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  1. Since my post I watched episode 3 and thought it was significantly better - even with the hostage birth! - than the first two, so this gives me more hope for the rest of them.
  2. Has anyone else tuned into season 5? I watched the first two episodes and honestly hated them. I'll probably get around to the remaining three, but I might need to take a Xanax first. It is just too much - it feels like all attempt at intrigue and plot and characterization has been lost.
  3. I thought Adam's shed was the best by quite a large margin so was shocked that he actually won since my taste and the judges is usually not the same! That being said, Chelsea's is the one I would actually want to hang out in. I also thought Melanio's shed was not as great as most of his other projects have been, and Kara's was just a little too random. Superficial family notes: Kara and her husband look exactly alike and it really tickled me that Adam's parents got to see him win. It seemed like they don't totally get what he does in the same way the other families did, and he is REALLY g
  4. Exact same feeling over here. Up until the judges sat down and started throwing ping pong balls with glee I thought Kara was going home and Chelsea was getting the patch. I still think Chelsea should have gotten the patch. It's tough to say who is the favorite next week but my prediction (that I'm obviously terrible at) is it's either Adam or Melanio in the end.
  5. I get genuinely tickled when you can tell Nick and Amy have truly cracked each other up. That kind of laughter and friendship isn't fake, and it just makes me happy to watch. On to the results, I read here before watching and was shocked that Becca's was the winner when they first showed it. It looks so much more bare and blah than several of the others. And her shark procrast-i-craft was an atrocity. Chelsea's flowers for Blake were really cool, and so was Melanio's lantern for Chelsea, but Jessie's bird was a total standout. I honestly would have sent Becca home over Blake -
  6. I was also underwhelmed by the mantles. My top two were the winner (the use of greenery was beautiful, and I liked the village) and the winter solstice (once it evolved into more than first met the eye). I felt like any of the rest could have sent someone home - they all looked really underdeveloped. ETA: This episode was so unmemorable I also totally forgot the Halloween costumes. They picked what I thought was the worst one as the winner - Jessie's alien abduction. I would have given it to Kara's mermaid or Blake's scarecrow. Melanio's pianist was by far the prettiest, though!
  7. Scroll up! I posted in May about having eaten at her place. It was great - I had two tacos, shared an app, and some of the salsas - and I'm excited to go back.
  8. There was SUCH a clear bottom two this week. The only question was which one it was, but I think the weird furniture in Kaviya's doomed her. My personal favorite was Gary's slide room. It made me really happy, color wise and purpose wise and artistically speaking!
  9. I noticed this too! I wondered if it was a different part of Washington Heights than where I have spent time (I spent a summer working there, right by the Armory), but it definitely jumped out at me. I saw In the Heights a second time in the theater, this time with my 80+ year old grandmother in our very rural, very Midwest, hometown that somehow still has an operational movie theater. I was worried it might be hard for her to follow - and it was - but she still enjoyed it anyways and said she'd like to see it again. It brought me a lot of joy to see In the Heights shown there, and to se
  10. I really thought it was going to be the baseballer, because that door and what it looked like inside was yikes. I loved the idea of sharing sports equipment and also tools, though - those are incredibly practical ideas, I just wish they both were a little more fun. Maybe it's just my little corner of the internet, but a tweet from a police department about thefts in little free libraries has been making the rounds (being widely ridiculed because it's, you know, a free library) and the timing with this episode cracked me up.
  11. This pretty much says it all, sadly.
  12. What in the actual %*$&@ is this. Did I wake up in 1950? (Also, it's Rushdie.) Keep reading. This isn't just about Gabe sleeping with a staff member.
  13. Team Shota. That's about all I got after watching this finale and finally seeing people take the allegations against Gabe seriously. It doesn't matter if he seemed like a nice guy on TV. It doesn't matter if he makes a great mole. It's a pall on this entire OTHERWISE LOVELY season, and it says a lot about him that he chose to put himself in the spotlight despite alllll of what he was up to at home. (I also thought the finale was kind of boring, truth be told.)
  14. I thought the central basket with the figures on it was really beautiful. The tire torso was unlike anything I've ever seen before, and I would want the flower portrait table in my own home. The rug was pretty extraordinary. The baseball cards were fine enough but definitely not my winner! Bringing two new people at the end felt very strange, as did all the hugging and crying from everyone else. I just need people to take it down a few notches! Too many feelings!
  15. The anti-Blackness is really jumping out in some of these comments about Dawn and Kwame. I kept going back and forth in my head about whether it was going to be Gabe or Dawn that was sent packing, and in the end I'm excited to see all three cook their final meals. They have such different styles and approaches, it's going to be fun to watch and I'm just here to enjoy it (and wish I could taste it).
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