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  1. In the speculation thread, I predicted that Jeffrey would find out about Ben, but I thought he would grow up to write the DARPA code. Instead it was Hannah who did it, and Jeffrey grew up to hate Ben. But I was right that Gideon Ridge was an alias. I just didn't realize he was Jeffrey until I saw the boy noticing "how do you know all this" about Ben during the fire episode. The finale was a good wrapup, and I loved seeing Beth and Janis back. So Hannah's swap code didn't actually do a swap after all. But she said "you can go home" and "home is not a place, but a person" so he's gone home in the sense that he's back with Addison.
  2. Wow I didn't know he really did play a Klingon once. I'll have to rewatch the movie.
  3. I've only just started season 2. Trying to get through everything on PBS Passport.
  4. When was the last time he was Maltz? I don't remember.
  5. Seeing that Hannah and Jeffrey will come back, I'm thinking that Jeffrey will find out about Ben and then grow up to become an engineer/scientist working on Quantum Leap. He'll be the guy who writes that code that Tom brought to Ian maybe. Or maybe Ben's letter allows Hannah to save Josh's life and allow them to have another kid together and that kid affects Quantum Leap. I'm trying to figure out if the villain Gideon Ridge could be using an alias and that he's really related to Hannah somehow.
  6. Wyatt's Morpheus costume was good.
  7. I just got caught up. I wonder why Annabeth got stuck in that Asphodel forest. She had some kind of regret rooting her there? Is that going to be revealed in the finale? At least the magic pearl got her out. I wonder what she's going to think about the stuff Percy's going to tell her about Kronos. Or maybe Grover will tell her, since it seems that Percy's going to battle Ares.
  8. ok thanks. Now I'm wondering if the severed head will come back to life eventually and somehow reunite with her body, or if the Gods have to do the reuniting themselves.
  9. Yeah, but what is Flobert's job now? Or is he just still hanging out at court to be Dan's friend? I like the way that Wyatt dresses. His sweaters remind me of Mac on the old show. I had to catch the end of the show on Peacock. I was surprised that Olivia suddenly decided she liked the other lawyer, the "frog" in her words. Then he said he liked her too but couldn't break up his partnership. I mean why would a romance mean that their law firm would breakup? But by his logic they couldn't be together either, and they said goodbye. I do like how wacky and zany the comedy is now with pickles and stair races. Getting rid of love triangles is so refreshing.
  10. Ok thanks for answering my question about the weird public autopsy. Did the book mention the fire at all, or is that something that Scorsese just made up to be visually dramatic?
  11. What was happening during the scene with the fire on Hale's ranch? Something about how he took out a fire insurance policy and he was maybe committing fraud? But the camera kept lingering on the fire as if it was important. As if another murder was taking place. Also, during the trial, that guy Kelsie testified to how he killed Anna, but then we later saw the murder take place in flashback. That's redundant, and I don't know why the doctors cut open the head in public. I know they said they were searching for the bullet, but why didn't they take the body inside to some coroner's office? Why do that outside in front of that whole crowd of people? It just felt like Scorsese was being too graphic and showing things that didn't need to be shown.
  12. So this episode featured Medusa, and Percy cut off her head. But in Greek myth, Perseus cut off Medusa's head already. Does that mean she came back to life somehow? Is that explained anywhere?
  13. Oh I see. Did the husband come back to meet Celie too?
  14. Yeah I didn't understand that stuff about Bedrosian at all. So Thomas and Juliet just join the gang in the bar and don't mention being blackmailed? A happy-ish ending I guess with some loose ends.
  15. Just to confirm, the Flobert character is replacing Neil from last season. https://tvline.com/casting-news/night-court-neil-leaving-season-2-kapil-talwalkar-nbc-1235104102/ I think they're writing him out so we don't have the love triangle anymore. They do need to do more comedy and less drama.
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