Black women, but due to racism/segregation and economic status they had very options open to them. The church and church choirs became an outlet for that drive and ambition. I really wish the show would have gone into that. It wouldn't have taken much more than a line of dialogue from a character or a bit of voiceover from Dean. 


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Ouch, Mother Williams is that kind of church lady. Lil had a lot of good ideas, but I guess you need a firmer hand to herd those cats around. I'm really glad that they've averted the old "mother in law hates the daughter in law" cliché with Lillian and Mother Williams, this is was funnier. 

Dean getting haunted by Sister Henderson was really funny, the actress was clearly having a blast really leaning into the over the top spookiness. 

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