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  1. ITA but the governor and Senator Lisa Murkowski are all for it. It means jobs and they have a high unemployment rate. So ☹️
  2. The possible deportation of sick migrant children story is finally getting attention. Even on the campaign trail. I don't if it's because Rachel kept talking about it for the past three days, but, I know that she gave it the attention that no one else did. Thank you Rachel.
  3. I watched the college admissions scandal episode last week and it's still bothering me that the perpetrator, Rick Singer, was able to negotiate a plea deal by turning in the parents. How is that even possible? Should the parents have turned on him? I just find this very confusing. Everyone from Singer, the parents, the coaches and even the kids are guilty this scheme. JMO
  4. At the start of the show Rachel covered the children with catastrophic diseases being deported story again. She said she might be the only one on TV covering the story. I don't doubt it. It's heartbreaking.
  5. Why did I listen to the Deutsche Bank story and feel like, uh oh, here we go again, a big fat nothing burger? Although I appreciate Rachel's covering it the way she did.
  6. I don't know if I can watch another story about climate change. Every one is worse than the last. Depressing ☹️
  7. Rev Al was on the phone this morning. (He talked about this on his show Saturday and Sunday). It would have been a good idea for Joe to ask him to organize a March in Washington like the one Dr King held in August 1963.
  8. As an American Jew, I'm standing in solidarity with Donnie today. He's right. Call it what it is. When I was growing up my mother had friends that had survived concentration camps. They had numbers tattooed on the inside of their wrists. One day she asked me if I knew what that was. I didn't ( I was probably about 10) and she told me they had been in concentration camps and survived. I had girl friends that didn't change they names after getting married to honor their parents, concentration camp survivers. So today Donnie and I are BFF'S.
  9. It's really a matter of charitable organizations sponsoring them (as they did for Hmong refugees here as well).
  10. Tom Friedman should have been on. As a favorite son he is still very connected here in Minneapolis (in fact we grew up together). He should school M, J and panel on the facts. Minnesota has the largest Somalian population in North America and Mpls has the largest population of Somalians in MN. We interact with them daily. They go to the YMCA that go to six days a week, they work at the Target that I shop at. They own restaurants ad stores that I frequent. You don't have to be an immigrant or controversial as a member of Congress to be a target. Remember Gabby Giffords?
  11. A big plus with Rachel's format is it isn't the usual panel of people. She does like to get to the plot in a maddening (to me) roundabout way and editorialize for upwards of 20 minutes but she covers stories that no one else does.
  12. stormy

    This Is CNN

    I'm looking forward to CNN's movie series that's starting tomorrow!
  13. So according to Chris's guests last night, there is either a narrow path to winning the citizenship/census question or not. Confusing. But just the fact that as Chris pointed out there are no longer guardrails and he's being allowed to run slipshod over everything including the Supreme Court is astounding. I mean I always thought Supreme Court decisions actually meant something. 😒
  14. There was serious discussion about this last night on Chris Hayes show
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